Disclaimer: I do not own 7th Heaven, it is owned by Barbara Hampton and Spelling Productions. I am seriously going to miss this show!

This is my first attempt at something for this show. I love this show so much; it is my hope I can write something that shows that love. Just so you know, I love Martin the most, but I love all the Camden's. Furthermore, I wish I were a Camden.

This is from Martin's POV, his thoughts.


All I wanted to do was hang out with Simon at college, get the feel for it. Then the last night I was there I slept with Sandy. I didn't really know her, definitely didn't love her. Why did I sleep with her? I always thoughts I'd wait till I got married.

It was a stupid mistake, one I can't undo. I had all these plans; I was going be a major league baseball player. That was the plan, the only plan, well that and college. However, none of that matters now.

I'll never get to do any of that now, how can I? Sandy's pregnant.

She's pregnant with my kid. I'm going to be a dad. How can I be a dad, when I'm a kid myself?

I thought the hard part would be telling my dad that I had gotten a girl pregnant, but the real hard part was admitting it to myself.

Then I told Meredith, she told me to stay away from her, and never talk to her again. I can't stand the fact that I hurt her. I didn't mean to whenI slept with Sandy during the summer. Then I found out she was pregnant. I shut down emotionally.

I went out with Meredith and pretended nothing else had happened. I turned away from Sandy. I became a person I hated. I hate guys who get girls pregnant and run from their responsibilities. But I wasn't running, just avoiding.

Now I've accepted my fate, and I'm going to be a good dad. The best I can be anyway.

Reverend Camden told me it was up to me to tell Ruthie. How do I tell my best friend that I screwed up and got Sandy pregnant? The last thing I want is for her to be disappointed in me. I just couldn't stand it if she was disappointed in me.

However, she will be, how could she not be?

I'm disappointed in me. My future isn't going to be like I planned. My future is no longer mine.

My future belongs to the baby inside of Sandy now. I have to be the father I know I can be. I have to do the best I can, to raise this kid in a way that my mom would be proud of.

I just have to come to grips with the fact that I will never be with the woman I love. How can I be? She deserves a man who was willing to wait for her. I gave up the right for one night with girl I didn't love.

Now I'll have to watch my love from a distance, watch her get married and have kids with someone else. It will tear my heart out to watch it, but it's the best thing for both of us. The worse part is; Ruthie won't ever know I loved her.


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