This and the chapters to follow are all apart of my imagination, but the characters will forever and always be the property of Rumiko Takahashi's.

Chapter 1: The Beginning

"Do you take this woman, to have and to hold, in sickness and in health, for richer and for poorer, for as long as you both shall live?"

Kagome looked at the young man she has known since grade school. Tears filled her eyes in love and happiness as she watched the man in front of her.

"I do."

"And do you take this man, to have and to hold, in sickness and in health, for richer and for poorer, for as long as you both shall live?"

Kagome smiled and the tears began to fall.

"I do."

"Then let all bear witness to your love and promise to one another, let no one break the bonds you have made here today."

Kagome sighed shakily. After all this time, they did it! They were finally married!

"May I present to you, Mr. and Mrs. Hojo and Ayume Saito."


Picture of a happy couple, Ayume and Hojo, together at last.


Kagome glanced up from the picture she was staring at and walked to the ticket counter.

"Ticket and passport, please." The slight framed woman barely even looked up as she clacked on the computer keyboard in front of her.

"Yeah, one sec." Kagome shifted the pictures back into their envelope and gave the agent her plane ticket and passport.

"One way, Tokyo, Japan?" The woman finally looked up, comparing the passport photo to the woman in front of her, frowning slightly.

Kagome smiled sheepishly. The passport photo was for certain the worst photo anyone had to legally own. Hers was no exception. The photo was of a frazzled woman of the age of twenty-five, having just finished her Masters thesis and presented it to the board that morning. The stress and strain of that week was apparent in that photo since she was in a rush to collect her final work for her report to give to the committee. Not to mention the emotional turmoil caused by her ex-boyfriend. But that was two years ago.

The girl standing in the airport now was radiant, though she would be the first to say she was nothing much and mean it. She was now twenty-seven years old, though she looked around twenty-one. She had long black hair, that was naturally full and soft, and her eyes were a caramel brown. Her skin was tanned from summers on excavations and somewhat flawless. She had to admit, she was a bit of a risk taker and the scars on her body were enough to make any cringe. But her most admirable quality, she had to admit, was her addiction for adventure. She was an archaeologist, and the search for truth was both her passion and her purpose.

Staring confidently back at the agent, Kagome grinned. "Hai, one way or no way." She went through the routine questions and checks, waiting patiently and quietly, before being handed her ticket and passport.

"Okay, the flight is at gate eighteen, you head down this hallway to the departure terminal. They will check your carry on there, and then follow the directions to make it to your gate. Your seat number is 39A. Have a great trip, Ms. Higurashi."

Kagome smiled and thanked the girl. She picked up her yellow backpack and walked in the direction she was told. Along the ticket counters she couldn't help but notice a small argument erupting ahead of her.

"Oi, wench, what do you mean there is no first class available? If anything, that's the only class that should be available!" A man's voice barked.

"I'm sorry, sir, but executive class is full. The ticket you have purchased is for economy class." A woman replied.

"It wasn't me that bought the damned thing, it was my jackass of a half brother!" The man growled. "I demand an upgrade."

"Again, I'm sorry, sir, there is nothing I can do, unless you wish to move to another flight? But there will be an additional charge for the change, and the next flight won't be until Friday." The ticket agent quickly added.

"Keh. Fuck that, just give me my damn ticket."

Kagome glanced at the man who obviously had no class and blinked in shock at his rudeness before settling on his features. Though he was acting like an ass, he looked amazing. He appeared to be around her age. He had long, black hair, almost to his waist that was tied at the middle of his back. He wore black slacks and a red cotton t-shirt that molded nicely against his toned torso. A black leather coat hung over his satchel that rested at his side. He defiantly had a dominating quality about him. Even though he was at the moment a complete jackass, he was every inch a fine man.

Kagome was unaware she was staring until that very man turned his head and leered at her with flashing gray eyes that were almost curtained by wisps of black bangs. His expression was hate filled and with malice before he turned his head away in an attempt to obviously ignore her.

She gave his back a questioning glance before continuing on. What a jerk.

Music and wine flowed around them.

"Kagome, come on! Ayume is about to throw the bouquet!" Yuka squealed.

"No thanks!" she had laughed, "I'm not about to be cursed with that.'"

"Oh, come on, Kagome, it's tradition."

"You go on ahead, and if you catch it, I'll be the bridesmaid at your wedding too."

Yuka shook her head in amusement and ran to the dance floor with the herd of other girls waiting for their chance to tear hair and fabric over the floral piece.

She rolled her eyes. What a waste of dignity.' She took her camera out to capture the special moment.

"I got it!"

Kagome giggled softly over the picture of Eri sitting on top of Yuka, holding a very crumpled and wilted bouquet before a ding and an echoed voice erupted around the terminal.

"Attention all passengers for flight 281, Vancouver to Tokyo, Japan. Seats 39 to 20 now boarding. Will all passengers sitting through seats 39 to 20 please make their way to the boarding gate now."

Kagome stood and followed the progression of people to the gate, unaware of a steely glare watching her board.

Cake and punch, how Leave It to Beaver.' Kagome mused as she picked at the butter cream cake in front of her.

"Well, girls, its an end of a fuckin' era." Eri raised a fluted glass to her three friends.

"Aren't you being a little melodramatic?" Yuka snorted.

"Ayume's married, I'm heading to New York, you're progressing in your company in Victoria, and Kagome is…. Hey, Kagome, what exactly are you doing?" Eri quirked a sly grin as she took a swig of her white wine.

Kagome grinned nervously. "I found someone to give me my grant. Girls, I'm going to Japan!"

"What!" All three yelped.


"For how long?"

"Why the fuck Japan?"

Kagome looked at all three, trying to hold back her excitement. "It's a part of my dissertation. You all know I've got a thing for Oriental folklore, thanks to Gramps. Well, what better way to get my doctorate than search for the legendary Shikon no Tama?"

"Yup, you're absolutely insane." Eri shook her head.

"Oh, Kagome, that's so exciting!" Ayume smiled. "Will you go home for a bit?"

"Yeah, Gramps is expecting me at the shrine. In fact, that's where my research first begins. The legend is linked to the shrine, more specifically the Goshinboku Tree."

"That creepy old thing. I remember that! Gave me the willies every time I came to see you at the shrine!" Eri shivered.

"Wow! That's fantastic!" Yuka gushed, ignoring Eri's distasteful expression. "Who gave you the funding?"

"A private company. It's located here in Vancouver, but based right out of Japan. Just…." Kagome bit her lower lip. "It's weird."

"Why is it weird?" Ayume asked.

"Because, one, it's a company, with nothing to do with archaeology, and two, they called me directly to issue a grant. I never heard of them before, but when I did a little research on them, they happen to be one of the most prestigious and wealthy companies in Japan!" Kagome grinned slightly. "The president of the company was very… interesting."

"Oh?" Eri practically purred, "explain interesting."

"His name is Sesshomaru Nakamura. He's young, for starters, and he didn't look like, well… business company material."

"Do go on…." Eri was close to drooling.

"He was handsome, that was certain, almost elfish looking you know? But he was very… chilling. He had long white hair, stern face, the man never cracked a smile, and he had… claws."

"Oh baby, tell me where and I'm there!" Eri purred.

"Claws?" Yuka looked stunned.

Kagome shrugged. "Well, claws may be the wrong thing to say. His nails were long, but at least they were well manicured."

"And he just called and said here's some money'?" Eri quipped.

"Technically. He said he had known many of my university professors and colleagues at Simon Fraser, and had learned of my interests. He also said that he had never met anyone with as much knowledge and history in the Shikon legend as I did. He's a real folklore buff, and had plenty of funds to spare, saying something about tax breaks or some mumbo jumbo, and before I knew it, he had bought me a ticket to Tokyo with enough funding and supplies to keep me going for a year!" Kagome smiled happily.

"Sounds like a dream come true." Ayume smiled.

"That certainly does sound like it." Yuka nodded.

"And the catch is?" Eri leaned forward.

Kagome looked at Eri before playing with the remainder of her cake. "The catch. Well, one, I have to bring my results to him first and foremost'" she quoted with her fingers, "to review before I bring my dissertation to the board. The second," Kagome cringed, "he gave me a partner."

"A partner?" They all replied.

"Yup, his brother."

"Oh mother, have mercy!" Eri practically came in her pants.

"So what's he like?" Yuka gasped.

"I don't know. I haven't met him yet. I'll be meeting him at the shrine next week."

"Next week!" Yuka cried.

"Shit, girl, when are you leaving?" Eri looked dumbfounded.

Kagome cringed. "Wednesday."

"That's four days away!" Yuka blared.

"Why so soon?" Eri snapped.

"He gave me a contract, and it starts next week." She sighed, "No time like the present, eh?"

"It truly is an end of an era." Ayume replied sadly.

Kagome placed the picture of the four of them together back in the envelope and placed it in her book bag. She had finally seated herself comfortably with a book in her hand and her mp3 player at the ready. Her overnight bag with her laptop rested under her chair. Yup, she was ready for any onset of boredom. She sighed and leaned against the window. Ahhh… window seats, the next best thing to first class.'

She was content to watch the tarmac outside, her last sights of Canada for a year before setting down in her childhood homeland. Well, content for only a moment it seemed. Scuffling and growling caught her attention up ahead. Kagome peered her head up over the seats in front of her to see the same man from the ticket counter. He seemed to be telling off the stewardess, who was frantically pointing in her direction, while he vehemently shook his head. Kagome glanced at the now filled seats all around her then to the empty seat beside her.

Oh shit, no. If there is a god….'

A very pissed off Adonis collapsed in the seat beside her.

Kagome turned to smile politely, only for it to be slapped off her face by his gruff voice.

"Don't think that because I am forced to sit next to you that you have any right to talk to me or even look at me, Bitch!"

Kagome's jaw dropped before she quickly recovered. "Well, aren't you a treat."

The man spun his head to glare at her before his look turned to surprise, confusion, then finally annoyance. "Keh."

Wonderful, a day and a bit with Mr. Sunshine. Kagome looked at the distance between them. And a whole five inches of personal space between us.

She crossed her arms and slumped in her chair. This was going to be a long flight.

"The Captain has removed the fasten seatbelt sign overhead. You are free to move around the cabin though we ask that you remain seated as our staff will be going around with drinks and complimentary snacks."

Kagome squirmed. She was deeply regretting that bottled water she had before take off.

She looked in the corner of her eye. The prick was reading a magazine. Maxim. Now there's a shocker.' She held her breath, and stared at the back of the seat in front of her. Her bladder churned making her wince involuntarily. Fuck this, I'm not about to have some jackass ruin my flight.'

She stood and looked down at the man. His gray eyes flicked up at her before going back to the magazine. He chuckled softly as he read a distasteful article aloud, "Pulled them out like a rip cord on a lawnmower, priceless."

Kagome cleared her throat. Still the man did not budge. "May I?" She politely asked.

He turned the page of his magazine and kept reading.

"Sir, please, if I may get out."

He pulled a corner aside to look up at her, and smirked, before hiding his face once again behind the cover of a scantily clad woman, obviously the flavor of the month in the media.

Kagome growled and began to knee at his legs. "Listen, you baka, if you don't move, you will be getting…. Umph!" A jolt of turbulence caused her to topple and fall on his lap, her face against his toned, and very erotic smelling, chest. What was worse, his arms had instinctively reached out to catch her and now held her to him.

"I'll be getting what, my little wench?" He purred.

Kagome gaped up at him and struggled to stand, knocking his hands from her. She had to slouch or end up banging her head on the overhead. Unfortunately, this position made for an interesting view of her cleavage and a green-spandex bra under her Kermit the Frog My Pad or Yours?' t-shirt.

The man flicked his gaze from her eyes to her breasts. He licked his lips seductively and looked back up at her. "It's not easy, being green." He sang and smirked.

In shock, Kagome never realized what she had done until she saw a red stain flood his white cheek and a stunned look settled on his face. She couldn't believe she slapped him!

She blushed furiously and quickly stepped over him to the aisle and made it to the bathroom, impervious to a few clapping hands from those who witnessed her attack.

She spent a few minutes in the small cubicle trying to relax and settle her temper. She wasn't ready to face the man yet, but damned if he made her feel this way. What an ass!' He was the most infuriating person she had ever met!

A knocking at the door made her start. She opened the door only to see the very man she wanted to avoid.

He cocked an eyebrow at her.

She looked back, giving him a cold glare.

He sighed, "Listen, princess, others need to go too, and there are only so many johns."

Kagome flushed slightly seeing the small line behind him and stepped out and made her way back to her seat. A few minutes later the Jerk,' she now officially named him, flopped in beside her.

A few tense minutes passed. Kagome tried to pass her time away by glancing at her Japanese language book.

Her Japanese mother raised her and her little brother Souta alone after their father died. They had moved to Canada from Japan when she was eleven for her mother's new job. Her mother tried to keep up their original language, but soon English was the norm, especially for a teenager who didn't think much on tradition. It wasn't until she started university that she got back to her roots, but by that time the damage was done. Sure she could carry on a regular conversation and could get by reading a Japanese newspaper, but a few words still escaped her. What better way than to read a language dictionary to freshen up her language skills, and ignore handsome jerks in the process?

"I think you and I got on a bad start."

She jumped slightly and turned to him and glared. "No, my start was fine, thank you."

"Whatever, I'm trying to make peace here." He crossed his arms and snorted. His gray eyes stared grumpily at the seat in front of him.

"I'm sorry, you're right." She waited for him to reply.

No response.

She sighed. "My name is Kagome." She stretched her hand to him.

He looked at her hand before flicking his eyes up at her. "InuYasha."

Kagome raised her brows.

"What?" He snapped.

"You're name," Kagome shook her head, "never mind."

"What about my name?" He demanded, looking annoyed.

"Just the meaning, that's all."

He searched her over fully. "Yeah…? Dog Demon…. So?"

Kagome tried to hide her smile. "Sorry, my Japanese is still a little rusty, I just thought Yasha meant female demon."

"What!" He growled at her. A few people shushed him but he ignored them. "What the fuck are you saying, Bitch?"

"Nothing, just if my translation is correct, you're the Bitch." Kagome giggled and waved her language book in front of him.

"Give me that!" He lurched toward her and grabbed the book from her hands, flipping through the pages. His eyes widened before he tore the incriminating sheet from the book.

"Hey!" Kagome reached for the page he tore and the book in his hands.

"Keh. There." He tossed the book onto her lap and shred the sheet in front of her.

"That's my book! What the hell?" She took the book and smacked his arm with it.

"Ow, hey!" He laughed. "It had false advertising."

"Advertising? You idiot, it was a language dictionary!" She tried not to smile. She liked the sound of his laugh and began to relax now that he seemed to do the same. "Besides, what kind of name is Dog Demon anyway? Were your parents new age hippies or something?"

InuYasha looked her over, quietly assessing her mood, and smirked, "No. What kind of name is Woven Bamboo?"

Kagome looked at him. "Huh?"

"Kagome means woven bamboo or some shit. Does that make you a basket case?" He turned his head back to his chair and closed his eyes, still holding that damned smirk.

Kagome sat stunned then giggled. Woven bamboo?'

InuYasha glimpsed back over at her, eyeing her with intrigue. She had turned her head to look out the window, seemingly forgetting about him and the shredded book. He shook his head and picked up his magazine. Woven Bamboo was at least smiling. Yup, she's a basket case.' He mused.

"Chicken, beef or vegetarian?"

"Vegetarian." Kagome replied.


"…Beef." The man sighed contrarily.

The stewardess handed them their meals and walked up to the next aisle.

"Vegetarian? Please tell me you're not one of those.'" InuYasha snottily replied before biting into the gray husk they called beef.

Kagome looked at his meal with distain. "Those?"

"Yeah," he swallowed, "yoga-bending-tree-hugging-can't eat anything that had a mother person."

Kagome gaped at him and then grinned. The morning and afternoon had passed like this. She and InuYasha had gradually chatted on and off during the day. After their initial setback, both their conversations and silent moments were undeniably comfortable, and oddly enough, fun, though their conversations mostly consisted of bickering and mild teasing.

"How stereotypical of you. But no, I'm not a vegetarian, but I know for a fact you can't mess up vegetables, whereas," she grimaced at his plate, "that, you can never really tell what it is."

"Hmmm," he took another large bite, "a bold flavor, with a hint of nutmeg to mask the gym mat and soccer sock aftertaste."

Kagome laughed, "I don't envy your tongue right now."

"Oh?" He swallowed and grinned. "You envied it before? You shouldn't have to, it rather loves company." He flicked it out at her teasingly.

Kagome cocked an eyebrow and looked at him with a slight grin on her face, as if mocking him. "Ah yes, but something that can be so easily obtained is often easily forgotten."

He flicked his eyes over her and smirked before turning back to his meal.

It was about time when their meal was over that Kagome felt okay enough to ask him. "InuYasha?"


"Why were you such a prick this morning?"

He raised his eyebrows at her, "What the hell are you getting on with now?"

"Well," Kagome poked at a supposed grape in her hardened jell-o, "at the baggage counter for instance."

"Oh," for a moment Kagome thought she saw him blush slightly, "let's just say it's been a long time since I've had to sit in coach, and now for some unknown reason I can't see why I would hate it so much." He grimaced at the jell-o cup on his own tray. Smells of a four-course meal flitted across his sensitive nose from executive class. Damn blue curtains separated him from sweet agonizing relief of this metal hell they called economy.

Kagome smiled shyly. "No, not that." Though you were a little immature.' "I mean, when I walked by you, you turned and looked at me as if you hated me. And when you sat beside me today…."

"Oh… right… that." InuYasha scowled. "Yeah, sorry about that. Call it mistaken identity."

Kagome rested her head back against her seat and looked at him curiously, before turning away and closing her eyes. "Hmm… then remind me to never get on your bad side."

"What do you mean?"

Kagome turned her head and opened her eyes to stare into a stormy gray gaze. She studied his features for a moment. "I think it's easy enough to say it's not safe to be there."

He leaned closer to her, his face inches from hers. "And why is that?"

Kagome's eyes settled on his lips, her tongue darting out to moisten her lower lip instinctively. She caught that lip between her teeth when she noticed InuYasha staring down at them. "Just because of the way you carry yourself."

"And I carry myself how?" He asked huskily.

"Like a spoiled brat who will go in a tantrum unless he gets his way."

InuYasha darted his eyes up to hers, only to see them closed and her mouth open in a massive yawn.

"Besides," she sighed, trying to fight sleep, "I much rather your good side. You're sexy when you smile, especially when you take that damn smirk off your face."

Did she just call me sexy?' He smirked then chuckled. He could forgive her last blatant remark for that.

He opened his mouth to respond, but saw she was already drifting asleep. He decided to have fun with her in the morning. Besides, it was a long flight to Tokyo.

"Good morning, Sunshine, you look like shit."

"Bite me, Jackass." Kagome yawned and wiped her sleep filled eyes.

"Gladly. But first scope out that morning breath."

Kagome turned her head and glared at the brazen bastard who looked way too fresh and clean for first thing in the morning. She fumbled in her yellow backpack for her overnight kit. The Jerk' was right, she did feel a little gummy in the mouth, but he didn't have to be so forward about it.

She got up and clumsily crawled over him, digging her knee in an attempt to Charlie horse his thigh.

His cursed complaints were enough to make her smile. So far it was a good morning.

After fifteen minutes of line up, bio break and mini bath out of the bucket sink, Kagome shifted back into her own seat.

"So…." InuYasha smiled. "Where're you heading?"

Kagome glimpsed out the window. Clouds shrouded any ideas of where they might be at the moment. "Well, if I'm on the right plane, Tokyo."

"Obviously, but the reason being? You look Japanese, sort of, but certainly don't act like it. Let me guess, going to school?"

Kagome cast her gaze at him. "School?"

"Oh yeah," he teased, "School girl. I can just see you now, green mini skirt, short white blouse, and little red tie to pull it all together. Yup, a hentai waiting to be written."

Kagome whacked his chest, "You perv, what is with men wanting women in school girl uniforms?"

"Well, its not just school girl uniforms." He counted his fingers, "There's nurses, and maids and I think Princess Leia is still popular."

"And to think, all this while I could have been laid if I had only gotten dressed. And here I was sleeping naked and alone like a sucker." Kagome rolled her eyes.

InuYasha looked slightly stunned at her response before slowly smiling.

"Shut up." Kagome spat not even looking at the man but knowing what was going on in his narrow mind. She flushed slightly though, wondering what it would be like if he ever saw her naked. He had a quality about him she couldn't place, and aside from his jackass exterior, he was rather … charming in a perverted sort of way.

He snickered and scratched his stomach lazily.

Maybe not.' She rolled her eyes. "No."


"No, I'm not a student." Kagome tried to get back on target. "Well, not like you think."


"I'm actually in the middle of a project." She proudly exclaimed. Humph, shows him, actually got brains not just breasts.'

"A project, huh?" His eyes lifted in mild surprise. "In what?"

Kagome looked him over to gauge his interest. She shrugged, "Oriental folklore. I'll be conducting some research in the matter. Maybe even some relic hunting."

"Oh so you're like Lara Croft? Damn, that's hot." His face was trying to hide a laugh.

She wasn't about to take the bait, and was slightly irked at the Lara Croft crap. As if that was never asked before.

"No," she mused, "she was a tomb raider, and sold what she stole for profit. My type is Indiana Jones; at least he donated his goods to a museum. Besides, who can resist a man with a whip?" She growled sexily before laughing airily.

InuYasha's eyes gleamed in wicked delight as he eyed her with more interest.

Kagome noticed and leaned toward him seductively.

"InuYasha," she breathed, letting her eyes drift to a rosary made of purple beads and white fangs that hung semi hidden around his neck.

"Hmm?" He relaxed into the back of his seat and watched her lazily.

"Do you like it rough?" She slowly dragged her gaze up to his.

InuYasha leaned toward her, closing the distance, leaving only inches away from each other's lips. "The rougher, the better…." He murmured, his eyes drifting down towards her chest. He let out a slight groan as he did so.

"Good," she purred as she watched his eyes travel down, before latching onto his nipple and twisting hard.

"OW! Fuck, Bitch! What was that for!" He growled and rubbed his sore chest.

"To teach you to stop looking at me like that!" Kagome barked and turned to look out the window, crossing her arms in fierce annoyance. "Gods, do you have to turn everything into sex?"

She was surprised to hear him laughing so easily after what she just did and turned to face him again.

"Actually, I'm not normally like this," he smiled and sighed, "somehow you just bring it out of me."

"How lucky for me." She rolled her eyes.

"You'd be surprised."

Kagome looked at him confused, "What do you mean by that?"

InuYasha smiled sheepishly, still rubbing his tender nipple, before quickly turning his head away from her. His trademark smirk graced his face. "That I should even care to like you, especially since you lead such a dull existence. Research and museums? Just means I'll have to give you a taste of me so you can die happy."

"You dog!" She laughed.

InuYasha flicked his gaze at her before grinning coyly.

Smiling in contemplation while looking at him, Kagome slyly turned away. "Ah, but a taste would never satisfy me, and I would guarantee it would never satisfy you."

InuYasha watched her with a smile traced with skepticism. "So certain?"

Kagome flushed and smiled secretively. "Certainly." Without waiting for a response she put on her mp3 player, and turned to the window.

InuYasha looked her over and smiled in quiet thought. As he turned away he caught her beginning to sing softly, barely detectable over the drone of the plane's engines. With his acute hearing, he was able to hear the song through the earpieces, but inwardly enjoyed hearing her whisper the words.

"I can't get rid of you.
I don't know what to do.
I don't even know who is growing on who.
'Cos everywhere I go you're there.
I can't get you out of my hair.
I can't pretend that I don't care - it's not fair.

I'm being punished for all my offences.
I wanna touch you but I'm afraid of the consequences.
I wanna banish you from whence you came.
But you're part of me now,
And I've only got myself to blame.

You're really growing on me
(Or am I growing on you?)
You're really growing on me
(Or am I growing on you?)
Any fool can see.

Sleeping in an empty bed.
Can't get you off my head.
I won't have a life until you're dead
Yeah, you heard what I said.

I wanna shake you off but you just won't go,
And you're all over me but I don't want anyone to know.
That you're attached to me, that's how you've grown.
Won't you leave me, leave me alone.

You're really growing on me
(Or am I growing on you?)
You're really growing on me
(Or am I growing on you?)
Any fool can see….

Kagome glanced over to watch InuYasha mouth the very words she was listening to. She quirked her eyebrows at him and tried to keep from laughing.

You're really growing on me
(Or am I growing on you?)
You're really growing on me
(Or am I growing on you?)"

Kagome took out the earpieces and looked at him while he mouthed the last bit of song. She couldn't hear it over the turbulence yet he acted as if he could hear it plain as day.

InuYasha turned and looked at her expression. "What?"

She looked at him coyly, "You have freakishly good ears to hear that over the plane."

He smirked slightly. "Nah, just recognized the tune. Big fan of The Darkness."

Kagome nodded slightly and smiled. "Well, if you're bored you can listen to them all you want." She held the mp3 player for him to take.

"No way! Might end up listening to Britney Spears or some shit!" He leaned away from the offending device.

Kagome laughed, "Oh please, and taint the classics? Well, if you're not interested, I'm sure Queen will understand."

"Holy shit! You listen to Queen?" He grabbed the set. "Fat Bottom Girls on there?"

Kagome smiled. "Only the best of the best grace these ears."

InuYasha winked and flicked his tongue at her before turning on the player. "I'll remember that."

She slapped his arm and laughed before reaching down to grab her laptop. May as well get some work done.

"Attention passengers, we will be landing momentarily so we request that you please remained seated, and that your seats and trays be placed in an upright position and electronic devises be turned off. It is bright and sunny in Tokyo, the temperature is 26 degrees Celsius, and the local time is 11:35am. We hope you enjoyed your flight and thank you for flying Air Canada, we hope to be flying with you again."

Kagome shut off her laptop that she had been working on in the last few hours and stowed it back into her bag. Glancing over at InuYasha she saw he was still asleep. The mp3 player had had long turned off since he depleted the batteries when he drifted off four hours ago.

He looked so sweet while he slept. Kagome couldn't help but watch him a few times over the last few hours. His face was relaxed and almost angelic since he couldn't hold a smirk while he slept. He must be a very heavy sleeper since the loud bong of the fasten seat belt' sign didn't even wake him.

Kagome leaned over, pulling the player from him. "Hey, Sleeping Beauty, we're here."

He didn't move.

Kagome frowned and nudged him a bit. "InuYasha?"

Still he didn't budge.

She smiled wickedly and leaned over until her lips were a breath away from his ear and blew gently.

InuYasha turned his face towards her and opened his dark gray orbs at her. His eyes flashed wide. "Kikyo?"

Kagome was a bit stunned. "Um, close…. Kagome."

His eyes focused in realization. "Shit!" He tried to jump up quickly only to have the seat belt hold him down. "Fuck!" He hissed, as he settled down heavily and rubbed his hips.

Kagome looked concerned. "You okay there, Romeo? You look like you've seen a ghost."

InuYasha looked at her and rubbed his face. "You wouldn't be far off there."

"Old girlfriend? Can I assume my doppelganger that you loathe?" Kagome tried to smile but her stomach clenched at the idea. She turned her head away from him to gaze out the window.

The dark haired man looked her over quietly. "Nah, she's nothing compared to you." He smiled softly and yawned.

Kagome turned back to him and blushed slightly. "Ah, ever the charmer. I am going to miss you."

"Miss me?" He stretched.

"Yup, we're here. Almost time to part ways." Kagome cast her gaze out the window to see Japan in all its wonder, and secretly looked at his reflection in the glass.

InuYasha was quiet for a bit. He looked as if he was going to say something but changed his mind.

Give him your email or cell number! Something, come on, anything! Her mind screamed.

She shrugged her shoulders in acceptance and turned back to him. "InuYasha?"

"Yeah?" He was packing away a few of his things.

"Mind if I gave you my email address?" She looked out the window again to see the tarmac below.

InuYasha looked at her and a grin twisted onto his face.

She turned to see that look and she crossed her arms. "Now don't get any ideas like sending me forwards of…." She glanced at him with a sly glint, "Just don't send me any forwards."

"Aw." He mocked frowned then flicked his eyebrows. "You got a web cam?"

Kagome sighed. "Okay, maybe giving you my email is a bad idea."

He laughed. "Maybe."

They both turned to watch the plane touch down in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Kagome lost sight of InuYasha as soon as they got off the plane. She sighed sadly and walked to the nearest bathroom to freshen up.

Walking out a few minutes later, Kagome felt like she was drowning in a sea of faces. Looking around quickly she followed the crowd to where she assumed the luggage would be. She recognized a few symbols and hoped she didn't look as foreign as she felt.

Standing by the conveyor for the incoming luggage, Kagome cast her gaze around curiously. So many people were talking on cell phones and the language was going too fast for her to keep up. She let it all filter into background noise as she searched the crowd.

What am I doing? As if I can find him in all of this.'

She turned back to the conveyor as it began to move and bags came down the shoot. She finally caught sight of hers and reached for it, only for a hand to beat her to it.

"Did you remember the kitchen sink too?" InuYasha wheezed dramatically as he lifted the suitcase to her side.

She stuck her tongue out at him and lifted two more bags from the conveyor. "That would've cost extra."

He smirked. "That all of it?"

Kagome nodded and looked around. "Where's your stuff?"

"Just my bag. All my stuff is here already." He picked up her larger suitcase and began to walk away.

"Where're you going?" She gaped and picked up the other two suitcases and followed.

"Helping you out of here. You were looking like a tourist back there." He grinned.

Catching up to walk beside him, she smiled coyly. "InuYasha, were you looking for me?"

He stalled. "No, what makes you think that?"

She raised an eyebrow. "You have no luggage, why be by the luggage rack?"

A slight flush stained his cheeks. "Actually, I had intended to steal these very bags but it seems you came attached." He looked down at her and smiled. "Damn, you got me."

Kagome smiled openly as she looked ahead. "I'm glad you did, I was hoping to say goodbye before we left the plane, but now is better."


"Yeah," Kagome looked up at him and grinned, "it means I get to see you longer."

InuYasha smiled genuinely back at her.

They walked to the exit doors and put down the luggage.

"Um, do you need a ride anywhere?" InuYasha asked quickly.

Kagome shook her head. "No, my grandfather is picking me up, though I think I would be safer riding with a monkey."

InuYasha grinned. "Can't be all that bad."

Kagome looked up at him. "Wait til you see him, then you might agree. Maybe it will be safer if you left now to get ahead of him." She frowned as she looked out the windows.

InuYasha chuckled. "I'll take my chances."

Kagome smiled shyly. "Um, you don't have to wait here, you know. I'm sure someone is waiting for you."

InuYasha grinned devilishly and crossed his arms. "I don't have a girlfriend or mate or whatever it is you're implying."

"I wasn't implying anything, you stupid ass," Kagome blushed and crossed her arms as well. "I thought maybe you had family or friends or even a fish that actually liked your company. Though for the life of me I don't know why."

InuYasha looked down at her and gave her nudge on her shoulder with his arm. "Keh. You could have had worse."

Nudging back, Kagome grinned, "Yeah, you could have been. But I'm glad I got to know you."

InuYasha appeared thoughtful for a while before he spoke. "Kagome, I was wondering…."



Kagome ran over to an old man and hugged him. Her grandfather resembled, for lack of a better word, a monkey. He was short, stocky, and his face reminded InuYasha of a baboon he once saw in a zoo. The man carried himself with authority and was dressed in a traditional garb. By the look of him he seemed he would exorcize a car rather than drive one.

"How was your flight?"

Kagome quickly switched to Japanese to talk to her grandfather. "Long, but great. Let me introduce you to someone." She led him over to InuYasha.

"This is InuYasha. InuYasha, this is…."

"Mr. Higurashi." Her grandfather bowed.

InuYasha bowed as well.

"Are you Kagome's suitor?" Gramps blatantly asked.

"Grandpa!" Kagome scolded.

InuYasha smiled. "No, sir, I am not. Unfortunately."

Kagome blushed as he winked subtly at her. She was going to miss his teasing.

"Hmm." Mr. Higurashi frowned. "Well, it was nice meeting you, what did you say your name was?"

"Takahashi, InuYasha."

Kagome looked at him slightly perplexed, but shook her head slightly. The name sounded oddly familiar.

"Hmm. Are you ready, Kagome?" Gramps asked.

Kagome smiled sheepishly at InuYasha, "Yes, let me get my bags."

"Here, let me." InuYasha gathered up two of the heavier bags as if they weighed nothing.

Kagome blinked dumbly as she watched both men walk out of the airport, one carrying over a hundred pounds of luggage as if they were filled with pillows.

Once her bags were placed in the car, Kagome turned to InuYasha and spoke in English. "Thank you… and good-bye." Smiling sadly she reached out her hand.

InuYasha looked at her hand, smiled and winked. "Later."

He walked away leaving Kagome standing there watching him. But for some reason she smiled and got into the car. Somehow she knew she wouldn't see the last of him.

Song used in this chapter was Growing on Me, by The Darkness.