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A shadow stood over them; an outline could be made as the sun began to come in, blocked by the blackout curtain of Remy's hotel room.

Anna shifted slightly turning away from Remy in her sleep.

A cough.

Anna's eyes flew open causing her to sit up right eyes roaming around the room remember the night's prior events.

"Rough night?" Kurt came into focus still standing over them, Remy's hands rubbing his face as he lye there letting a groan escape his lips. "Guess vat vas a yes."

"What time is it?" Anna asked her head dropping a little.

"Almost eight," he responded with his hands on his hips. "You two better get up, if Logan catches you up here Anna before he gets to your room I am sure he von't be very happy."

Anna froze, Remy stilled where he lye hands still covering his face. "What did you say Kurt?" he spoke through his palms.

"Logan, " Kurt began again, "He is on his vay to Anna and Kit's room." Anna quickly bounced off the bed with Remy right behind her bounding out of his hotel room.

Kurt stuck his head out of the doorway "Vat is going on?!"

"Stairway!" Remy shouted as the pushed through the doorway down the two floors to her room that she shared with Kitty. Who Kitty was sharing with Pete and now Logan was on his way to their room only to discover the newly married couple.

Remy and Anna exited the stairway running to the hotel room door as she saw the elevator's open with Logan exiting; headed in their direction as they turned the corner and stood in front of the door.

Remy looked at Anna for the key which of course she did not have which Anna only responded with "Really?!"

Remy rolled his eyes charging the door lock and quickly they entered the room to find the two newlyweds wrapped into each other's arms.

"Wake up!" Anna shouted as she clapped her hands causing the two in bed to sit up right, Kitty clutching the sheet to keep her covered, Pete not so much "and cover up!" Anna shielded both of her eyes with her palm.

"What's going on?" Pete asked Remy as Remy climbed over clothes approaching his side of the bed.

"What's going on is that you two got hitched last night and now Logan is on his way up here!" Kitty and Pete looked quickly at each other remembering the night's events.

"Anna." Kitty softly spoke turning her head towards her, fear in her eyes.

"Don't Anna me!" She shouted as she approached the couple opposite of Remy. "I said "say you're sorry", not spend a lifetime together!" Anna pointed her finger in Kitty's face.

"Yeah, not helping chere." He grabbed at Pete's hand bringing it up to eye level with him grabbing at the polished wedding band attempting to remove it from his finger, finally succeeding.

"Sorry." Anna stated mirroring Remy's action slipping the simple band off of Kitty's finger.

The door began to push open and Anna mouthed the word "phase", Kitty quickly disappeared beneath the mattress leaving Anna and Remy standing facing Logan head on; Pete still grasping for the bedding to wrap around him as he stood behind the two.

"What's going on?" Logan stopped as he entered into the room before the three.

"Nothing." Anna and Remy stated at the same time.

"Pete." Logan acknowledged him.

"Logan." Pete responded back softly head hung low.

"What's going on Pete?" Logan wasn't dumb, he knew Remy had a poker face like any other. Anna was taught by Remy to keep up a good act when playing cards or covering up a story with the best of them. However, Pete…Pete couldn't lie to a dog if his life depended on it.

"Nothing." Pete stated raising his eyes to meet Logan's.

"Doesn't look like nothing." Logan stated as he crossed his arms.

"Well, it's nothing." Remy spoke sternly.

Logan took his eyes off of Pete and changed his view to Remy. "Debriefing in 30 at the bus, get packed. We are rolling out to go home." He stated to the three and turned to walk out of the room, but paused glancing at a piece of paper on the floor, but not picking it up. "Does that say marriage?" Logan said pointing to the ground with his back to them.

No response.

Logan turned back to the three. "Does…that…say…marriage?"

"Logan," Pete took a step forward about to confess.

"Yes, yes it does." Remy stated stopping Pete in his tracks and taking a step closer to Anna. "Anna and I got married last night." A gasp escaped Anna's lips, Remy's eyes not leaving Logan's as he raised his wedding finger up exposing Pete's band on his own hand.

Quiet. Motionless. Still Logan stood.

"Pete." Anna said softly. Logan continued to stand there staring at Remy not moving. "Pete." Anna stated again.


"PETE!" Anna shouted as Pete pushed between the two turning full metal latching onto Logan and the bed sheet that was keeping him covered.

"HOW COULD YOU CAJUN?! HOW COULD YOU?! WHEN I GET MY HANDS ON YOU I AM GOING TO TARE YOU APART!" Logan's eyes shifted to Anna's as Remy stood between the two, a protective hand on her pushing her behind him. "DID ELVIS GIVE YOU AWAY?! DID HE?!" He struggled from Pete's metal grasp.

"Logan I need you to listen!" Remy approached him but still kept his distance. "You need to relax. Calm down."

"WHEN I GET MY HANDS ON YOU CAJUN!" Logan shouted again fighting the steel grip.

"DAMMIT WILL YOU LISTEN! I LOVE HER!" Remy shouted back.

Anna's eye moved from Logan to the back of Remy's head as his face turned towards her, "It's true," he shrugged, "I love you." She let a smile grace her lips.

Their brief romantic moment was then shattered as Pete lost his grip.

"REMY!" Anna shouted.

Forever I know! Short and sweet and hope that you my writing isn't too rusty!