"Thank you for helping me Seto; you're such a great friend!" Seto gave the girl with yellow, black, and red hair a smile and said "Your welcome and of course I would help you that favor, Jasmine. Now go see your family, I'll see you tomorrow night for dinner ok?" "You really think that I'll leave you by yourself" the girl said. Apparently her name is Jasmine. The girl was in dirty jeans and a horse t-shirt. She was a little shorter than Yugi. "Besides I still owe you one for saving my butt in England." Seto said She gave Seto a kiss and left his office. Mokuba smiled at Jasmine and said "Are you going to be all right?" Jasmine smiled at him and said "Yup, thanks to those letters my Gramps sent me I should be fine." Mokuba smiled and said "I still can't believe that you're the twin sister with Yugi Moto." Jasmine smiled and said "I knew all along I just needed help to find him and my grandpa. You know why I need to see him right?" "Yeah" Mokuba said "I need to find him and I've got to give him the letter our parents gave me." Mokuba smiled and handed Jasmine a deck of duel cards, he said "You'll need these, your duel cards, you forgot them in your room, when you left for Seto's." "Yeah" Jasmine said and tucked the cards in the special pocket on her belt. Mokuba gave her a cell phone. Jasmine looked at it and opened her mouth, but Mokuba said "Take it, just in case you need us or even Roland, give us a call ok?" Jasmine gave Mokuba a hug and said "Thanks". Mokuba said "Now go! Roland has the car ready and he's waiting for you. He'll drop you off on the corner of Yugi's place. You just need to walk forward. He lives at the game shop." "Okay thanks Mokuba. I'll call you when I get there!" Jasmine cried sprinting off.

Ten minutes later Jasmine climbs off the car and give Roland a hug of thanks. "Thanks Roland, you've helped enough." "Thank you for the comment Jasmine, but I was just doing what was ordered by my masters." Roland said. He looked at Jasmine with a fatherly look in his eyes and said "With everything that has happened in the last 6 months, I'll owe you more than I've ever owed anyone, bye" Jasmine nodded and waved and headed down the street and just as Mokuba had said there was a little game shop with the light on inside. 'Here I go, I hope grandpa remembers me from seven years ago, when he saw me last.' A voice came from inside the silver puzzle around Jasmine's neck. The voice said "Jasmine, don't worry, he'll remember you." Jasmines nodded and knock the door.