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Chapter 1 New beginnings

Present time – New York, Westchester.

Her eyes tickled, and she fluttered her lashes, trying to make the tears disappear. She wasn't really sad or in pain for that matter. Rogue just felt the need to cry because something special in her life had ended and it just felt proper to grieve it. Mainly, the reason why she wanted to cry was because she had let go of the only man who had been ready to be with her, even with her mutation. But most of all she feared for the life that was awaiting her.

Just a few minutes ago, on the other side of the very door she was leaning on, she had shared her final frozen kiss with Bobby Drake, her now ex-boyfriend. As a couple, they had had a good run and they had shared beautiful moments.

A few tears streaked down her cheeks, and she quickly wiped them away. She shouldn't cry over that, the break-up had been easy and painless. Both she and Bobby had known that their relationship was going to end, it was just a matter of finding the right moment to admit the fact to the other.

Signing, Rogue finally pulled herself together. She pushed herself off the door, and started undressing herself and letting her hair down. She tossed her clothes in a basket destined for laundry and pulled out a pyjama out of one of the drawers, putting it on. She seated herself in front of her vanity mirror, and gazed back at her reflection brushing her long auburn and white mane. It had dawn upon her a few weeks ago, love, if it had been love that existed between Bobby and her, wasn't enough to hold a relationship together. And because of her mutation, she was going to have to accept the fact that she wasn't meant to love… Or to be love.

Present time – Louisiana, New Orleans.

Remy Lebeau stared at the reflection of himself in the mirror. His face didn't held a whisper of emotion, but his hands were clutched tightly to his side. He forced a sigh out of his lips and adjusted the black tie around his neck. Remy looked good, actually he looked ravishing, at other times the young man would have smirk at his reflection, proud of his allure, but not tonight. Tonight, Remy wasn't very proud of himself. The Cajun thief couldn't remember a time were he had felt more miserable than on this very day, never had he felt more imprisoned. He couldn't do this, he decided. Remy thought he could and went along with the guild's idea, but now as he was about to take a huge step in life, he realised that he just couldn't do it. Remy started panicking, that was never a good sign for him, and it was decided.

Remy bolted towards the window, unlocking it and pulling it open in one swift movement. He didn't even think twice about passing his right leg over the ledge, he had to do this. A soft and broken voice rang out; speaking his name and making him stop.

Remy breathed out and turned to the voice leaving his right leg still dangling over the opened window. He looked apologetically at his fiancée, "I'm sorry, Bella I can't."

Remy watched as the woman in front of him gave him a surprised, but heartbreaking look, "What do you mean?" Her voice cracked, and a tear rolled down her cheek.

"I can't marry you." He replied, still frozen in place not daring to approach the assassin.

Belladonna forced a smile to her face, not wanting to believe what she was seeing or hearing, "If it's too soon for you…"

Remy shook his head, "No…" And paused before continuing, bringing his leg back inside. "… I can't marry someone I don't love." He had said it, he had finally said the thought he always dreamed of expressing since the day he had learn about the arranged marriage.

Belladonna still felt in denial, telling herself that this wasn't happening. She looked back up at him eyes shining with tears and hope. "That's not true, you're just nervous! It's normal before a wedding…" Her voice faded as she realised that the man she loved was still shaking his head at her, and she chose to ignore the look of determination in his eyes.

"You love me!" She cried masking the sound of her heart breaking. Belladonna gathered the skirt of her wedding dress up in her arms and ran over to Remy, taking his face between her hands forcing his eyes on hers.

"We are getting married." Belladonna ordered her voice so serious and full of anger that Remy had to force himself not to shiver as he stared back into her eyes.

"We won't be happy. I can't…" Remy started, but was cut off as Bella's hand connecting with his cheek. He winced, but couldn't help but think that he deserved it.

"Yes, we will!" Bella screamed as more tears steamed down her pretty face. "We'll be happy together." She repeated, this time with a softer voice and a sweet expression glazing over her voice.

Remy was now determined, he couldn't live his whole life with Belladonna, he couldn't share his life with a woman he didn't love, it just wouldn't be fair.

"No, we won't. I can't marry someone I don't love." He had said it again, and he could feel his chest opening up and his shoulder feeling lighter, even if by saying those words he was hurting Belladonna.

"No. It's not true. NO!" She screamed unable to do or say anything else.

Remy tried to calm her down, putting his hands on her shoulders. Unfortunately, it just made her even angrier. Belladonna slapped his hands away and backed away slowly.

"Remy, we're getting married." She stated.

Remy had made up his made, he was leaving. Now. "I'm sorry." He turned and perched himself over the window. Before jumping out, he gave a final look at Belladonna, "Goodbye."

As Remy expertly landed on his feet, he could hear Belladonna's voice rang out through the entire church. He cursed under his breath and started running, there was no doubt in his mind that soon people would be running after him and there was no doubt in his mind that he had made the right decision.

Three months later…

Present time – New York, Westchester.

Rogue laughed, pushing Warren away from her. "Could you stop that already? People are looking."

Angel rolled his eyes at his team mate, "Fine, just play already." He rushed her.

Rogue glared at him playfully before leaning down once again over the pool table, positioning herself to shoot. She heard Warren whistle in appreciation. Rogue rolled her eyes even though he couldn't see it, and played. She smiled to herself as the eight ball sunk into the left pocket.

She cast an amused glance at her adversary, "I win, again."

Warren smirked passing a hand in his blond hair, "Only because I'm letting you." He told her defiantly.

Rogue cocked a delicate eyebrow at him, "Oh really? Care to have your revenge?" She taunted, letting her hand fall to her hip.

Angel grinned and started to replace the balls on the table, "I'll show you how a real game should be played."

"Well make it fast, it's already one a.m." Rogue mentioned looking at her watch and sighing.

Warren shrugged his shoulders, "So, we only have one class tomorrow and it's at two. We have plenty of time."

Rogue knew he was right, but they were breaking their curfew and she never liked the idea of disobeying the rules that had been established by the professor and Ms. Monroe.

Rogue glared at Warren over her shoulder, "Could you be any louder?" she hissed at him as they tried their best to make it to their rooms as quietly as possible.

"Are you daring me, baby?" Warren whispered next to her ear playfully, but then sneered ruining the husky effect he was going for.

Rogue couldn't help but chuckled, though she still hit him lightly on the head for good measure. "You're so full of yourself." She muttered as they continued walking down the darkened corridors.

"Alright, see you in the morning." Rogue heard Warren say to her as they parted ways, him heading towards the boys wing and her towards the teacher's.

"Later." She whispered back, not really sure if he had heard her. Rogue kept walking softly towards her room, hoping no one would hear her. She briefly cursed under her breath as she heard a sound, it's probably Logan, she thought. Rogue cursed once more as she heard the sound again, she was going to get busted. It was only in moments like this that she wished she still lived in the girl's wing, but at any other time she was extremely glad to be with the teacher's now she'd had her own room.

Rogue froze hearing the noise once again, and she frowned, it wasn't coming from Logan's room and it definitely wasn't the sound of someone getting out of bed. The sound came up again, this time she was sure it came from the kitchen. Rogue took a few more steps before stopping at the side of the kitchen's door. She glanced inside the dark room, trying her best to hide herself. Narrowing her eyes she noticed a figure moving behind the glass balcony doors and she finally recognized the sound, the lock was being picked.

Remy Lebeau smiled to himself as he crouched in front of the lock of a glass door, and to the right and… voilà, he thought, his smirk getting wider as the door open. His body froze as he heard a light sound behind him, he frowned and started reaching towards his inside pocket. Unfortunately, his hand never made contact with the card he was going to finish for. His twirled and turned, and he let himself being twisted into a new position, confidently knowing that he could get out of it easily.

Remy found himself kneeling in front of his attacker, his right arm was being pulled back painfully behind his back and he could feel the heel of a boot digging into his left thigh and the cold metal of a knife on his throat.

Remy opened his eyes to glare threatening to his attacker, but instead a smirk appeared as he laid his gaze on the beautiful woman in front of him, well at least he thought she was beautiful judging by her figure.

"Well, I should definitely try to break into more mansion if it gives me chance to be caught by you chère." He stated, the grin never leaving his face.

Rogue smirked, but tightened her hold on the thief, making him wince. "Cute." She stated, "But that's not gonna get you out of trouble."

Remy's smirk got only wider in appreciation, "Aren't I lucky, not only is the femme feisty, but she'd be a southern belle."

Rogue rolled her eyes at his flirtatious nature, not that it mattered since they couldn't really see each other in the dark. She pressed the blade harder to his throat. "You really picked the wrong house to break in."

Remy winced as the blade was press harder against his skin, he knew that if she'd press just a little harder she'd draw blood. But still the Cajun remained smirking, "Chère, don't get me wrong, it's not that I don't enjoy being at your mercy. Or on my knees for you, but I think I'd appreciate another, more interesting, position."

Before Rogue could react, the knife flew out of her hand and the wind was knocked out of her as the thief threw her down with his own body. She felt his hands reaching up for her wrists, but she was able to push him off her by his shoulders. Rogue quickly got up and aimed a kick for his head as he started kneeling. Remy was able to stop, only by a second, Rogue's kick, he used this opportunity to pull her towards him, wrapping her leg around his waist and slamming her back down on the ground.

Rogue groaned as her back collided with the hard floor, and once again she felt the man's weight over her. This time, Remy was able to grasp both of Rogue's wrists and pinned over her head. His knees were resting on each side of her with his tibias pressing into her thighs, preventing her from any escape.

Remy brought his face down leaning into her. "Now isn't this more comfortable?" he taunted.

Rogue groaned, "I liked the other position better."

Remy raised his eyebrows at that remark, "So you like being the one dominating, Chère? I could settle for that, but only because it's you."

Rogue scoffed at the comment, "God, is your mind always in the gutter?" she inquired, not really fishing for an answer as she tried freeing herself from his grasp, but to no avail.

Suddenly, light shined on the two figures and the two mutants found themselves starring wide eyed at each other. Neither of them could tear their gaze away from the other, as they could finally see clearly who they were fighting, more like playing with.

It was only the tapping sound on the glass door that broke their staring, forcing the young mutants gaze away from each other and to the source of the sound.

Logan stood there with his arms crossed over his chest, and next to him was Ororo. Both teachers looked down at the two mutants Logan with a menacing glare and Ororo with a disapproving one.

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