Author's Note: This is my first fanfiction so, hopefully I am good enough. I have a few chapters already written, but just need to figure out how to link them all into each other. As you begin to read the story, you will see song titles in bold. I wrote this story thinking somewhat along the lines to a movie soundtrack. I love all types of music, and believe stories would be very boring without them. So, if you have the song, play it to the seen. Hope to hear feed back. The first chapter is simple, but with a few laughs at the end. It will get better, I promise.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Marvel characters, song selections, or movie references. Hope no one sews me!

An April morning sun starts to light up the Xavier grounds. Kids are leaving the building off to their next day of school. Logan and Hank discuss their schedules for the day.

"Well better go out to my bike and get ready to take Anna to school." Logan said.

"Why is something wrong with her taking hers?" Hank asked him.

"No, but it is blocked in by the van and I am sure she should be just realizing right about now," glancing at his watch, "that she just slept in." Logan said back to him as he stepped out of the kitchen side door headed towards the garage.

Rogue stretches and yawns as she realizes for once she got a full night sleep. Glancing at the clock to read the digital numbers 6:40am. "Gawd, Ah'm up early. HOLY CRAP!"

(25 Miles to Go – Edwin Starr)

Jumping out of bed wearing nothing but underwear and a take-top, she runs and grabs her jeans puts one leg in and hops to grab her long sleeve black Korn t-shirt quickly throws everything on, including her gloves. Rogue looking at her desk, "That will teach me to wait to put my crap away," as she shoves all the papers she can grab into her school bag. Bolting down the hall she runs by the bathroom and comes to a screeching halt. Backing up quickly darts in there to brush her teeth and running a brush through her two toned hair, and darting back out into the hallway. Bolting around the corner runs smack dab into Jaime, knocking him over and multiplying himself times four.

"Ouch Rogue!"

"Are you okay?' as she keeps going not to bother to help him up asking him.

"What? Yeah thanks, I guess" he states.

"Ah'm sorry Jaime. Ah'm really late and Ah'll talk to ya later." Rogue yells over her shoulder and keeps running. "Maybe we will hang out or something later."

In the kitchen, Hank and Ororo are standing, drinking their coffee at the kitchen island reading the newspaper, Rogue comes running threw as Ororo simply sets down her coffee and grabs the sack lunch sitting next to her, and simply hands it out as Rogue grabs it and yells out "Thank you!"

Running to the garage, Logan is already on his bike strapping his helmet to his head and throwing her hers and not saying a word to her, she jumps on the back of his bike. Pulling up to the school, was a different story.

"Rogue, you are really becoming predictable these days. Sleeping in, being late for class. You better watch it." Logan says to her and she jumps off the bike undoing her helmet.

"Ah know, Ah know, be more responsible." looking at him as she hands him back the helmet and turning her back to him to head into the school.

"I mean it Anna-Marie! Clean up your act!" he shouts.

"Am Ah supposed to be intimidated by you using my full name?" as she turns to face him walking backwards into the school with a hand raised to her heart and walking thru the double doors. Turning around she simply states, "Because Ah'm not."

"I heard that!"

"Glad you could join us today Rogue." said her psychology teacher.

"Ah'm sorry, but Ah'm only a minute late." Anna replied.

"Just take your seat Rogue," motioning her to her seat. "Now class, we will begin to start discussing…." After Rogue sat down behind Kitty, the two girls pretty much tuned everything out.

"Like I totally knew if I moved out of the room, you be late all the time." whispered Kitty.

"Sorry, Ah must of just hit snooze one to many times this morning." Rogue replied. "What Ah miss?"

"Nothing so far." Turning their attention back to the teacher.

"Any news from NYU yet?" Rogue asked. Kitty shook her head with a "no". Kitty was a good student and a wiz in the computer field. She had applied to NYU for their CAD program. Rogue had honestly thought at times the reason why Kitty was so good at what she did was because she could phase her hand threw anything and put the right part where it needed to be. Kitty had tried to get Rogue to discuss colleges and a future career with Xavier, but the way Rogue felt, she was always average at stuff, but never great. No one in Rogue's family, biological or adoptive, had ever gone to college. Her birth mother had died when she was very young, and her Dad, who knew where he was or what he was doing. The girls would be graduating at the end of next month and begin to start the second half of their lives, with or without each other.

"By the way," Kitty said looking back at her gothic friend, "Like, you have a huge crease mark across your cheek. Pretty good sleep huh?" Rogue rolled her eyes and began to rub her cheek to get the crease out.

(ABC – Jackson Five)

After school was over, Rogue and Kitty returned back to the Xavier grounds to find the start of a little baseball game going on between the boys. After Kitty begged her to stay and watch, Rogue finally complied and sat down on the grass next to her. Kitty talked and talked about how she hoped to hear from NYU sooner or later, and how Rogue should really consider doing something too. "Like really Rogue, do you want to stay here forever? You're grades are good enough to do something. Like, is the reason why you don't want to go anywhere is because you like, wanna teach here or something?"

Laughing, "Come on Kitty, can ya'll imagine me teaching? What would Ah possibly teach them? How to rock out to a guitar solo or how black does go with everything?" Rogue pulled her knees to her chin and rested her head against them looking at the guys playing their game.

"Well, all I was saying was…." She was cut off when the two teams of boys started to yell at each other and gather in the middle of the baseball field. Kitty and Rogue both got up to walk over to the gang and check things out.

"He didn't mean it Bobby!" Kurt said to his friend getting between him and Roberto DeCosta. Bobby was swearing underneath his breath as he was being pulled backwards.

"That's right Drake," as the girls finally made it to the guys, and Roberto turning around walking in the other direction "Go listen to the Kebler Elf and his…" Kitty just realized that her friend, Rogue, was no longer at her side, but had pushed through between Bobby and Kurt and had jumped on the back of Roberto and tackled him to the ground.

"FIGHT!" Jaime yelled out. Logan was there in two seconds. He had heard the fight between the boys while he was in the garage. He pulled Rogue off of Roberto with one good tug.

"What the hell is going on here?" He yelled.

"That girl is crazy man! She jumped me for no reason!" Roberto said as he stood up, brushing himself off.

"More like kicked your ass." Bobby said under his breath to Kurt. Logan shot them both a look that made them shut-up instantly.

"You three," pointing to Kurt, Bobby, and Rogue, "Professor's office now." Kurt and Bobby both rolling their eyes, started to walk towards the school.

"Why don't you tell me what happened Iceman?" The Professor had asked him. Rogue snickered. "What is so funny Rogue?" The professor said as he sat behind his desk and Logan by his side.

"Oh nothing, just call me Maverick." She said answering his question laughing out loud this time.

"Actually, Maverick flew with Goose and Iceman flew with Slider." Bobby said turning his head towards her.

"Well, I vetter not ve called Slider" Said Kurt as he threw hands up in protest.

"Why not? What girl does not remember that volleyball scene…?" Rogue started to reply back when she was cut off quickly by Logan.

"Hey! Pay attention you guys!"

"Bobby and Kurt, you are dismissed. Anna, I would like a word with you." The Professor said. After the boys left Anna standing their by herself the Professor spoke up once more. "What has gotten into you lately? Four times out of five, you are late for class, showing no ambition in what you do in school or here for instance. It is almost as you have given up."

Anna stood there with her hands behind her back, not answering his questions. "Do you have anything to say at all Anna?" Logan spoke up.

"Are you finished with me?"

The Professor sighed, "Your punishment for fighting with other students is to help Remy with the vehicle maintenance for the rest of the year. Cleaning, detailing, everything." He said.

"Fine. May Ah be excused now?" He nodded and she turned and left the room.

"I feel that she might be letting her powers get to her permanently Logan."

"Sometimes, I don't blame her. I couldn't imagine the things she has been through at her age." He said back to him.

After walking the grounds a bit, and cooling off, Rogue headed for the garage to start her daily punishment. When Remy LeBeau first joined the Xavier Institute, Remy annoyed her to death. He was your typical 24 years old; he only cared about girls and girls. Sometimes he would make time for his Harley, but other than that, he was typical. Over time, Remy and she had become good friends, friends that picked on each other all the time. Remy looked out for her and she tried to do the same.

Anna walked into the garage to see Remy on his back underneath the X-Van and to hear a blues station being played on the garage radio. "What did ya do this time petite?" He asked as he rolled out.

"Why does everyone assume that Ah did something?" She said stepping over him to get to her favorite stool next to the work bench.

"One, because you usually do do something wrong," He said as he stood up and took the rag out of his back pocket to wipe his hands from the grease. "And two, you have a bruised cheek." Remy was undoubtedly, a good looking guy. Tall, about 6'3", great build and toned beyond belief. Although, if Rogue would be talking about him to someone, the only thing that she could describe him as "Just Remy, but with a great pair of eyes." He had eyes like no one else, that she knew of at least, red on black. She also knew him well enough to know that if he got mad or was trying to "charm" his ways into something, they would glow. That was the one thing that Remy was embarrassed about his mutation, was his eyes. He would actually hide behind a pair of sunglasses when out in public. He was wearing dark blue jeans that had been his "work pair" of jeans for awhile with the one knee ripped out and an old white t-shirt that had the sleeves cut off. "Will you hand me the socket wrench right there? Thanks."

She was sitting down on the stool now, facing him as he was lying back down to roll underneath the van again. "Well, Ah think that my punishment might be affecting you more then me." Remy began to open his mouth to comment, but Rogue knew that it was going to be a gutter comment. "Zip it swamp rat. Don't go there." She could see Remy shrug underneath the van. "Ah guess you get to spend all your valuable time with little ol' me." Rogue said as she put her hand to her chest, cocked her head to one side and batted her eyelashes, even though Remy couldn't see it. "Ah get to be your personal assistant."

Remy rolled out quickly, "How personal?" As a smirk went across his face.

"Garage personal?" She said quickly and mono-toned. He shrugged and rolled back underneath the van.

"Doesn't bother Remy non chere."

But it bothered Rogue in more ways the one. She, like the Professor and Logan, was annoyed by her actions at times. Why couldn't she just stay out of trouble? Life could be a lot easier for her to deal with. "Anyways, what's the point? Trouble finds me where ever Ah go. At least Ah am not grounded or something. Knock on wood." She said spinning around in her stool to knock on the workbench. She looked up and out the window to see Scott and Jean pulling up is her red sports car, watching him as he got out of the car and walk over to the passenger side to open Jean's door for her.

Rogue gave a little sigh out, not realizing that Remy was behind her watching her watching the couple. "Remy thought you were over that?" He said bringing her back to reality.

"Ah have no idea what you are talking about Gumbo?" Grabbing the nearest magazine she could find to act like she was reading it instead of daydreaming out the window.

"Yeah right." He snickered. "You were just gawking over Shades weren't you?"

"No Ah wasn't." She said under her breath.

"Yes you were."

"No Ah wasn't, I was reading this magazine."



"Rogue that is a Playboy magazine."

"Ah was reading it because it has good articles." She said sternly, facing him. "Besides, yes, Ah am over that." As she turned around once more to the work bench.

"Good because.." But he was cut off quickly by her.

"Wait a sec? You are trying to give me relationship advice? From someone who changes girlfriends like he does underwear." Spinning around quickly to face him once again.

"Remy don't usually wear underwear." He said as reached by her to grab another tool and walked back over to the van. Complete silence from Rogue until the visual picture finally went away.

"Well, Ah guess Ah will just have to start calling you Commando then, huh?" He laughed as he went to go lay back down on his mechanics board. "So, who is it tonight? Gretchen? Tiffany?"

"Jessica." He said from underneath the van.

"Where do you find these girls? What ever happened to like, Roberta, or Barb? Ah think you need to go out with a Barb. That would suit you."

He laughed, "You just used the word "like". You have been hanging out with Kitty way too much chere."

"Whatever." She said standing up to leave the garage. "Anyways, have fun tonight Commando. Just remember, no glove, no love."

Laughing from underneath the van, "See ya river rat."