What Wasn't Supposed to Be

Mature. No deep details however, this should be suitable for an M rating even with the implication of sex. NaruSaku oneshot. Contains implied NejiTen

Characters are around the age of 20.

You'll be able to determine who hasn't survived at this point, unless you're just reading this for the smut. You silly pervert.



Her eyes were limned with silver moonlight, lips parted as she breathed softly. The heavy air was hard to swallow, the sheets she was entangled in were too stiff, too starched and tight around her form. It made Sakura Haruno feel too contained and hot, even in the middle of a cold snap in Autumn.

The trees were shaking noisily outside her window, tossed about mercilessly in a fierce wind. Their sighing was a terrible background noise to her own shaken thoughts. As her mind sobered, her heart refused to cease it's wild beating.

This wasn't how it was supposed to be.. Not with who it was supposed to be..


It had begun earlier that day with Sakura's former mentor, and current Hokage, standing infront of the entire village. Beside her, grinning stupidly, was Naruto Uzumaki. His pink-haired friend could only stand in the gathering crowd and smile warmly for him, while Ino leant on her shoulder. She was amazed at how many people, even those who had scorned the blonde in the past had come here, to witness the fulfillment of his dream. It was a fitting time, when the sun was blaring down on them, a perfect symbol of the bright age ahead of Konoha.

At noon Tsunade relinquished her title of Hokage, passing the mantle to the one boy who had, through his whole life, strived for that position. Although he was smiling, tears were streaming down his whiskered cheeks.

But Sakura knew that they were the product of pride and happiness.

So, she smiled even wider for him.


The remaining shinobi of the rookie nine managed to snag the new hokage after the big celebration, dragging him to the local pub for their own private celebration.

The whole night Naruto was showered with attention, while Sakura stood and watched from afar. Her eyes were alight with joy for him, and her cheeks were only beginning to flush from the alcohol they were being served. Ino was the one who pushed her into him, later she would claim it was only an accident.. But the mischevious gleam in her eyes let all who could see know that it was completely intentional.

It may have been because of how many drinks she'd downed, but suddenly she was feeling shy infront of him. Her, Sakura Haruno, SHY? Her cheeks were bright red when he turned to look at her, after she'd fallen into him and jarred his shoulder.

Suddenly, her feet seemed TOO interesting, as she averted her eyes to the ground.

"Oi! Sakura-chan!" He whooped, his words a little slurred from the drinks that were being passed around and made his thoughts fuzzy and tongue a little too thick. Even without beer goggles he would have been impressed by his team mate, Sakura was utterly adorable as she shrank back from him, her arms folded behind her back, hiding her face behind her pink tresses. She was dressed in a stylish little outfit, a red dress made of slick material that hugged every curve she had. "I'm glad to shee.. See you!" He laughed boisterously, hoping she wouldn't catch his mispronounciation.

She shared in his laughter, managing to get in a quick 'congratulations' before he was led away by a beaming Tsunade, who was more than willing to show off the new Hokage to some local village leaders that had come to attend the party. Sakura stood by and watched for a long moment, her eyes boring into his broad back.

When had he gotten so.. Mature? When had he filled out so.. Nicely..?

Ino, always the trouble maker, snapped her out of her reverie. Her friend tugged on her arm and pulled her away to a table, where most of the ninja were gathering.

"Come on you lightweight! We're gonna start another game!" She chided, while they took up their position behind Kiba (Who had outdrunk a very tipsy Neji, who surprised everyone by joining in on the fanfare). A very red-faced Tenten collected her new husband, who complained rather loudly as she led him away. Naturally, Kiba hooted and hollered at Neji's back as the Hyuuga and his lover escaped out the front door.

It was Sakura that took Neji's place at the table, at the insistence of Ino and a very.. Very.. Drunk Anko. She laughed herself when Lee did a very good impersonation of the staggering and stumbling Neji, and even reserved Hinata seemed to chuckle a bit at his antics.

It came as a surprise to everyone when Sakura actually won the next round and sent Genma, Kiba and Tsunade herself crawling to the bathrooms, their eyes swirling and heads all too foggy.


It had been around 1 in the morning when the pink haired mednin was able to pry herself away from Ino and her games. There had still been a few people left in the bar, most had already staggered home or passed out on the wooden floor. Sakura wasn't exactly the portrait of sobriety herself, as she toppled out the front door.

She was giggling at nothing and everything at the same time. It felt good, like she could be so giddy and not care about anything.

It was hard walking home though, the wind was furious and her toes always caught on something or other, and eventually she tripped and did a very elegant faceplant. She wasn't sure how long she lay there, but at one point she registered the fact that someone was standing over her.

"Sakura? Are you okay?" Ino asked as she lifted up her friend. Sakura managed a little nod and smile.

"I was just.. Mmm.."

"Taking a nap on the ground, in the middle of the street?" The green eyed blonde offered. They both burst out laughing, still too wasted to care about the awkward situation. Eventually though, the pair began to head in the direction of Sakura's apartment.


"I just need a breaaaaak.." Ino groaned, leaning against a wall. It was hard to help her friend back to her house, especially since her mind was still swimming and pounding furiously. Beside her, Sakura crumpled to the ground and let out a loud sigh, sliding down on her knees. Both tensed as someone noisily crept out of the shadows on the other side of the street.

"Ahhh.. You two!" Naruto greeted, his eyes squinting in the moonlight as he registered both Ino and his all-time favorite Sakura-chan in the inky darkness. "What's going ooon?"

He was obviously stone-drunk, not exactly better off than either of the girls.

"Well.. I found Sakura in the street.. But she's soooo heavy.." It was at this point that a very evil, and very malevolent grin stretched across Ino's lips. Already, she had a plan. A devious, coy little plan. "Naruto, you know where she lives. How's about you kindly walk her home?" She dangled the tempting bait right infront of Naruto's nose, Ino KNEW just how much that boy cared for her friend and was certain he wouldn't pass up the offer. And now, she was giving them a kind little nudge in the proper direction.

He acted predictably. "Sure, Ino.. I wouldn't mind at all!" Although, he didn't exactly mention that he'd been wandering the streets for the past hour, unable to find his own house. Before Sakura could protest, Ino dashed off (And rather clumsily) in the opposite direction.

Naruto shambled up beside her, offering a hand up. "Well, I guess it's decided then.."


It didn't take long for Sakura to locate her front door, and leaning heavily against Naruto she fumbled for her keys in the darkness. She was very, very aware of just how close he was, with the fact that she was braced against him, since her damn legs had chose a fine time to turn to jell-o. Naturally, she wasn't even close to sober, and judging by the fox-boys flushed cheeks and dumb grin he was about as close to normalcy as she was.

Somehow, she did find the keys and unlocked the door. Being polite, she turned to thank Naruto for his help. Her mouth opened in a soft sigh when she read the expression on his face, and how quickly it had changed.

"Sakura.. I was meaning to talk to you today.." He spoke softly, leaning closer to her. She could feel his breath on her cheek, and smell the odour of alochol. But she couldn't care. She couldn't summon the willpower, or the wits to do so.

"Oh?" She mentally smacked herself on the forehead. If Inner Sakura was there, she would have lashed out with quite the verbal whipping for her stupidity (But that part of herself had fled when she was about sixteen). Great way to come off as intelligent. She thought to herself. Naruto shifted in the darkness, and Sakura realized just how CLOSE he was, and the fact that with her back flush against the door there was no escape.

"Yeah.." He bit his lip, as though he was trying to work out the right thing to say to her. It didn't work, he was too far gone to be able work out what to say. He supported himself, one hand on the door. The other slid down to touch her side, resting on one of her finely shaped hips.

He hesitated, waiting for her to punch him in the face and grace him with another bruise. But she didn't.

In fact, she was as surprised (If not moreso) than he was at her lack of reaction. But something in her was stirring, her body was enveloped in a heat that she failed to convince herself was a product of not being sober. No matter how hard she tried to convince herself that this wasn't right, she lost herself in the whirlpools of his eyes.

Naruto couldn't waste this chance, and his lack of inhibitions only prodded him on. The hand that was on the door pulled away, reaching up to stroke her soft cheek. It grew hot beneath his fingertips, as she flushed, her lips parted when his digits brushed across them. He pulled her closer, and savored the moment, as her body pressed tightly against his own.

Something feral, something primitive had woken in both of them. A sort of drunken passion that neither could deny, the sort of feelings that both kept hidden had been released from their cage.

His mouth working gently against hers just felt too good, and Sakura could feel her resolve crumbling. When his tongue moved across her mouth, begging to taste her, she allowed him in.. Let him explore reaches of her that had never yet been touched.

And again, it felt too good to stop.


They stumbled clumsily inside her apartment, Naruto barely managing to break his lips from hers to shut the door behind them. And after he did, Sakura was the one to pull him back down to her.

If she wasn't so focused on kissing him, she would have realized just how tall he'd become.

But the walls had broken down, torn away by a drug stronger than the fiercest enemy. It had the ability to cloud their minds, fill their bodies with a heat and desire neither had felt before.

When her fingers began to undo the buttons on his shirt, she did not even question it. She wanted him, she craved him.

Just like he desired her. Neither would be denied.


Sakura had been unable to make it up the stairs on her own, Naruto had to carry her. But that was alright because the feeling of his Sakura-chan resting snug against his chest felt all too good.

He was sorry to set her down at the foot of her bed. He had never been in her room before, had never crossed into this forbidden territory. His mind didn't register the billowing white curtains, the picture of their team placed on her dresser. Not even the lacy panties that had been tossed carelessly on the white-carpet floor caught his interest.

"You smell so good, Sakura-Chan.." He breathed, easing himself onto the bed, ontop of her, half-naked. He shivered lightly, there was a cool breeze coming in through the windows, ruffling his hair. At first he thought she was shaking because she was cold too, and so he let his bare flesh rest against her own, trying his best to warm and cover her completely.

His own hands were busy with the tie on the back of her dress. Her scent was all around him, earthy and feminine and so goddamn alluring. It masked the scent of alcohol, but it could not keep him from noticing just how badly she was shaking.

"My Sakura.." He murmured, letting his fingers roam through her pink hair. Doing everything he had never been allowed to before, brushing errant locks from her cheeks, teasing the velvety skin on her thighs with a calloused and weathered hand. She was trembling beneath him. "Why are you shaking?"

She swallowed the knot of fear that had lodged itself in her throat. Trying her best to find reasons as to why this was wrong, why him touching her was taboo. Any kind of an answer was too much, the ability to speak was beyond her.

But it felt too right. He leant down, pressing kisses everywhere on her face but her mouth. He wanted to reassure her, to soothe and chase away her fears. He was delighted when she raised her head, moulding her soft, luscious lips to his own. That did not abate her shaking, however. "Are you afraid?" He asked huskily, he couldn't wait much longer. Naruto wanted her too badly, all the years of frustration had built up to this moment. His only desire was to claim her, make her his.

She nodded a little, finding it hard to meet his eyes when he was looking at her like that.. As though there was so much love inside him for her that he was ready to cry. She whimpered a little when he finally got that nuisance of a knot undone, and pulled the sheer red dress over her head. There was nothing to hide behind now, but he made it easier by only looking at her face, even though it pained him not to take the sight of her body in. Her modesty was apparent.

Leaning forward he engaged her in another kiss, holding her as tight as he could to his chest. "Sakura.. I couldn't hurt you.. Never.." And she believed him.

He sat up, taking her hands in his own, guiding them to the buckle on his belt. "If you don't want this.. Stop me Sakura.."

He wasn't sure that he could, but she didn't anyway. They were too far gone, and she wanted this too much.


It would be a lie to say she wasn't afraid, even though he was trying his best to accomodate her. Neither of them had anything to hide behind now, two piles of clothes were strewn across the carpet, forgotten completely.

Her hands were wrapped around him tight, nails biting into his back. He hadn't yet taken her, Naruto was biding his time and making her really want it. His fingers were trailing down her stomach, busy memorizing every line and curve of her body. He had waited too long not to savor this moment.

She was still trembling, too.. It wouldn't feel right to make love to her when she was so frightened.


He was kissing her again, stroking her side as he seduced her completely. His kindness and affection smothered, blanketed, and comforted her enough that she finally stopped being afraid of him and what was happening.

Sakura was ready, and Naruto was all too willing. His mouth left a trail of kisses to her ear, his breath tickled and made her gasp. "My angel.. Sakura.." He positioned himself properly, waiting for her to stop him or protest. She didn't, and as he finally claimed her as his, he groaned softly and whispered... "I love you.. So much, Sakura.. I love you more than anything." The intricate dance of bodies and limbs had only begun, but already the air was so heavy with passion it made them both choke and struggle for breath.

Something inside of her was screaming, struggling against this whirlwind of passion. Naruto was the one she had so easily chastized when they were younger, she had berated and belittled him..

And now, with her lack of morals and inhibitions she had awarded him the one thing she could never give to someone else. It felt wrong, at least to a little part of her. She had drank too much, and now she was losing the one thing she could never give away again. It was his, she was his..

But that little protesting part of her was eventually consumed by the burst of love and adoration she felt for the man who had just become the Hokage.

He was loving her tenderly, moving slowly and gently. It did hurt, but he made all the pain go away. Instead, the ache of what was broken was substituted by an immense amount of pleasure. It filled whatever emptiness had been cast by Sasuke's disappearance, eventual death, and any other trials she had endured in her life. She wondered how she could have loved anyone else, how she could have denied him before this night.


At the climax of their love, her fingers dug into his scalp and knotted his hair. The dam burst, and the noise of her gratification was silenced by the descent of his bruised and harshly kissed lips. He had managed to hold out long enough to fulfill every expectation she'd ever had of this situation, and then some. He joined her soon thereafter, and he too cried out her name as his body spasmed, out of control..


He hovered above her, panting softly as he stewed in the aftermath of their passion. He was dreading opening his eyes, afraid that when he would look at her, she would have a horrified expression.

Because he was screwed up; because he had killed Sasuke; because he held a monster inside of him; because everyone else had rejected him. The soft feel of her palm pressing against his cheek, lovingly toying with his whiskers, assured him that it would not happen this time.

His eyes met hers, and she regarded him with love.

Naruto exhaled deeply, too far in the moment to ruin it with words that could never accurately express what he felt. Instead he collapsed beside her, holding Sakura's body as tightly as he possibly could. His relief was paramount when she snuggled against him, hugging back.

His fingers stroked her hair, as he kissed her again. If he could, he would live in this moment forever. This night was the culmination of every dream, every fantasy he had ever held. Naruto had convinced himself that she would never love him, and it was fearful that he might wake up the next morning, alone, with no memory of what had happened between them.

He wasn't sure exactly when the fog had cleared, or when he'd become sober again..

That was the one thing that did not matter, so instead of fretting and readying himself for rejection.. He accepted what had happened and pulled her closer.

At some point, the blonde ninja descended into a deep sleep. One moment he was nuzzling and cuddling with Sakura, and the next he was dreaming.

Sakura was not so lucky.


She wasn't sure how many hours had passed, or even why her fingers still trailed across his sweat-slicked skin. There were so many things she didn't understand, and Sakura was finally sober.

The impact of what they had done had finally reached her, but she was still unable to process it.

So instead of dwelling on it she lay in her bed, caressing Naruto's bare back as he slept so deeply against her. Her mind was dizzy with thought, so many things to wonder about and analyze. Why had this happened? Why had she allowed Naruto into her very core?

And why was it that she was still so overwhelmed by a feeling of completion? Of a satisfaction so deep she could do nothing but stare at his face as he lay beside her?

She loved him. It wasn't something she could easily admit, and there was a nagging feeling that things would be awkward in the morning..

But the blonde ninja had matured so much she was frightened of what he'd become. Had he been like that because of how much he'd had to drink?

She wasn't sure.. She wasn't sure of anything anymore.

All Sakura knew was that she was laying tangled in him, drowning in his masculine scent, enfolded so tightly in his arms.. And that the one thing she was dreading, was the eventual rise of the sun. They had finally admitted to things that had been hidden for so long, and the pink-haired beauty wanted nothing more than to lay like this forever.. She felt safe and loved in his arms.


Outside the wind was finally slowing, dwindling into a mellifluous gale. The horizon had only just begun to lighten, the clouds washed in a pink hue of breaking dawn. Somewhere in the distance a rooster crowed, heralding the rise of the sun.

In the secluded world of her apartment Sakura Haruno lay nestled against her lover, pressed a light kiss against his chin, and allowed herself to succumb to sleep.


The end.


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