The sun began to rise up from beneath the horizon, as the Oceantown fleet arrived in Lazytown, lead by Captain John Harvey himself. He and his crew marched over the hill, and into the town square where they found Rottenbeard still unconscious, sprawled out in the dirt.

"We've finally got you, you bloody rotten pirate." declared Captain Harvey triumphantly, then began tying up the dazed Rottenbeard, and pulled him to his feet.

"Ye've not seen the last of me!" Rottenbeard threatened the residents of Lazytown, as he was lead away. "I swear to ya, one day I'll come back, and ye'll all be sorry!"

One watched from the edge of town as Harvey's men loaded the raving pirate onto their ship. When he was confident that Rottenbeard had been securely locked away, he headed back through Lazytown to make sure everything was in order. As he did, he spotted the mayor knelt on the ground, picking up the broken Lazytown stone, and placing it back on it's pedestal.

"I'm sorry about your stone." said One regretfully, as he approached Mayor Meanswell at the pedestal.

"Thats alright." replied the Mayor, lightheartedly. "We know what it said, and we will continue to live by it. In fact, I was thinking of hiding the broken part somewhere in town. That way, the secret to living in Lazytown will be safe from any others like Rottenbeard who want to ruin things for us.

"That sounds like a good idea mayor, I wish you and all of Lazytown the best of luck!" One declared, and held out his hand to the mayor.

"Thank you One, for all of your help." said a grateful Mayor, as he shook One's hand.

When the mayor had left for home, One decided it was time for him to leave as well, and began to head back to his ship. On his way, he bumped into Captain John Harvey who had been looking everywhere for him.

"There you are, One! I thought you'd like to know that Rottenbeard's secured, and we're just about ready to take him back to Oceantown." A slight look of concern appeared momentarily on the captain's face as he continued. "However, we haven't been able to locate his ship or crew, anywhere."

One tried to think back to when he last saw the crew, but couldn't quite recall. Everything had happened so fast.

"They must have slipped away while I was busy fighting with Rottenbeard, but I'm sure they'll turn up sooner or later." assured One. "The important thing is that Rottenbeard is in your custody."

John Harvey nodded and turned to leave, but hesitated and looked back to face One.

"Y'know, the world needs more people like you, One." John Harvey told him with a friendly smile. "You really made a difference today."

"Thank you captain. I think I finally understand what my father wanted me to do." revealed One. "I'm going to dedicate my life to helping those in need, and bring order to the seas. This is my purpose."

"Well, good luck! If anyone can do it, it's you." enthused Harvey, then suddenly remembered he had a message for him.

"Oh I almost forgot, One. Leena wanted me to tell you that if your travels ever bring you near Oceantown, she would love it if you came to see her."

One grinned, and decided that he'd definitely have to pay Oceantown another visit, very very soon.

With that, One and Captain Harvey shook hands, and then went their separate ways.

- - - - - - - - - -

One waited for Harvey's fleet to sail away, before finally getting on board his own ship. As he raised the anchor, Rottenbeard's last words resounded in his head.

"Ye've not seen the last of me! I swear to ya, one day I'll come back, and ye'll all be sorry!"

One wondered if they really could keep him locked up for good. The man was crafty, and his crew was still out there somewhere. Anything was possible, but One wasn't too worried. If he had to, he'd just catch him all over again. No big deal, it was all part of his job now. One smiled, brimming with excitement as he sailed the S.S. Infinity out onto the horizon, ready to help whoever needed him.