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Summary: Notice how, in our last chance to see Batman Beyond on TV ever again, there were a few characters… missing? Well, I did. And I'll be giving you some insight on each of their mindsets as they talk to Terry for that last time. Think of it, if you will, as the Uncut Epilogue.

Inspiration: The forum created by Silver Knight entitled, "Beyond the Beyond". It's the only thread in that forum, and there were some interesting point of views, you should definitely read it.

Also, as a warning, this particular piece of fanfiction is loosely (and I'm using this term as lightly as possible) on batE's story, Me and Terry McG. It really is a great fic, and I recommend anyone who hasn't read before to read it now (well, hopefully after you've read my story ;-P). Oh, and if you can't find it for some reason (or don't want to bother searching) it's on my favorite stories list and it's author is on my favorite authors list.


Chapter 1: The Sidekick

I suppose I should be grateful. Not that Terry's completely ignored over the years of him being the legendary Dark Knight (or rather, the Tomorrow Knight, if you want to get technical about it), with the exception of coming to me only when he needs help, though that should piss me off to no end, yet it doesn't. No, instead, it's the ever-annoying fact, that over all these years, he's still with her.

But that's only fitting, right? Y'know, that the dark-but-devilishly-handsome gets the damsel-in-distress, right? Not the sidekick, of course. Because how disgusting would that be? Robin and Batman getting together, or Tonto going out with that guy, the Lone Ranger from way back when? It's just not right.

Just like how the hero always wins in the end. Or defeats the bad guy. Whatever. I mean, I'm not saying Terry hasn't had a couple of scrapes or close calls- and damn, has he had some close calls- but it still happens. It's like there's a written code: The hero defeats the bad guy, saves the day, and rescues/wins the heart of the damsel in distress.

Now I'm sure a few of you who were listening carefully are wondering, What about the sidekick? Well, don'cha know, that's what I'm wondering, too. In fact, I'm still trying to figure it out.

Let me guess. Now you want me to back up and explain my whole rant, like why do I keep rambling on and on about some a hero and a damsel. Well, seeing as how that description would get a little lengthy, I'll give you the shorthanded version: I'll never be a damsel.

Yeah, you heard me right. And, yeah, she is serious. Because, you see, she will never get the hero because she acts to strong and has to be too strong to ever let herself have something as stupid as finding herself in a situation where she would be "in distress". I know that didn't make any sense, but it's still true. I can't just sit back and let things happen to me, no, I have to help.

But let me let you in on this little nugget of wisdom: Yeah, the few women that do help? They're never considered damsels. Instead, they're called the worst possible thing to be named: a sidekick A sidekick helps the true hero out whenever he happens to get in a jam or needs a fun term I like to call "research". On a few rare, and I do mean very rare, occasions, the sidekick will help out in something like setting the hero free from his captives, so he can then save the day. But the sidekick never saves the day alone. Then that wouldn't be a sidekick, now would it?

On the opposite end of the spectrum, there is the hero. In my case, the hero is handsome, true, and strong, but still suffering from the heartbreak years ago from his father's death. And, as the sidekick, it is my duty to comfort him in those few times of need.

But, oh no, don't get your hopes up. Just because he needs you to comfort him, does not mean he likes you in anything more than a platonic sense. Believe me, I have worked my heart up to only have it come crashing down thanks to thinking those lovely thoughts, which are usually followed by some fun fantasies. But fantasies they will forever remain.

But contrary to what you may think, being a sidekick isn't so bad. Though I'll never get Terry, I'm still the first person he come to when trouble arises. It doesn't happen very often, thanks to a certain damsel I prefer not to mention who loves to vie for his attention, but, when it comes down to it, who was the first person he admitted his bad case of heroism to?

Certainly not the damsel. No, she couldn't find out till he directly told her. However, I'm the one who not only figured out his identity without anyone else's- or rather, no living beings- help. Sure, he refused to admit it at first, but, when he did, I still was the first to know. And, in my book, anyway, that counts for a lot. Sure, I'll always be taking second place to Dana, but hey, I'm also taking first when it comes to trust.

I'm a- what do you call it? Oh, yeah.

A confidante.



"Hey. Max, it's me. Listen, is this a secure line? 'Cause I've got some crazy stuff to tell you…"



Okay, so it was painfully short and probably not very coherent, but it's the thought that counts, right? 'Sides, I like it, though this one chapter isn't very Dana-friendly. But even the few Dana-lovers I'm sure we must still have milling around have to agree with me that, after all these years, Max wouldn't be just a tiniest bit annoyed with how things turned out for her and Terry and the rest? Come on. You know I'm right. ;-P

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