NOT a songfic! I hate those things too, don't worry. The title just fit. I don't own this, if I did, there would be snogging (and much rejoicing), but I don't. Oh my goodness! All the chapters up at once too? It must be because George is getting bored at school! Shh… Ok, here you go.

Monday – True Blue

Those eyes could bring a ninja to his knees. They were the most crystal-clear blue Sasuke had ever seen – so deep that the sky envied them. When the iris caught a glint of sunshine, they danced and shimmered. Every emotion possible lapped on the shores of the soft blue pools, all one had to do was look. But when Sasuke looked in Naruto's eyes, he swam in them, and ran the risk of drowning. So he avoided them.

"Ma, Kakashi-sensei," the juvenile voice behind him whined. How could someone with such an annoying voice have such beautiful eyes? And since when was anything of Naruto's beautiful. Sasuke glared ahead as he walked, angry with himself for asking such stupid question to begin with. "How much longer do we have to go?"

The masked Jounin in front of their team rubbed his covered chin. "Hmmmm… maybe another hour or few."

"What!" Naruto groaned out, his voice cracking promptly in the middle. "But we've been walking for hours already! This is so unfair! It's a stupid mission anyways!"

Sasuke let out an irritated sigh. "Rebuilding part of a city after a natural disaster isn't stupid, dobe." The small village of Hika had experienced a terrible earthquake lately and, though no one was killed, a few simple homes had collapsed. It was a "community service opportunity" Iruka had said – which meant they weren't getting paid. At least they were guaranteed rooms and food. Carelessly, Sasuke shook off the glare Naruto was sending him.

Sakura chose to pipe in just how Sasuke knew she would. "Sasuke-kun's right. Helping people is a selfless and kind thing to do, which is probably why you have such a problem with it."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

Another hour of bickering would be like hell. At least the days were warm and dry, and the forest was beautiful. Birds flew overhead, chirping happily, landing in cherry trees to peck at the dying blossoms. Yet everywhere he looked, Sasuke still envisioned the bright blue eyes. What was so special about them? Sasuke asked himself, absently distracted. Naruto had always had those eyes, so why was he so enthralled by them now?

Kakashi-sensei had lied – the village wasn't another hour away, it was another day away. They pitched camp under a large oak tree, and while Sakura shyly stuttered out a simple "good night", Sasuke stared across the fire at the blue eyes glowing in the blaze.