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chapter 8

kai's P.O.V

" i dont really know how to say this so i'll just spit it out and i understand if you dont feel the same" i took a breath and prayed to anyone out there who was stupid enough to be listning ' please dont let her freak out'

" i ..."


CC's P.O.V

i just stared at him "what?" i asked dumbfounded 'did i just hear what i think i hurd' i hurd him take a deep breath i smiled at him and placed my hands in his which had been in his lap fidgiting nervously " kai ?" he looked up at me i smiled at him and leaned in and kissed him deeply we broke apart and he looked at me "do you...?" i nodded he smiled at me for the first time and pulled me into his arms we stayed like that for a couple of hours

Wednesday 1 March 2006 4:45 PM

i stood staring down at the tomb stone that read

'Bryan Joseph kutznov

loving brother

and trusted friend


you shall be missed

until we meet again'

i kneeled and placed the flowers that i had in my hand down infront of the tomb stone i smiled sadly at my brothers memory "hey bry its me CC its been 2 months weeks since you were buried i'm sorry i havent come earlier i just couldnt bring myself to face that you were really gone even now i still expect you to walk through the door i just wanted to tell you i'm sorry for shouting at you i love you bryan and i feel terrible that you died i blamed myself for awhile but the counsillor helped me to understand that it's not my fault but somewhere deep down i still blame myself for what happened but its not affecting me like it did before im learning to deal and with kai by my side it had helped me a lot bry i know you and he were enemies but he loves me and i him he will look after me i promise you so dont worry he's taking me to hawaii for our 2 month anniversary i know im spoiled arnt i? But you know what i think he's going to propose hahaha maybe would you be at my wedding big brother would you approve if i married him? I turn 18 in 1 month and if he asked me im not sure i could say no but dont worry big brother i still have braden, trey and the twins to keep kai in line and let me tell you their doing a good job at keeping him on his toes hahaha well i guess i better go i love you bryan Rest In Piece"

i turned and slowly walked away and down the path gravel road crunching under my feet as i walked,i turned back and for a moment i was positive that i saw bryan standing beside his grave smiling and waving at me i lifted my arm and waved back i gave me the thumbs up sign i grinned and reluctantly turned and walked back to the car and slid into the passenger seat kai smiled at me from the drivers seat he took my hand and kissed it "he approves?" i nodded and smiledbrightly before kissing him on the cheek "that's good i was afraid he might haunt me or something" i laughed he started the engine and slowly drove off "we just gotta make one stop befor we head home"

i looked at him puzzled as we pulled up in the hospital car park "what are we doing her?" he just smiled at me and beckoned for me to follow him he took my hand in his and we walked in a gentle silence "kai?" he just shook his head and continued walking faster pulling me along i laughed and trailed behind him we ended up in the hospital garden by the oak tree infront of the lake were we had our first kiss he turned me to face him and got down on one knee i smiled down at him as he stared into my eyes holding them captive he pulled out a small black velvet box he held my left hand in his and opened the box he held it up to me inside was the most gorgeous ring i have ever seen A/N if you wanna know what the ring is just ask me and if you give me your e-mail addy i can email you a pic of it cos im not that great at describing

"Cecelia Isabella Jessica Ashlee Kutznov will you do i, Kai Jeremiah Hiwatari the honor of marrying me?" i stared at him a smile quickly spreading over my face "of course i will" i laughed happily he slid the ring onto my finger and stood up i jumped into his arms and hugged him tightly he spun me around and i laughed giddily when we stopped he kissed me deeply

we walked back towards the car big smiles across our faces arms wound around each other tightly too afraid to let go

"now we just have to tell everyone else" i giggled and leaned up to kiss him " i don't care if the whole world knows cos i'm in love"

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