first fic hope you'll like it

Plus I own nothing.

Long ago I was the owner of my destiny and of my life…I used to be powerful, one of the most powerful men alive and y was respected and feared by all who knew my name. I've conquered towns, destroyed entire cities and commanded armies of robots that have made the human race tremble. In my attempts of controlling it, and the whole world there was always a single obstacle: The Teen Titans. But now the titans are no more, the world is no more and I am kneeling to my master's feet.

I'm being surveyed by four hellish red eyes glowing from the shadow of a hood…

Trigon's eyes…

or maybe raven's… there's no difference, now they are one.

She is looking at me and smiling with fanged teeth…I can't bear it anymore… I can't stand it any longer… I summon all the power I still have and attack with all my might. She smiles still more widely and with a lazy wrist move she frosts me in midair, my fist an inch of her face, involved in her red energy,


"I said it once Slade and now I said it twice"


"you are insignificant"

Another move of her hand and I'm violently pulled back to my kneeling position

"But yet a good servant" she added, her eyes narrow, sitting in her throne made of human skulls and bones, some candles over the skulls in the floor provide the light here in the ruins of the church.

Like it or not… it'll continue.