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Note- someone asked for a Mandarin based short story, so here it is. This is my take on why he is the evil little bugger that he is. Enjoy!

Better Me than Him

Doors once open to all slam shut in anger. Words once a soothing whisper now bruise the air, shouted in frustration. Joy gives way to sorrow. Trust becomes betrayal. Thus, the world spins along its axis, the circle unbroken, the balance kept.

The world was founded upon a blade

They do not understand why I am this way, ignorant in their innocence. They do not comprehend the precarious situation that we have unwittingly created by obeying a master long dead. The universe is reeling on the edge of destruction, but my team refuses to see. We are the cause of this imbalance. We are to blame.

Balanced upon the tang

They say we fight for peace. They say we will bring harmony back to the universe. Yet, we ourselves are the ones sounding the major chord when the rest of the universe plays in the minor key. We are the note of disharmony that will tear asunder the delicate music that mortals call "life".

The hilt of finest gilt was made

Life itself is nothing more than a bundle of opposing forces. There is no happiness without sadness, no good without evil, and no life without death. By opposing the evil, we are only forcing the good to go bad. The balance must be kept. Why did the Alchemist not see this when he created us? Was he blind to such things, or did he simply not care?

True silver, each strike sang

We were created to protect the world from evil. That is what the Alchemist said…but he lied. My team and I were created for one purpose and one purpose alone: to protect the Alchemist from his own inner demons. He conceived our creation not to save the world, but to save his human soul. He hoped that somehow, our deeds would redeem him in the end of all things. …He is a fool.

Upon the wood the blade did fall

Our deeds are our own. Our destiny is ours for the choosing, just as his belonged to him. He chose his path the day he dabbled in the darkness. Why then should we pay the price for it? Why should we care what happens to a creature such as that?

Upon the stone it faltered

The answer is simple: because he asked us to. "Do not forget me," he said as he himself wiped our memories clean of the merest recollection. Yet, through some fluke of fate, I still remember him.

And before the greatest of all

The others have forgotten him, his face, his voice…but I have not. I remember him clearly, though I would dearly love to forget him. I remember the time he taught Gibson about the stars and the time he showed Antauri how to meditate. I remember the day he gave Otto his first wrench and the very moment that he told me I was old enough to start training with him. Yet, above all else, I remember how he always made Nova laugh and find myself reminded of him every time I see SPRX smile that lopsided smile. It is an imitation of the Alchemist, something SPRX picked up when still a young chimp, but he does not know that. He doesn't remember. None of them do.

The sword was placed upon the alter

That is why I am the way I am. That is why I am doing what I am doing. In the name of broken promises and forgotten memories, I raise my sword and fight.

An offering of peace to come

"Traitor!" someone yells.

A memory of days gone by

"Why?" asks another.

Pledged to the name of some

The sword falls in its keening arc and the two voices fall silent. They are victims of their own words, naming me for what I am. I betrayed him first by doing as he asked. By being good, I made him evil. The balance must be restored.

Long forgotten passer by

So, I raise my blade again, and again, and again. They all fall before me, good and evil alike, that my path to darkness may be as short as possible. It is my only hope of bringing back the man that I remember, of seeing my father one last time.

The sword lies silent

"Why?" someone yells again.


This time, I answer, "Better that I rule than him! Would you rather have the Skeleton King for a master?"

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