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Chapter 1: What he saw.

"Dammit, why the hell do they have to be observing Academy Island Anyway?" 16-year old Chazz Princeton thought to himself as he walked down the Obelisk dorm to his room. "They have no frickin' business here and everyone hates them. And who could blame them for hating those two bastards?" He was talking about his brothers who had come to observe Duel Academy to see if the rumors that some students disappearing were true. (They are) And they are trying to get Duel Academy to close down. "Those damn bastards!" Chazz yelled, his voice echoing through the empty hallway.

"You know it's against the rules to curse Chazz." A voice said behind him, it was Zane Truesdale the best duelist of the 3rd years. "Not to mention what your girlfriend Alexis wouldn't really like it either."

"She's not my frickin' girlfriend!" He yelled his face going red as he looked at him. "Hey, where is she anyway?"

"I thought she'd be in class but she's not." Zane said looking at him worriedly as he stormed down the hall. "You better keep an eye on those brothers of yours. I don't trust them".

"Who does?" Chazz asked jokingly turning around to face him.

"Chazz, this is no joking matter, your brothers might do something to a young girl like that and you do like her don't you?" Zane asked a smile cracking his lips when he saw Chazz blush. "I mean after you beat Slade, Alexis hugged you out of happiness, what if your brothers thought that she was your girl friend? What would they do?"

"I don't know, act like real piss offs." Chazz said after thinking for a while. "They do that all the time anyway."

"Yes but they were looking at her as if they wanted something from her. Like she had something they wanted. I easily recognized it because my father always has that look on her face when he sees a pretty young girl." Zane said looking at Chazz trying to study Chazz's facial expression. It was full of pure horror. Without warning he turned around and sprinted down the hall toward the girl's dorms. "Running in the halls is against school rules too." Zane called after him, watching him running. Soon after he began his search for Alexis by the Slifer dorms.

"Damn, why would they be looking at her like that, I've seen that look once before and that was before they-," he cut off his thoughts not wanting to remember the rest.


A young girl with brown hair and green eyes was smiling at him. He was watching her and he was in love with her. "Cha-kun," she called as they raced along the road, she couldn't keep up and fell. He went back to help her. When he got to her, his brothers were already there and they had grabbed her. "Cha-kun," she screamed as they took her away. They beat her up and killed her right in front of him.

-End Flashback-

That day was six years ago yet he remembered it like it happened the day before. Chazz cursed at himself for remembering it. "Seiushi," her name slipped into his mind and he wanted to punch himself in the face for it.

A scream pierced the air causing Chazz to snap out of thought. He ran toward where it came from. To the side of the girls dorms. He ran there with all his might. What was going to happen? Who just screamed?

"Alexis?" Chazz called, he began breathing faster as he searched around the trees. He came into a small clearing in the forest. There was Alexis pinned to a tree and a figure lurking over her. Chazz jumped behind the nearest tree to hide there. He had immediately recognized the figure to be his older brother Slade. Chazz was furious at first of course, but after seeing how his brothers body was pressed against Alexis's body, he was in full rage.

"Now, now Alexis, don't worry, if you don't struggle and make it hard, I'll make this real quick. If not then, I'll do it longer and harder." He heard Slade cackle into her ear. The look of terror on her face grew and tears formed in her eyes. This was were the line was drawn, before Chazz could control himself he burst out of the bushes and ran toward his brother.

(End chapter.)

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Preivew "You bastard what the hell are you doing?" He yelled his fist connecting with his brothers face. "Touch her again and I swear I'll rip you to pieces!"