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-Gaara's demon (what is it called?)-

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Chapter 1

Gaara sat by himself on the face of Yondaime, glaring at the full moon. At this moment, even the solitary emblem of night had a companion.
A lone star was twinkling not half an inch away. A cold breeze moved the air, snapping him out of his thoughts and musings.
He didnt even know why he was there, he had no business in Konoha...except maybe... Gaara shook his head.


It was a denial, simple, but not at all heartfelt. The redhead knew and had known of his feeling since the chuunin exams, his feelings for a certain Hyuuga. It was still a waste of time, though Gaara's face remained stoic, his mind was racing, 'everybody has someone...'
Sasuke was with Naruto, Sakura had finally given in and gone out with Lee, even Kiba got the nerve to ask Hinata out. He also had his suspicions about Kakashi and Iruka.
There had always been a painful lonliness for Gaara, only now something was much different.

His demon had been noisier as of late, Gaara remembered when he had identified the new pain.


-This is embarassing-

'What do you want?'

-Stupid child, to have fallen so low...-

'Do you want something?'

-My complaints need no point!"

'Nor prompting...'

-Shut up brat! You are the one who fell for that filthy Hyuuga!"


-Dont play dumb! Though you are a natural... You know very well what I'm talking about-

'I- Monster stay quiet!'


'How could I?'

-How would I know!-

'In love... with Hyuuga Neji?'

-You honestly didnt know?-

'No...I didnt..'

-snort Idiot-

End Flashback

Gaara looked away from the stone and at the village below him.


Neji stumbled out of a bar and began walking down an alley. He had never been a fan of alcohol consumption, but at the moment he felt his actions were condoned. A few hours ago he had found out just how screwed up a Hyuuga could be.


Neji was walking down the hall, and heard voices in his uncle's room. For reasons unknown to him, he stopped and listened into the conversation.

"Now," sasid Hiashi, "We all know that Hinata is not capable of running the family, so I have devised the perfect plan"

Another voice answered, "What do you propose Hyuuga-san?"

"Oh, I am that the one who will be proposing!"

"What do you mean?"

"I have decided, that when my daughter becomes of age at 21, that she will take as husband...My nephew, Hyuuga Neji!"

Then, Neji ran.

End Flashback

Unable to remember where he was, the Hyuuga wandered down the alleyway, glancing around every so often in hopes of seeing a cute little kitty cat...yeah, he was drunk.
He started giggling, five bottles of sake will do that to a person.The purpose had been served though, he could also no longer remember the reason he had begun in the first place... Nor anything else.

A twig snapped!

Neji whirled around and saw Gaara standing not 10 feet away.

"Heeeey" slurred Neji, "I know you!"

Gaara's eyes narrowed warily, he could smell the sake already.

"What did you do to yourslef Hyuuga?"
Neji snickered and walked towards him, "I dont know!"

"You shouold go home"

"Where is it?"



Gaara frowned, "I dont know" This of course was not true, Gaara couldnt count how many nights he had spent, sitting outside the raven hair's bedroom, watching him sleep.

Neji got closer they were seperated by less than a foot, but not much. Gaara stared at him, his face was cool, but his pulse was beginning to race.

"Gaara, right?" Neji smirked, he slightly remembered this boy from 3 years ago. Although, he hadn't realized at the time, just how delicious he was. In truth, 3 years hadnt changed Gaara much. His face was the same, his hair was only a few inches longer and he now stood at 5'4, he wore a large olive green shirt and tan pants sealed at the bottom with bandages (to keep the sand out of his pants).

The redhead nodded, still staring at the Hyuuga, his face was beginning to flush.

Neji himself had grown alot, his hair was down to his waist, he stood at 5'11 and was wearing a long sleeved white shirt and shorts not unlike his old ones.


Neji began to play with the boy's hair, he smiled fonly, "Gaara..."

Gaara looked down, only to have his head tilted back up, so that he looked Neji straight in the face, "Pretty pretty Gaara..."

The boy blushed,completely, 'what did he say!'

-He's gonna kiss you-


Gaara jumped as he felt soft but commanding lips on his, guiding him into a soul-searing kiss. He couldnt move from the shock of it all, seeing as he had just been thinking about this same person. Neji pulled away and smiled as Gaara stared at him awkwardly.
The older boy wrapped his arms around Gaara's waist and pulled him closer, "you're so pretty Gaara..."

Gaara's eyes widened as he felt something poking his inner thigh, "N-Neji?"

Suddenly he found himself pushed against the fence behind him, with a frighteningly horney Hgyuuga sucking hotly on his neck.
"Y-You're drunk Hyuuga!" he managed to gasp as Hyuuga had suddenly found it necissary to grind their hips together.

"Neji" was the growled reply

Gaara yelped when The elder bit him, "Call me Neji"

-Are you gonna take that?-

Gaara's eyes rolled back in his head, was he going to give that easily? Was he going to let the Hyuuga do something in a drunken state? Was he going to jepordize any chance he might have had for at least friendship?

Neji pulled away and removed his shirt, revealing his creamy skin and well toned slender chest.


-Feh, Teenagers-

"Take it off" murmerd Neji, Gaara stared at him, after less than 10 seconds, Neji became imaptient and ripped it off himself.

Gaara was about to protest, but choked on his words when Neji reached for his pants, "What are you-"

"I didnt mean your shirt, I meant your outfit"

And so Gaara stood there, naked watching as Neji removed his own pants and neatly folded them and set them on the ground in an almost bed-like fashion.

They stood there briefly, taking in the sight of each other.

To Neji, Gaara looked like and angel in the moonlight, his already pale skin looked white, his eyes were shining brightly, putting the starry sky to shame, and his still small form looked so... "Beautiful..."

To Gaara, this was heaven and Neji, was his dream come true.

Neji smirked, "Come here"

Gaara stepped forward boldly, and managed to not scream when Neji tackled him onto their clothes.

His mind was spining as Neji's lips sealed over his again, they began moving against each other. Neji reached between them and grabbed Gaara's semi-hard cock none too gently. When Gaara gasped; he slipped his tounge inside the boy's mouth, tasting him for all he was worth.

When the need for air brought them apart, both were hard and ready.

Neji began to kiss Gaara's shoulder, switching between butterfly kisses to long swipes of his tounge to biting him in an obvious intention of marking him. Gaara moaned underneath the attention, arching his back as Neji moved lower.

Neji smiled at the younger boy's responsiveness, he swirled his tounge aroung a pink hardened nipple, before taking gently it between his teeth and sucking. Gaara could hardly breath, he buried his hands in Neji's hair, urging him lower.

The Hyuuga smiled and went lower, graciously skipping the boy's abdomen, but only because he wanted this badly as well.

Gaara arched into the touches his eyes were shut tight, when suddenly the warmth was taken away. He looked up and Neji, staring at his purple erection, he almost looked like he was...drooling. Then without warning, Neji's mouth descended upon him, sucking his shaft with almost painful force. Gaara let out a strangled cry as he tried to thrust up as much as he could. Neji, however, held him down, and continued at his own leisurley pace.

Neji sat up, and Gaara gave and angry groan and sat as well, demanding a damn good explanation.

All he got was a look that made him shiver, Neji was staring at him with such apparent lust, "someone might find us" said Neji leaning forward, "if they do, who knows what might happen..."

"What is you point"

Neji grinned, licking hips lips, "thats lovely to think about"

He pounced, and layed himself between the now pinned Gaara's legs. "Let me take you," he whispered in Gaara's ear, "right here, right now"

Gaara gulped,...this one...he really didnt know..


It was barely audible, Neji tilted his head to the side, "what?"

"Yes, you may...have me"

Neji smiled and kissed him again, in a manner that stole Gaara's breath away.

Neji then lifted himself up and placed his cock at Gaara's mouth, "then suck"

Gaara, unsure of anything else to do, took it in his mouth as much as he could and began to suck obediantly, his saliva thickly coating Neji's aching member.
Sensing that they were both very close, he reluctantly pulled out of Gaara's mouth and resumed his position between the tantalizing thighs.


Recieving a nod, Neji shoved in as hard as he could, completely sheathing himself with his first thrust.

Gaara's eyes widened, the pain was immense, he felt like he was being ripped in half, but he was used to pain, and he could just feel a bit pleasure through it.
After what seemed like an eternity, but was only 3 seconds (damn Gaara's my hero) Neji felt the boy squirming, but he forced himself to stay still.
He pulled out halfway, and looked at the red head beneath him, suddenly the boy's legs wrapped around his waist and Gaara impaled himself on Neji, "Move now!" he snarled

Neji of course, complied.

His pace was already eractic, and the body underneath him letting out choked moans and whimpers of pleasure really wasn't helping him get his head together.

Gaara threw his head back as the sensations began to overwhelm him, the large cock sliding in and out felt SO good, and the fact that it was Neji...

Neji's face was flushed bright red as he slammed in and hit the spot he had been looking for. Gaara screamed as Neji began pouing into the treasue spot, Gaara's screams getting louder and louder with each thrust.

Gaara felt heat pooling in his stomache and suddenly his world flashed white, "NEJIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!" he screamed as he came on their stomaches.

Neji growled as Gaara's muscles clamped down on him, he managed a few more thrusts until he came as well, biting down on Gaara's neck with such force that it would no doubt leave a long lasting scar.

They lay together and Neji looked down at Gaara and found that his lover had silver tears running down his face, "what is it?"

"Neji..." he whispered, "A-a-aishiteru..."
Neji's concerned look melted into a brilliant smile, "Aishiteru" he hugged the boy close and they both fell into a peaceful sleep.

/The Next Moring/

The bright sun shone down on a thankfully empty alley, that is except for two sleeping figures.

Neji stirred and sat up, "What the... Oh! My head"

He looked around, where was he? Damn sake, what happ-
He finally noticed the sleeping Gaara, whose face still had the remnants of his joyful tears. Neji gasped, there was also ...blood.


Gaara stirred at the noise and Neji panicked, the redhaired boy sat up and looked at him blankly,.

"Gaara..I- I'm I'm so sorry"

Gaara frowned, "what?"

"Last night I- I was...Drunk, I didnt mean anythig..I --I'm sorry!"

Gaara felt like his heart had been ripped out, but he knew he should have known, "It's fine..." he murmured and stood abruptly,
Neji did as well, and quickly spotted his pants.

"You..won't tell anyone?" Neji was embarassed to ask, but nothing like this had ever...

"No", Gaara was already dressed, "I won't"

Neji tried to smile, "Gaara, I-"

"I have to go" and with that Gaara was gone. Neji sighed, shit... His head hurt...

Gaara((2 weeks later))

He was back in his own village, he had left Konoha the very day he and Neji...said goodbye.

He had gotten very sick, he wasn't sure, but he almost suspected he was dying of grief. Temari mentioned his appetite had increased, so maybe he ate something bad?



-I something to tell ya...-


-touchy are we? Well... That's to be expected..-

'What are you talking about?' For some reason, Gaara didnt like where this was going

-Turn around-

He did and gasped, "ohhh...shit!"

It was sand...sand that had been formed into ...a cradle.

-You're with child-

End Chapter

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