AUTHOR'S NOTE: This story is going to be done in three parts; the event, then two different reactions to that event. Umm... sorry if that's unclear, but you'll see what I mean when you read it. Enjoy!

Fuu sighed wearily, her feet dragging as she left the restaurant where she'd been waitressing for the last fourteen hours. And no decent tips, either! Cheap jerks! At the end of the day, she barely had enough scraped together for food and drink. Sighing again, she sincerely hoped THIS time, the other two would come through. Jin was fairly reliable... unless he felt it was beneath him to do. Mugen wasn't afraid of getting dirty... but he was lucky to hold a job for more than an hour. This really sucked!

She stopped walking, leaning against the side of a building wearily, toes wiggling around in her sandals to ease the cramping. Fourteen hours on her feet... Those two BETTER have something to contribute! Otherwise, she was going to take care of herself and let them starve to death, watching her eat.

"Hey there! You look a bit lost."

Fuu turned to the voice, barely able to keep her eyes open. A man was standing in front of her. He wasn't handsome, but he wasn't unattractive either. Just... plain. He had a nice smile, though, one that was open and honest. "Huh? Oh, I'm not lost. Just tired, that's all."

"Oh, sorry to assume! It's just... I haven't seen you around here before. Thought you might be a tourist."

Smiling back, she pushed away from the wall, ready to keep walking. She really wasn't in the mood to be hit on. "Well, I kind of am. I mean, I'm just passing through on my way to Nagasaki."

His smile widened, eyes moving down to where her breasts SHOULD have been. Mugen's blunt comments left her feeling a little insecure about her chest. She folded her arms over where he was looking, blushing dark red. "Listen, I'm not really in the mood-,"

"Let's get a drink," he interupted, pulling one of her hands free from her folded arms. His hand brushed against her breast and she jumped, pulling at the grip he had on her. He wasn't letting go.

"Um... no thanks. Look, I better get going. My boyfriend's probably looking for me." She tried to pull away again, gasping this time as he pushed her up against the wall, hips grinding into hers. "Ew... creep! Get off me!"

"Something tells me a scrawny bitch like you doesn't have a boyfriend," he said, lips pressed against her ear. His teeth bit down hard on her neck and Fuu screamed in pain as blood flowed down her skin. The sound was quickly cut off by his free hand closing over her mouth. She kicked and fought with all she had as she was dragged into the alley and pushed up against the wall again.

Fuu tried to scream again but was slapped hard across the face and flung into the ground. She scrambled, nails tearing as they dug into hardened earth, desperate to get away. "Hey! Lemme go and I promise I won't say anything! I swear it!"

The man chuckled, flipping her over and pinning her hands over her head with one of his. "Tell anyone you want. No one's going to do a thing to stop it." Fuu screamed again as his fingers began searching under her kimono. She kicked and bucked, trying to get away from his thick hands, fighting until she wore herself out and was panting heavily and sobbing. This wasn't happening... where the hell were those two? "HEEELP!"

Mugen looked up from his post outside the whore house. Sounded like that little bitch screaming. She was too boyish lookin' to get laid. Which meant she was screamin because... "Hey, kid!"

The ten year old boy he hollered at came over, wide eyed. "Yessir?"

He pulled out a single gold coin and said, "Watch the door for an hour or so. I'll pay ya when I get back."

"Four pieces, half now, half when you get back," the boy argued.

"You little shit! Two, and that's all I'm offering!"

Smiling, the boy held his hand out for the gold coin. "Mister, you've got yourself a deal!"

Mugen ran off, muttering about the little bastard. And those mutters turned to cussing at the girl he was running to try and protect. "I swear, if it ain't someone attacking her lily white ass, I'm gonna beat the shit outta her myself!"

Jin stopped tugging the small row boats back in place, the rope looped over his shoulder and arm with the ease of someone who had been doing it all day. There was only one woman he knew that had lungs like that. He quickly tied off the boat and found the old man in charge of the docks. "I need to go."

The old man looked up in surprise. "Huh? But your shift's not over yet!"

"I'm sorry, but there's something I must do. Pay me for what work I've done and I'll return if I can to finish my shift."

Mumbling, the old man dug into the purse at his side and pulled out the required payment. "Here ya go, sonny. Go buy yourself a pretty lady!"

Ignoring the comment, Jin pocketed the money and ran for that voice. He knew there was only one thing that could make her scream like that.

The man lunged off of her with an angry howl as Fuu managed to get one hand free, scratching her nails down his face. "You little bitch!" She cried in pain as his fist landed along her jaw, causing black and white dots to explode in her eyes. Those cries turned to more screams as he pried her legs apart, her kimono ripped and ruined, exposing her small breasts to the cold air. "I'm gonna fuck you good, girl! Let's see how loud you scream then!"

"No... stop it! HEELP!" Fuu continued to try and hit at him, twisting her knees to hit his groin, anything. He bit her neck again, drawing more blood, which momentarily distracted her from another pain, further down. She screamed as loud as she could, hoping someone would come and check out what all the noise was. Where was everyone? Where were Jin and Mugen? Why didn't they come like they always did?

Turning her head away, closing her eyes and trying to ignore the grunting from the man on top of her, she let the tears fall hopelessly. She wasn't going to be saved, she realized. All those times... and they weren't there for her. Sobs turned to wails and she opened her eyes, wanting to memorize this man's face so that when Jin and Mugen DID show up, they could kill the right person.

Her eyes locked onto something else instead and held. Pink laquer with flowers on it... little good luck charms... Fuu bit her lower lip to keep from screaming at a particularly hard thrust and took the free hand he was ignoring, stretching it as far as she could. It didn't have to be deep, just enough to get his attention. The laquer was cold against her bruised fingers as she worked the knife from the sheath. His breathing was changing, the grunts growing louder. Damn it, he was almost done! Fuu finally got a hold of the knife and, with an enraged snarl, she brought it down into his shoulder.

Except, he decided to move then.

And the blade ended up going through one side of his neck and out the other.

Instead of landing in his shoulder like she'd intended.

Fuu spluttered as blood sprayed directly into her eyes and coated her face. The man was making odd gurgling noises, eyes wide and body spasming. She squirmed out from under him, using her hands to try and dig all the bood off of her, screaming now as she watched him die. The man continued to twitch, her little knife embedded in his throat. Gods... oh, gods, what had she done? What... how did she... what had she DONE? It was self defense, yes, but she'd never KILLED anyone before! She covered her eyes, giving way to the hysterical sobbing as she rocked back and forth, kimono hanging around her waist in shreds.

Footsteps, one set soft and the other clattering, came to her before skidding to a hault. "Fucking hell..."

"Fuu, are you hurt?" Cold hands touched her naked shoulders and she screamed, slapping them away. She knew they were Jin's but she couldn't look at him, didn't want him touching her. That man was bad, he deserved to die... but why did she have to be the one to do it? She wasn't a killer, like those two! Why did he have to move? Why was it her knife in his throat? She was a good person, she didn't murder people!

"Man... she got him right through the wind pipe," Mugen observed, nudging the now still, and staring, corpse with his foot. He bent down, pulling her knife out and wiped it clean on the man's shirt before sheathing it and holding it out to her. Fuu looked at it, unable to touch it. That knife had taken a man's life. It wasn't the same... it wasn't the same... "Come on, take the stupid thing! I look like a fag holding it."

Shaking her head, she brought her knees to her chest, hiding her face again. She couldn't, she couldn't, she couldn't...

"Mugen, go across the street and get one of the women from the brothel," Jin ordered softly.

"Fuck you and get one yourself," Mugen snarled. "This isn't the time to be whoring!"

"It's not for me, it's for Fuu. It would be best to have a woman deal with this than us," the quiet samurai explained.

"Huh? Why not us? It's not like we're the ones who did this."

"Honestly, your stupidity continues to amaze me."

"Oh, yeah, well... fuck... you!"

Sighing, Jin tried once again to get Fuu's attention. She whimpered and tried to make herself smaller, shrinking away from his hands. "We'll discuss this later. Right now, she needs help."

Still muttering and cursing, Mugen trudged across the street to do as he asked.

Fuu looked up when Jin moved away from her, tears still running down her cheeks, cutting a path through the rapidly drying blood, and sniffling to keep from letting that fall, too. She winced as he lifted the body easily, depositing it in a dumpster nearby. He then proceeded to use his sandaled feet to scuff out the blood on the ground, erasing any signs of a struggle. And he did all this without a flicker that it bothered him. How could they kill so easily? How could they just stab someone with their swords and watch them die without feeling anything?

More footsteps, several hushed whispers as women surrounded her, all talking at once about getting her inside, making her their special tea, cleaning her up. Fuu numbly let them guide her back into the brothel, glancing back at the two men behind her, completely uneffected by the death she'd caused. Why? Why was she the one to have done this?

Why her... and not someone who couldn't care? She didn't know how to deal with a person's death!