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Three months later:

Clay, Troy, and Wirf were sat around the house they shared, limbs thrown over armrests, papers littering the floor everywhere. There was a loud creak as Robin came in the door, allowing it to slam behind her as she stomped over to an armchair and flopped down on it sideways. The boys looked up at her.

"Oi, Rob. Where were you?" asked Clay.

"Doctor's office," muttered Robin carelessly.

"And?" asked Wirf.

"…Well I ain't dying," said Robin.

"Well what do you have?" asked Clay.

"None of your business! God!" yelled Robin frustratedly.

"You know, you've been acting all depressed lately. What's up?" asked Troy, leaning over.

"Nothing," muttered Robin, flipping over and laying her head on her arm..

"You haven't smiled once since before the MDT incident," pointed out Wirf.

"I know," said Robin sadly.

"What's wrong?" asked Troy.

"NOTHING!" yelled Robin.

"It's that pirate isn't it?" said Clay knowingly. Robin fell silent, turning away from them all. "You told us all about him. Why don't you go back?"

"Because I can't now!" yelled Robin.

"Why can you not now?" asked Wirf. "What's stopping you?"

"His child that's what!" yelled Robin, her voice cracking.

Clay, Troy, and Wirf sat in an awkward silence as the impact of this statement hit them. Troy was the first to recover.

"Well…now we know it wasn't the stomach flu," he said with a weak smile. No one laughed. Wirf walked over, kneeling beside the chair and placing his arm around her, rubbing her back as she let out a few sobs. Clay turned to Troy, smacking the back of his head, standing, and joining Leon Wirflo by their stricken friend.

"So it's his…" he said.

"Yeah…" said Robin.

"Now you have to go back!" said Wirf. Robin sat up.

"NO! He won't like being tied down. He's a pirate, the nomadic type. He likes going where he wants when he wants. And if I agreed to that I still wouldn't like rotting away in Tortuga as he goes off on great adventures, returning every few months. No, no…we'll raise her here. But if worst comes to worst, we'll go back there and drop her with Will and Elizabeth. They owe me. And as long as we're raising her here one of you has to stay back with me. I need help with this!" she said, looking at them all. The three boys nodded, smiling at her.

"When is it due?" asked Clay.

"About six months from now," said Robin. She sat up, holding her knees to her chest and moaning. "Oh what am I going to do…" Clay looked into her eyes, a kind smile on his lips.

"Calm down, Robin. It's going to be alright. Now no more talk. This baby is a blessing, not a problem."

Robin nodded, embracing each one of them in turn. They walked upstairs, heading off to bed, not a single one of them aware of the adventures the future would hold for them.