chapter 1 of story







It was one of those days were nothing seemed to go my way
First my alarm didnt go off and i missed breakfast,
Second i had to have a cold shower as there was no hot water left
Third my uniform was left in the washing machine wet so i had to shove it in the dryer which shrank it
Fourth my white knee high socks had been turned pink from something red being in the wash which ment i had to wear my black ones which make me look like a total skank
Fifth my bag broke
Sixth someone forgot to go shopping which ment there was no food in the cubboards
Seventh my car wouldnt start which ment i was late and extremely hungry
Eighth i was late for skool which ment detention plus another one for my shrunken uniform oh and an extra one because you could see my bellybutton bar so that's like 3 weeks detention total bummer

lunch 12:40 pm, school

I slowley walked over to the usual meeting place under the big old oak tree were the rest of the gang was siting eating lunch,
i flopped onto my back and let out a small sigh which went unnoticed by all i let out another sigh but ths time loud enough for all my group to hear they all turned to me in concern

"are you ok CC?" max askd me 'ahhh max the kind carring one always wanting to know if ur ok and if ur not will do almost anything in his power to cheer u up'

"im ok" i replied everyone went back to eating and their previous convosations i sighed loudly once again, this time ray asked
"are u ok CC anything u wanna tell us?" i looked up at them "well..." i didnt get to finish when about 5 sandwiches were shoved into my face i sat up and took 2 of them "thanx guys" ray chuckled " u sure know how to get your own way dont ya?" i just shrugged "its a gift" and then stuffed my face with the 2 sandwiches i flopped back down onto my back once i had finished the sandwiches i was dozing lightly in the sun when i was hit in the stomach with something wet i loked up to see tala and kai holding a bunch of water bombs and laughing i growled in frustration and stood up and calmly walked over to them they watched hypnotized as i swayed my hips tala licked his lips and without realizing dropped the water bombs he was holding which splashed up onto kais pants kai growled in frustration as his trance was broken i could see him watcing amusidly out of the corner of my eye i then turned my full attention onto tala i licked my lips seductively i could see his gaze lingering on my lips i gently placed my hands on his chest and leaned into him so that our lips were about an inch apart i then wrapped my arms around his neck and leaned into his ear i then motioned to kai to pass me a water bomb he relunctantly did only wanting to see wat i would do with it i then wispered into talas ear "i am going to rock your world" i brought my face back to his, arms still around his neck his hands had come to rest comfortably on my hips i hate to admit but it did feel great us both standing here in this position but i still had to get him back i lightly brushed my lips onto his he immediately tried to bring his crushing onto mine but i pulled back "uh uh uhhhh" i tutted at him i kissed him sweetly and then brought the water balloon crashing down onto his head i luckily pulled away from him before i got wet again, tala stood there dumbstruck for about 2 seconds he looked at me and narrowed his eyes i looked anywhere but in his eyes i looked at the grass then at his chest then at kai and then finally in his eyes 'fucken hell i cnt believe i actually looked into his eyes man im so weak' tala walked towards me i knew now tht he was gonna get me back for wat i did but wat was that in the distant... the bell YES! i smiled at tala sweetly and kissed him lightly on the cheek and then proceeded to skip off to my next class my friends laughing beside me as we walked back up to the crusty old building that was the school " you better watch your back CC tala will want revenge for wat u did to him back there he'll try and humiliate you every chance he gets" i looked at ray who was just about to walk away to his class "what else is new" i turned and walked to history

after school, 3:30 pm

i walked to my locker and groaned when i saw who was leaning against it waiting for me "wat do u want kai"

kai opened his eyes and just said "you" he walked away and out the front doors i stood there shocked just stearing at my locker until ray came up and gently put a hand on my soulder and roughly shook me i turned around "thanx ray" ray just stared at me "what?"

"what did kai want?" i looked at him 'so he had seen but he hadnt hurd good'

i shook my head "nothing" ray looked at me and nodded not satisfied with my answer but letting it go for now i quickly shoved my books in my locker and walked out of the school with ray we didnt get far when we hurd shouting and chearing being the curious being that i am i just had to investigate i ran around the corner into aloven street there was a huge crowd i pushed my way through roughly until i got to the middle where i saw tala and bryan fighting i growled lowley i was about to step in and show both boys a thing or two when i was grabbed around the waist i turned my head to see spencer shaking his head at me i sighed and watched the fight wincing evey time one of them landed punch i dont particuly like fighting but am skilled enough that if i have to i can kick butt i was about to close my eyes not wanting to see anymore when bryan was knocked to the ground tala stradled him and put his hands around his neck strangling him i growled in frustration and tried to run towards them tried being the oprative word spencer still had his arm around my waist and his grip was tightning i brought my foot hard down onto his foot he yelped in pain and let go of me i ran towards tala and punched him hard he let go of bryan who sat up coughing i glared at tala and slowely walked over to him "you are sooooo dead ivanov" he smirked at me "oh yea and wat is bryans wittle baby sister gunna do to me" he jeered i glared at him and lunged for him he fell onto the ground i straddled him and started punching him hard out in the face tala put his hands on my waist and flipped us so he was on top he pinned my hands above my head i struggled to get out of his grip he smirked "awwwww the wittle giwl isnt so tough now shes been beaten awww" he teased a group of talas mates all laughed "get your filthy disgusting hands off of my sister" tala turned his head and got punched yet again by bryan he let go of me and stood up ready for a fight i lay there on the ground leaning on my elbows watching the fight when i felt someones hands on my shoulders it was ray wanting to know if i was alrght "i'm fine ray thanx" he helped me up and told me to wait there he walked towards bryan and tala and and stood between them "its over tala go home" tala just glared at ray and then he stalked off bryan fell to the ground i ran over to him and ray helped him up "lets get him home CC" i nodded and put one of his arms around my shoulders as did ray.