Broken Love

''Were here'', Thomas said. ''Thanks Thomas'', Fiona said as she got out of the car.Fiona walked inside the Ultrasaurus as Thomas drove away. ''Hello Irvine'', Fiona greeted Irvine. ''Hey'', that was all Irvine said as he walked away.Fiona walked into her room and layed on her bed. 'I guess this is the best thing to do' Fiona thought to herself as she opened up her suitcase. ''What do you think you're doing'', Serena said standing in the doorway of Fiona's room. ''I'm leaving'', Fiona replied. ''Where?'', asked Serena. ''I don't know Fiona replied stuffing her suitcase.'' Wait a second...What are you doing here?'', asked Fiona staring at Serena. ''Making sure that you stay away from Van.He's mine.'', declared Serena. ''Don't you dare go near Van ever again'', stated Serena walking out of Fiona's room only to get punched in the face by Moonbay.''Why don't you stay away from my friend Fiona'',said Moonbay walking into Fiona's room. ''You can't leave Fiona'', said Moonbay. ''Yes I can'', said Fiona walking out of her room with a very stuffed suitcase.''Bye Moonbay'', Fiona said hugging her and walking down the hallway. ''Wait Fiona!Let me drive you'', said Moonbay. ''Okay'', replied Fiona.They both got in Moonbay's Gustav and drove off.

(night time)

''Wait a second!This isn't the way to New Helic City!'', Fiona yelled. ''I know,I know'', Moonbay said. ''You're taking me to Guylos!'' ,said Fiona. ''Fiona calm down!'', said Moonbay. ''You and Van are going to talk to eachother.'', yelled Moonbay parking the car in a resteraunt parking lot. ''But first.We eat lunch'', Moonbay exclaimed walking into the resteraunt.

''Hey Van you know what I was thinking?'', asked Serena. ''What'', asked Van.''Well,why don't we go on a vacation'', said Serena. ''Why?'', asked Van. ''Well...Lets just go!'', Serena stated hurrying into her room and packing her suit case. ''Serena you go on the vacation..I'll just stay here and wait'', implied Van standing in the doorway. ''What!No Van!Please come with me'', Serena cried walking over to Van and deeply kissing him.Van couldn't say no to that. ''Okay!Lets pack!''.

''That was absolutley declicous!'', Moonbay exclaimed driving into the parking lot to the apartment building. ''Why is Van and Serena carrying suitcases into their car?'', asked Fiona looking out the car window.''Hurry Fiona go to Van!'', Moonbay got out of the car and pulled Fiona out.''Fiona now!'', yelled Moonbay pushing Fiona over to Van.''Ow!Watch it!--Fiona!'',Van yelled.He then noticed it was Fiona.''Fiona what are you doing here?'', asked Van. ''Ummmmmmm'', replied Fiona looking at her feet.''Fiona whats the matter?'', asked Van. ''Van'', said Fiona. ''What?'', asked Van. ''Why did you leave me?'', asked Fiona. ''Because I was bored..While I was gone I met Serena.'', explained Van. ''Oh'', replied Fiona. ''I didn't leave because of you.'', said Van looking into Fiona's eyes. ''I love you Van'', Fiona said still looking at her feet. ''I also left because I felt that you didn't love me.You never talked to me.'', said Van..Its just that every time you tried to talk to me you quit'', added Van. ''But I do love you Van.Can't we start over?'', said Fiona starting to cry. ''I'm sorry Fiona but I have a Fiance.And I don't think I love you anymore.'', replied Van.Now Fiona was crying.Van helped Serena load the rest of the bags and started the car.''I hope that we can still be friends though'', Van said hugging Fiona and kissing her on the cheek.Van got into the car and drove away.Fiona just stood there.Fading away.

A/N--Hey!Thats the final chapter!But don't worry good people who actually read this story.There will be a sequel! Well gotta go!