"IIIIIIIIIII kiss the world goodbye. Only after dark! Ahahahahah!" Mick Ronson's voice sang for Ginny's ears alone.

"Heh." She smirked. One of the perks of having a father who was obsessed with muggle artifacts. She had rescued this old CD player just in the nick of time. Her dad had been about to tear it apart just to try to find out what it did. Luckily she'd seen one during the weekend she had stayed at Hermione's with Ron last summer and asked him for it.

At the time, of course, she didn't have any CDs so she asked Hermione about one close to Diagon Alley that she could slip off to at some point.

Hermione, it turned out, knew of one right near the Leaky Cauldron. Over the summer on one of the family outings to Diagon Alley she made a quick stop in the little muggle record store:

To her dismay everything in the story was much too expensive for her and even if she COULD afford it she wouldn't know what to buy. What if she ended up with some old guy with a twangy thing?

Just as she was about to leave a girl with half a head of blue walked in with a giant CD case under one arm she had flung open the door almost whacking Ginny in the face with her free hand. "HEY! JOHNNY!" the young man at the register looked up. "Are you queer?"

He laughed. "I should have never introduced you to that movie. What can I do for you, milady?"

At that moment, the girl noticed Ginny. "Oh god! I'm so sorry, I didn't see you!" She paused. "I've never seen you before. Are you from around here?"

"Oh., actually. I'm uh..not." Ginny blushed.

"You've caught a shy one Johnny m'boy."

"It seems to me, YOU'VE caught this one." He smiled winsomely at the two, "Well, GINGER, is there anything I can do for you?"

Ginny jumped, "What? Oh no, I uh.don't have any money with me." She had not thought in possible that she could turn a deeper red but she'd learned by now to expect the impossible. Unfortunately.

"Well, what kind of music do you like?" The girl asked inquisitively.

"Well, that's the other thing. I don't own a single CD so I have no idea what I like."

The girl was positively sparkling with delight. "Mmm.." she said licking her lips. "I always did say 'minds were for molding'. You can have these."

Ginny almost dropped the case when the girl tossed it to her. Her jaw dropped. She couldn't help it. There were easily 150 records in there! "Oh! I couldn't possibly accept-"

"To late." She said brightly. "Don't worry, I have them all on my computer. I was just going to give my friend over there his birthday present for the past 10 years that I've forgotten by giving him the best half of my CD collection, but he can wait another year. You cannot." She winked. "See you around Ginger!"

"See ya," Ginny replied dazed. To dazed, in fact, to notice a certain blond someone in the back of the store in the Bowie section.

She had spent the whole summer with head phones permanently attached to her ears, pouring over the strange girl's music selection.

She'd even made a place for it on her broom so she could fly with it. She was under a spell. A spell like none she'd heard of before. And she loved it.

Drawing her attention away from the window and of the memories of summer fun, she looked around the train compartment.

Around her there was Harry, Luna, Seamus, and her best friend in her year, James. James was a very distant cousin of hers, before they'd went to school together they only saw each other at the extremely large family reunions. The used to see who could make the ugliest faces. She always won. James's parents had moved to America at the start of his first term so he hadn't come to Hogwarts until fourth year.

"Well." She said to the silence, switching off Mick. "What's up with you guys? You've barely said a word."

"Actually," James grinned, "we have. You've just been listening to that mad muggle monster the entire time."

"Nice alliteration there 'mad muggle monster'...I like it"

"I thought you would." he rolled his eyes. " Actually, Harry was trying to include you in conversation for the first 15 minutes of the ride but he gave up."

Ginny blushed. "Sorry guys. It was my favorite CD. I wasn't really thinking about anything else..."

"Tha s'right." Harry smiled good-naturedly. "Why don't you tells us about you're summer?"

"Oh, it wasn't too exciting. I just hung around listening to music. Flying. You and Hermione visited." Ginny blushed as she remembered: Since Hermione and Harry only came for a week this summer Ginny got her brothers to help her throw a party. It turned out to be a pretty fucking awesome party until everyone drank a little too much of what ever her mischievous brothers were giving out. Some how her and Harry had gotten into a drunken make-out session. In a bathtub. Outside. In the rain. That was also the day Ron finally got up the nerve to ask Hermione out. Heh. It WAS about time. Point being, she had tried to wipe that off her mind and she had just mindlessly brought it up again. facepalm

"How is it that he gets to come over the summer yet I had to go back to America to see my aunt? How is that fair? I just don't see the logic in that." James slumped against he seat.

"Yah but you probably got to be with that American friend of yours, Jess..." Harry grinned.

"How did you know about...Ginny?"

"I'm afraid of Americans," She answered innocently.

"You and you're music. Why I even bother to talk to you any more..."

"Oh look. The castle. It looks as if they've added Invisible Technicolor Drommelbells to the patrol." Luna interrupted in her usual dreamy voice.

Harry looked amused. "And why would you say that?"

"Oh. Well. They're invisible so we wouldn't see them. My father has an article about them in his magazine, apparently they moved from Shangri La to England in June."

"I see." Harry replied, obviously not seeing at all.

The feast was wonderful. Ginny never got tired of watching the little first years get sorted, hearing Dumbledore rabbit on, singing the school song, and of course the actual food. The house elves really outdid themselves this year.

She and James walked up to the common room together.

"You are going to tell me about what happened over the summer, Gin, aren't you? I noticed how weird you were about Harry and how he kept staring at you." James said as they reached the Fat Lady.

Ginny sight. "I suppose I don't really have a choice. But not tonight. Tonight, I just want to sleep. We'll go down to the kitchens later this week and have our annual dissecting of the summer."

"Mm...As long as there's not too much blood or guts. I can't stand that when it's around my food."

Ginny snorted and punched him playfully in the arm. "See you tomorrow. Herbology with Hufflepuff don't forget like you did LAST year." She turned to leave.

Before she could go James shot out a hand and grabbed her round the waist. He pulled her in for a tight hug. "I missed you Gin." He whispered in her ear.

"G'night." She smiled up at him and gave a quick kiss on the cheek.