A Team of Five

So this is my first crack at writing but I can take a bad review so please be as honest as you want. This is mostly a Naru/Hina fic...duh. Anyway just to clear some stuff up I write speech like people would really talk but tell me if it gets confusing. This is gonna start off from the beginning of the real story with my own twists and ill be going through all the main scenes again with tweaks but I'll also be redoing the fight scenes. After the escape of Sasuke though its all me people so be patient and stick with me.

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Chapter One: Genin

This was gonna be a bad day he just knew it. Hatake Kakashi had always had a reputation for disliking any potential genin he received almost immediately. Even worse he had never passed a single group. Even after having several discussions with the Hokage about how his standards were too high Kakashi refused to accept any student who did not meet his standards for teamwork. Today was going to be a bad day for Kakashi and he knew it because today was the day where each jounin sensei chose the students to be on there teams.

Elsewhere several chuunin teachers, a few jounin and the Hokage sat in a meeting deciding which potential genin would go with which instructor. Suddenly and to no ones surprise Kakashi walked in two hours late and sat down between the two other instructors Yuuhi Kurenai and Sarutobi Asuma. "Don't tell me you started without me"? He said smiling, though it was hard to tell with the mask covering his face.

Everyone sweat dropped except Kurenai who, with a vein popping noticeably from her forehead and trying to remain calm said "We waited for an hour and a half but you still didn't show up".

"Oh my bad I got lost-"

"on the road of life" everyone finished for him with a groan.

"Ahem, may we continue please?" asked the sandaime hokage, Sarutobi.

"Sorry Hokage-sama, so who do I get"?

"Well, we figured Asuma could take the Yamaka, Nara and Akimichi since their fathers worked well together and their techniques compliment one another fairly well." replied Iruka the previous teacher of the new genin.

"And I'll be taking a recon team consisting of Aburame Shino, Inuzuka Kiba and a Hyuuga." Kurenai told Kakashi simply still trying not to throttle him for his lame excuses.

"I see but what do you mean "a" Hyuuga if I'm not mistaken only one was in this years graduating class?" Kakashi asked turning to Kurnei.

Kurnei, a little taken back at Kakashi who obviously had done some research on the students for a change answered "There was only one at first, Hyuuga Hinata, but at the request of her father Hinata's younger sister who is a year younger was aloud to take the test early and passed. So now we will have two three man teams and a four man team. And that is gonna be yours Kakashi." Kurenai informed Kakashi with a bit of satisfaction.

At this Kakashi twitched "Wait a minute why do I get an extra student, three's bad enough! protested a slightly outraged Kakashi.

"Because you showed up late for the meeting" Kurenai yelled with a venomous glint in her eye.

Frightened Kakashi settled back down not wanting to invoke the woman's wrath. "So um who do I get" asked a sheepish Kakashi.

"Well we figured it would make sense to give you the Uchiha and since it's tradition to put the highest and lowest scoring students together you also get Uzumaki Naruto", replied Iruka.

At the sound of the name a few of the present chuunin flinched and even scoffed at the idea of having the fox kid as a ninja. This however didn't go unnoticed by Iruka who shot them a death glare but before he could speak Asuma spoke up "Naruto? He's the last in the class but I heard he stole the forbidden scroll AND took out Mizuki"?

Hearing this Iruka perked up and beaming replied "Yup he learned the Kage Bunshin (shadow clone) no jutsu in only a few hours and used it to defeat Mizuki so I figured that deserved a pass". Kakashi looked slightly impressed but didn't say anything.

"So its agreed, Kakashi you will take Uchiha Sasuke and Naruto as well as the only remaining genin a kunoichi by the name of Haruno Sakura" the Hokage told Kakashi. At this Kakashi simply nodded knowing arguing would be pointless. The Hokage then continued "now all that remains is to decide which one of the Hyuuga will be placed on which team".

It was decided quickly that it would be best for Hinabi, who had a better grasp of the bloodline limit of the Hyuuga to be placed on the reconnaissance team with Kiba, Shino and Kurenai. That of course left Hinata to be placed on team seven with Kakashi who it was agreed could be a better teacher to the shy girl who needed a little more help in training.

As Iruka left the meeting he thought he would go speak to Naruto since he was hungry and figured he knew where the young genin would be.

Iruka was less surprised to find Naruto at Ichiraku Ramen than for Kakashi to be late for the meeting. As Iruka stepped in he greeted his ex-student "Hey Narut-" but was cut off by a loud, hyper-active shout from a loud hyper-active and blonde boy with a Konoha forehead protector he wore proudly on his head "IRUKA-SENSEI are you here to buy me ramen".

"Hehe sure Naruto" Iruka laughed to himself. He knew full well this was coming "I was actually looking for you too talk about becoming a genin" he finished as he ordered two bowls or miso pork ramen.

Quickly finishing the bowl in front of him, which happened to be his tenth, Naruto started in on the one Iruka had got him and asked "So what did you have to talk to me about"?

"Well I've already told you about the dangers of being shinobi but I wanted to tell you that your going to have a very interesting team" Iruka told him through a mouthful.

"What do you mean interesting sensei"? Naruto questioned curiously.

"I can't tell you much but what I can tell you is it's gonna be different from the other teams I guess you could call it special", the older ninja explained.

Just then both Iruka and Naruto heard a small eep as someone ducked around the corner.

Hinata had been doing errands all day and felt like having something to eat so she headed for the ramen stand she knew Naruto frequented. She didn't really expect to find him there and only half of her wanted to see him sitting there the other half was petrified at the very thought. As Hinata rounded the corner bringing her into the street she could hear voices coming from the small ramen stand. Thinking the voices sounded kinda familiar she turned into the shop and froze in her place. There sitting at the bar with Iruka-sensei was her Naruto-kun.

Letting out a sound closely resembling a mouse Hinata dove around the corner before they could see her but it was too late they had noticed her jump. With her eyes clenched tight Hinata stood frozen to the spot.

"Please don't let him notice me" she slowly opened her eyes and there he stood with his face right up to hers with a worried look on his face. All she could get out was another squeak and she went so red so fast it would have worried most people but all she could think about at that moment was how close Naruto was to her.

"Hey Hinata are you ok you not looking so good" he brought the back of his hand up to her head and before he could finish saying "You feel war-" she was out cold on her back.

Iruka poked his head around the corner and couldn't help but laugh at seeing Hinata's eyes roll back and then pass out on the ground. Naruto whipped around looking frightened mumbling quickly "I swear its not my fault". This of course only made Iruka find it more hilarious.

Between fits of laughter Iruka managed to get out "No its ok she just fainted".

Naruto noticeably relaxed. He thought he would get the blamed for Hinata falling. "Umm sensei shouldn't we help her up now"

"Oh right, I'll get her home you go and get ready for your new sensei tomorrow" Iruka said as he picked Hinata up.

Naruto ran into the shop finishing off Iruka's ramen (his was long gone) and started off home to get his equipment and as he ran off he yelled back "Thanks Iruka-sensei".

"Later Naruto and good luck" Iruka called back "you'll need it" he said more to himself and Naruto didn't hear. "Both of you" he said looking at Hinata"

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