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From the Files of Shuggazoom

They call him a hero, the one chosen to save Shuggazoom City from the evil Skeleton King. The people cheered for hours when he first appeared, the stranger from the wastelands come to rescue us. They cheered the name of Chiro. But exactly who is this Chiro?

He came riding a giant robot he claims he found on the outskirts of the city. How such a robot remained hidden for supposed centuries at the edge of a highly populated city is beyond me, but he says he found it and no one can prove him wrong. Who knows? Maybe the thing had been invisible to normal people, waiting quietly for him to come along. Nothing is impossible anymore. The boy can talk to monkeys after all.

The sight of that boy stumbling from the smoke after the first battle looked surreal. A white uniform flecked with the dirt of the battle, orange scarf, orange stripes, and brilliant blue eyes. The eyes of a child aged beyond his years by fear and war stared through the smoke. A child had saved us.

He saves us still…him and his team of robotic monkeys. He says he found them inside that giant robot of his. Said that they had slept there, waiting for him to wake them. Everyone believed him because the stories predicted as much.

Legends existed among the people. Stories older than Shuggazoom and older still. They are the tales of the ancient monkey team created by the man known only as the Alchemist, the greatest scientist the planet… no… the galaxy has ever known. Surely Chiro's monkeys are the creation of that great man. At least, that is what everyone believes. We have to take Chiro's word for it. He is the only on who can speak monkey.

The monkeys have never caused any trouble in Shuggazoom as far as anyone knows. They all follow the orders of their leader, Chiro. The chosen hero, the orphan boy turned prince of the chimps. …Chiro of the Hyper Force.

No one knows the full name of his team. He calls them "Monkeys" sometimes, "Hyper Force" on other occasions. For the most part, people around here just refer to them as "The Monkeys". When the formless appear from the shadows to loot and pillage it is not Chiro's name the people cry out to. It is always the monkeys.

"Don't worry. The Monkeys will save us." The Monkeys…. The Hyper Force… What difference is there? Until someone asks them, who is to say which name is better. I intend to find out.

Some day soon I will know who Chiro really is. I will know whether the robot really was created by the Alchemist or not. I will know the proper name of the monkey team. More than that, I will know the name and each of the individual monkeys. Yes….

I will know these things and more, or my name is not Sirius Krinkle.

Author Note: Well, there you have it. This is the first portion of what I hope to be a series of one-shots based around the views of various people and villains in Shuggazoom City. Krinkle was an obvious beginning and was just begging to be written, but I'm open to suggestions on who to do next. Just give me a name and maybe a little background info on the person and I'll fly with it.

Please keep in mind that I have only seen the first season of this series and know little to nothing of the rest. Background info is likely a must for the time being.

Let me know what you think of the idea and leave your suggestions in the reviews. Until next post! Ja ne!