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Prologue – The Fall

The Warrior's blade was red with the blood of his enemy, whose corpses were strewn all over the field outside the burning city. His boltgun was almost empty and he himself was worse for wear.

He knew that this planet was dying, slowly consumed by the forces of darkness. He had followed the Codex to it's final word, never to run away from the battle. But he had given all he could and even the Emperor himself would understand.

'One must survive,' he thought, 'In order to fight another day.'

He bent down and felt the neck of his closest brother, whose body lay before him. His face was glum as he felt no pulse.

"Farewell, Brother," he said softly, "You will be avenged."

He finger felt the fallen warrior's fur, which was matted with blood. He got up, his fingers now covered in the red liquid.

The Warrior looked over the field.

"I will avenge you all!" he cried out.

With his blade in one hand and his boltgun in the other, he jogged back into the city as fast as his armour would allow him. Over his 9 years of service to his Company, his Captain and his Emperor, he had gotten use to the weight and bulk of his armour, which was now also covered in blood, but only that of his enemies.

The Warrior looked over the city streets, which was filled only with death. A day ago it would have been bustling with the markets, which his people and the Cerinians, their grand allies would have attended.

Now they were no more. The Warrior got on one knee and bowed in respect, his forehead touching the handle of his blade.

"Forgive us," he said softly, "We have failed you."

His head then rose to the sound of something sinister and mechanical. Suddenly, blaster bolts deflected off his armour. He spun around to find on of the enemy's own combat droids, armed with only a simple blaster.

"Halt!" it cried out in it's emotionless, grey voice.

Blade above his head, he charged at the droid. He knocked it down with a punch onto the asphalt, before bringing his sword down on it's head, where the blade cut through it's once thought indestructible alloy skull.

'Cowards,' he thought irritated, 'Sending machines to finish their work.'

He knew he had to escape. There was still the spaceport in the centre of the city and they still housed the transports ships meant to evacuate the citizens of this planet. It wasn't very far, seeing how this is a small city, and was meant to be the final point of defence of this planet.

Suddenly, a massive shrill cut through the air; he spun around to find a massive crab-like robot towering over the buildings towards him. His eyes widened within his helmet as he raised his Boltgun and fired at it, the bullets hitting it in what can be considered it's eyes.

The Warrior took off down the nearest alleyway, smashing through wooden walls and jumping over garbage cans. He turned a corner…

'By the Emperor,' he thought, 'No!'

Bodies lined the alley, most laying against the walls with their blood decorating it. Written in red was…


Tears clouded his eyes, which he blinked away. Shedding tears would not bring these people back.

He then noticed something looking at him from behind. He spun around, blade ready. He lowered it when he saw her.

She was about 7 years old, and standing there timidly behind him. Her eyes were wide and were filled with tears, seeing what had happened to her people. The Warrior looked up and saw the crab-robot approaching.

He ran forward and scooped her up in his arms. The girl clung to his shoulder as he held her in one arm.

"You must live!" he exclaimed, "We must escape from this world."

He ran down the alleyway, the crab miraculously not noticing them. Suddenly up ahead, he saw them.

There were 3 of them, holding their axes firmly in their hands, their faces smeared with Cerinian blood.

"OI," one of them cried, seeing them, "It's a humie with da furie princey."

"Chop dem up!" another one of them exclaimed, smiling.

'So there all still foul aliens here,' he thought, 'They will pay!'

They charged at the Warrior, who raised his sword and swung it at the nearest creature, cutting through his head. He barged through the other two, continuing on through the alley. The creatures then pulled out pistols and fired at them.

He felt a bullet go through is left shoulder. He grunted at the pain, gritting his teeth.

'It is barely a flesh wound,' he thought, 'Keep on going.'

The girl clutching on to him could only wonder why he would risk his life for her, seeing as her race was now but dead. She thanked him in her mind.

The spaceport was now in sight, out of the alleys. He ran through the entranceway near the melted chain-link fence. The Warrior went for the nearest hangar, where he expected to find others like him, waiting for them.

They were other Warriors, but they were dead. They were all dead, and he realised that he was probably the last one left on the planet. The rest of the Company including it's captain was now dead. He walked towards the nearest transport.

He quickly banged on it's side, it's ramp lowering for them to board. He quickly got aboard and ran through it's hallway towards the cockpit. He got behind the terminal and punched in the coordinates for the nearest planet.


He knew that the both of them would be safe once they left the planet together, and headed for that peaceful world. He turned to the girl, who was sitting in the other chair, who all this time had not said a word.

"We are going to survive, Your Highness," he said reassuringly, "I promise you that."

Suddenly, he saw creatures tear in through the hangar entrance, armed with rocket launchers.

"Stop 'dem!" he heard a big creature cry, "Blow dem up!"

He took one last look at the girl, before tearing out of cockpit, grabbing a pair of boltguns on the way, feeling a rocket impact with the side of the ship. He ran out of the ship, guns blazing.

"Only one humie?" he heard one of them cry, "Smash im!"

They begun firing at the Warrior, bullets bouncing off his armour; he dove forward, still firing. He filled one Xenos with bolts, before gripping his blade and swinging the nearest one, slashing his chest. The creature recoiled, before grabbing it's axe, as did the others.

They lunged at the warrior, who brought his fist against the face of the nearest Xenos, breaking it's jaw. He then brought his blade up through another one, slicing it in two from the middle. The last Xenos tackled him, reaching for his neck.

The Warrior gripped the side of the Xenos head, before twisting it. The Xenos grunted, before dying.

He then got up and looked down at the broken jawed Xenos, which was glaring at him. He then put his foot out and stomped on his head, splattering it. He then noticed something on it's back.

Something long, golden and deadly.

He kicked the body over on it's stomach, seeing that it was a Staff.

A beautiful, Cerinian made Staff. Foul Xenos, they were looting the planet as well as destroying it. He took it, feeling it in his hands.

'A remainder that this world did exist,' he thought, 'A remainder of a civilisation that fought back.'

He ran towards the ship, seeing the girl looking at him from the cockpit window. He ran towards the ship. Suddenly hearing the roof of the hangar got torn off.

It was the massive crab robot. It looked down at the Warrior and the transport ship.

"You will not harm the princess of Cerinia!" he cried out, knowing who the girl was inside the ship.

He gripped the Staff, aimed at the crab, and fired a volley of fire projectiles at the creature, which surprisingly recoiled in pain. It tore forward and struck the Warrior, sending him flying towards the wall at the other end of the hangar.

The girl inside the cockpit cried out, getting up on the dashboard to see her protector get gravely injured. She accidentally hit a few buttons with her knee and the ship begun to vibrate.

The Warrior saw the ship was about to take off without him. He gripped the Staff and aimed at the crab, mystical power circulating through him and into the Staff. A phase of energy emitted at the end of the Staff.

"EMPEROR GIVE ME STRENGTH!" he yelled out, firing a massive blast of energy at the crab.

It screamed as the energy tore through it's hull, splitting it in two, followed by a massive explosion.

The Warrior got up and limped toward the ship, which was now a few inches off the ground. The ramp begun to close slowly. He knew he wouldn't be able to get onto it in time, so with all his might he through the Staff into the ship, where it lay in the cargo bay.

'May it protect you, like I have just done,' he thought.

He then fell to his knees, satisfied with saving the last person of this planet. He looked at the girl who was looking at him through the cockpit window. Tears rolled down her face as she watched the Warrior who saved her life wave at her.

'Thank you,' she thought.

The ship blasted it's way out of the hangar and into the sky, the Warrior watching it go. He gritted his teeth against the pain of his bruised insides.

He then eyed another transport ship, believing he could reach it in time to escape…

But he resigned to his fate. His destiny awaited him.

Soaring away from the blue planet, the girl watched as the world was slowly consumed by a ball of light, before it exploded in a massive blast of power.

At seeing her home planet be destroyed, she cried silently.

13 Years Later…

Sailing through the cold, bleak darkness of space was the Great Fox in all it's might. On board, all was sleeping rather peacefully. Following their last mission 2 months ago they haven't been called upon even once, but that was alright with them, seeing as a long break is in order.

Except for one of them. A beautiful blue-coloured vixen, the only survivor of her doomed homeworld and possibly the last of her kind, tossed in her sleep, fevered dreams flickered through her mind, all of which was of her family, her friends…

…of Cerinia.

"Mother," she moaned in her sleep, "Father."

She clinched at her blankets, tears rolling down her eyes. Suddenly, she couldn't take any more and woke up, breathing harshly and with sweat rolling down her naked body. Her hands covered her face as she sobbed quietly.

"God," she said quietly to herself.

Ever since arriving on the Great Fox (the last one that is) a year ago she had been experiencing terrible nightmares, all about Cerinia's destruction and of her parent's demise. And as of late, the one who saved her life by getting her off the planet minutes before it exploded.

'Whoever you were,' she thought, 'Thank you so much.'

She was indebted to that lone warrior who saved her life long ago. She would have given anything to thank him personally, but he was dead. He gave her life so that she would live and did not want to make his sacrifice in vain.

"And I never will," she said softly to herself, smiling slightly.