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Chapter 10

They had been laying in bed for about an hour, just laying, not even bothering with anything else that happened. Gaara watched Neji, he watched the rise and fall of his chest as he breathed, he watched as the long lashes brushed against his skin as he blinked, he watched the small curve of his lips when Gaara hugged him tighter.

"You know," sighed Neji, "I could get used to this..."

Gaara nodded, and shifted, laying his head on Neji's chest and listening to his heart beat, "Me too"

-You're both women-

Gaara's eye twitched, 'Shut. Up'



He looked up at Neji and was met with a questioning gaze, "Are you ok? You're growling"

Gaara nodded, "Shukaku is being...childish"

-You're being feminine-

'I said shut up!'

Neji started laughing, drawing their attention away from each other. Gaara pushed himself up and glared at the Hyuuga, waiting for him to stop laughing, "What's so funny?"

Neji shook his head, "Do you realize that you pout when you talk to him?" He reached up and pulled Gaara down for a kiss, "How cute"

Inside him, Shukaku started laughing, while Gaara stared at him, "Cute?"


Gaara shook his head, "You're crazier than I am" He muttered laying back down, "We should go get Kyo before he gets into trouble"

Neji smiled, "Ah yes, I have been meaning to talk to you about the incident at my wedding..."

Gaara snickered, "I had no idea what he had planned"

"Would you have endorsed it?"


"He set a person on fire Gaara. Do you honestly that was ok?"

"Sakura isn't a person"


The redhead shifted more comfortably and sighed, "He behaves for me, most of the time. I think he was just unsettled from being in a new place. He usually sleeps the day away"

Neji frowned, "He needs more discipline"

"He's fine"

They were interrupted by a sharp knock at the door. Gaara scowled and made no move to get up, but Neji jumped off the bed and ran to the door. Gaara rolled his eyes, maybe Shukaku was right. Not that he would tell Neji.

"Gaara!" Called the Hyuuga, "Could you please come out here?"

The redhead groaned, whoever the Hell is was, he hoped they died. He stalked out into the hallway where Neji was standing at the open door. He stopped as Kyo, Kesuke, angry Naruto and angry Sasuke came into view. He took a couple steps forward and gave Kyo a look. The little redhead merely smiled and jumped to stand next to him, clutching his hand tightly.

"Gaara," began Naruto, "Do you know where your son has been?"

Gaara shrugged, "No"

Kyo piped up before Naruto could speak, "I took Kesuke to go set Sakura's house on fire...It would have burned all the way to the ground if those mean old ninja hadn't shown up and put it out"

Gaara looked down, hoping that his attempts to hide his smile weren't obvious. Kyo grinned at his dad, knowing full well that Gaara loved it when his son lashed out violently towards other people. He gave his father's hand a squeeze, and looking at Naruto to see what he would do.

After all, it wasn't that big of a deal. He had left home around an hour ago, to find Kesuke. It had proved to be an easy task, so Kyo suggested burning Sakura's house down. Kesuke had been taken aback at first, but Kyo insisted that it would be fun.

Kesuke said they would get in trouble, Kyo said that Gaara would protect them. It was unfortunate that the redhead hadn't ever really been in trouble, and was therefore spoiled and sure that Gaara could fix every little thing. The fire had barely gotten started when Sakura ran screaming out of the house and several ninja showed up. It wasn't more than five minutes before it was out.

Only a few possessions and the front of her home had been ruined, much to Kyo's dismay.

But back to the present with them now. Naruto stared at Gaara, "Please don't tell me you find the fact that your son was committing a felony funny"

Gaara snorted, biting his lip and leaning down he said to Kyo, "Now son, you are going to be punished for this ok?" Kyo did his best to look dejected, but started snickering, making it look very unconvincing, "Ok dad, right after you go hug Sakura, right?" They started laughing, earning angry looks from Naruto, Sasuke and Neji.

"Gaara!" Scolded Neji, "He set someone's house on fire!"

Gaara sighed, "Fine," he turned to looked back at Kyo, "You can't come with me to my office for a week"

Kyo gawked at him, "But daddy!-"

"No," said Gaara, "You can't set people's houses on fire, ok?"

With large watery eyes and a pouting look, he nodded his head. Gaara stood up and glared at Naruto, "There, are you happy? You were able to dictate an area where I raised my fucking child"

Sasuke hmphed and looked at Neji as if seeing him for the first time, "What are you doing here?"

Neji looked at him, then at Gaara and smiled, "Well, you see-"


As the two boys began squealing in delight, the adults looked at each other. Neji took Gaara's hand and gave it a small squeeze. Gaara sighed and put his other hand on Kyo's shoulder, "We can't stay here Kyo, our home is in Sunaga"

Kyo stopped squealing and looked up at him, "But Neji-Papa lives here daddy! Aren't we gonna live with him?"

Gaara frowned, "No, he is coming to live with us"

"Neji! You're leaving the village!"

They both looked at Naruto who was the source of the outburst. "Yes," said Neji, "Gaara is the Kazekage, I couldn't ask him to leave his village"

Kesuke grabbed Sasuke's pant leg, "Papa! You can't let them leave! Kyo has to come to school! And Neji-san has to stay! And...And..." Sasuke took his hand and shook his head "They have to go Kesuke. That doesn't mean you won't ever see them again," He looked at Gaara and Neji, "Right?"

"Sure," muttered Gaara, "We'll visit when we have free time"

Kesuke's eye were still sad, but he managed a smile, "You won't go away for ever?"

"No...Probably not"

Naruto smiled, "So you two idiots finally figured it out eh? Took you long enough"

Gaara glared at him and Neji chuckled, "Yeah...I guess that's true"

Naruto and Sasuke came in and they put the boys to bed and stayed up talking about Neji's plans to leave the village. What Hiashi would do, and how Gaara would be able to get his citizenship in the land of wind. In the other room, Kyo and Kesuke were sound asleep, dreaming of the fire that should have consumed Sakura's house. Neither caring that in the morning, Gaara, Neji and Kyo would be gone.


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