"Come on, you two! We've still got a long way to go yet!"

Both Jin and Mugen stared after the bubbly brunette in surprise. Was it really only yesterday that she'd been moping around the room, silent and seemingly deaf? What a remarkable change! Both picked up the pace, walking shoulder to shoulder behind the girl as they started over a small bridge going over a river.

"She seems to be doing better," Jin remarked softly.

:Oh, so you DID notice?" Mugen returned dryly.

"Of course. I'm only glad I was able to help her."

"Excuse me? YOU helped her? Back up a bit, asshole, I was the one to help her?"

Jin quirked a brow, gaze sliding over to glare at Mugen. "I beg to differ."

"Beg all you want, Pale Boy, that doesn't change the fact that I helped her and not you!" He grinned, proud that he'd gotten to use his new insult.

Now he had the other's full out attention. "Pale Boy? How childish. Did you spend all night figuring that out?"

"You're just jealous I got her to smile again!"

"Hardly seeing as I was the one to make her smile."

Fuu stopped, turning around when she realized both her bodyguards had their hands on their swords. "Hey, guys? No killing each other, remember? And I can't believe you two would fight after spending all night trying to seduce me!"

Both turned slowly to look at her. Fuu began to back away from the mischievous smile on Mugen's face and the equally mischievous glint in Jin's eyes. She screamed when both of the ran for her, tackling her to the ground. "HEY! JUST WHAT THE HELL- AAAAAAAH!"

Mugen grabbed her wrists. Jin grabbed her ankles. Together they swung her up and over the side of the bridge, leaning over as she continued to shriek right into the water. Spluttering up to the surface, Fuu pushed her hair out of her face, trying to keep her kimono from billowing up around her. "Hope the cold water helped cool you down," Mugen shouted.

"I was NOT trying to seduce you," Jin added just loud enough for her to hear.

Trudging out of the water and slipping as she walked up the bank, Fuu hit first Mugen and then Jin. Mugen burst out laughing and shoved her back onto her ass. Jin only smiled, wiping the water from his sleeve. Both men knew exactly what she was about to shout...


And just like that, everything was back to normal. Fuu was screaming at them. Mugen was shouting back. And Jin tried to remain the silent observer. Neither man would admit it to the other, but they were glad to have Fuu back as she was.