There was some obvious moaning coming from the room where Atem stayed in Yugi's home. Yugi was outside listening to a female moaning. He blushed and tried very hard not to have a nosebleed. He then heard a voice that sounded a lot like Anzu Mazaki exclaimed:

"Oh, I love it! I want to suck on it more!"

He then heard a voice that sounded like Atem stating:

"Oh yeah! So do I!"

The blood came gushing out of Yugi's nose and he ran and got a tissue to take care of his nosebleed. Yugi then stated:

"Oh God, I can't believe that Atem's having sex! Then again, a whole bunch of girls wish they could do that with him. Why don't they want to do that with me (cough) anyways…"

Yugi then heard a voice from behind him:

"Well, it's about time they got it on! Heh-heh!"

Yugi turned and saw that it was his grandpa. He exclaimed:

"grandpa! You're such a pervert!"

"Yeah, but I'm proud of it! So…do you want to read some playboy magazines with me?"

"NNNOOOO! I'm going to see if I can concentrate on my homework without having another nosebleed."

"'Bout time you had one…"

Yugi shook his head and when to his room. He still heard moaning from Atem's room and couldn't help but to be curious. Yugi listened in again to hear Anzu saying:

"Oh, it's so nice and juicy!"

"I know…it just melts in my mouths. Mmmm…sour…"

Yugi thought, "Sour?"

Yugi then found himself barging in Atem's room. Instead of seeing the sexual scene that had played in his head, he saw Atem and Anzu…eating lemons? Yugi asked:

"What are you doing?"

"Eating this yummy lemons that taste like fresh squeezed lemonade. Want some?"

Yugi then realized that he had been watching too many sex tapes.

The End.