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For a Monday morning, the Bolton residence was unusually full of people and noises. The Wildcat's season had ended with a championship win over the West High Knights. The Scholastic Decathlon team had also won their final meet against the Knights. The musical was casted and the basketball team was having a team dinner that night. Well... they were supposed to have a team dinner that night.

"Mack! Change it back to the-" sneeze "-news, I'm not watching some silly cartoon!" Coach Bolton would have yelled had his voice not been hoarse.

"Oh, but Daddy, the news is boring!" Mack sighed, "I wish I wasn't sick. We were having a pizza party today."

Troy snorted, "you wish were weren't sick! I had a biology final that I'll have to retake after school, which will ruin my whole schedule with Darbus, then she'll hate me even more than she already does because today we were running through the whole show, and on top of that I had the team dinner tonight, which Gabriella was going to go to."

"She could always come over here instead and spoon feed you chicken noodle soup," Mack said through a stuffed up nose. She smiled at her older brother.


"You've already done that."

"MOM!" Troy yelled. Coach Bolton covered his ears, he had a headache and the last thing he needed was the two of them arguing.

"Troy, what is it sweetie." Mrs. Bolton walked into the room. Mack and Troy were sharing the couch, Troy at one end, Mack at the other, and Coach Bolton was in his armchair, hands over his ears trying to block out all sound.

Troy looked up and very seriously asked, "could you check my temperature?"

Mrs. Bolton rolled her eyes and sighed. "Troy, it will be the same as when I checked last time. I'm not letting you leave this house with 103.2 fever."

"Can't I just go to biology and maybe rehearsal."

"No." She walked over to Troy and stuck the thermometer in his mouth. "Make sure it stays under your tongue." She waited a minute before taking it out. "102.9."

"Okay. It went down...I could be back to regular temperature by biology."

"Troy I think you might be getting the flu."

Troy's face dropped, "but..but...I can't...finals...rehearsals..." His arms wrapped across his stomach. "Now it starts to hurt."

"Get some rest both of you!"

Mack put on a look. "What about Dad?"

The three looked to Mr. Bolton, who was snoring away in his armchair and laughed.



Gabriella turned to see Chad running behind her. He was out of breath and tired from the weekend's festivities. He stopped right in front of her and put his hands on his knees. She shook her head and opened her locker. "What do you want, Chad?"

He sprung up from his position and began leaning up against the lockers. "Do you know where Troy is?"


The boy groaned. "We're supposed to meet him in the gym during homeroom, but I can't find him anywhere!"

Gabriella shook her head and laughed quietly to herself. "You do have a phone right?"

He nodded listening eagerly to her.

"Why don't you call him."

He smiled at her, pulling out his cellphone and twirling it around. He turned the smile still on his face.

Chad kept the smile all the way to the gym. When he walked in he saw ten very tired, very annoyed basketball players, all wondering what they were waiting for.

"Is Troy coming?" Zeke asked. Chad pulled out his cellphone. "I'm going to call him."

Chad dialed the number and the team all moved closer so they could hear the one sided conversation.

"Dude! Where are you. Why! Oh...No way. Ooh. Dude, why do you want to come. Biology! You don't even take biology! Your what! Oh come on Troy...that is never going to work. You just stay in bed and get better. Yes I mean it. We'll have it tomorrow. Troy trust me, you sound horrible. Well your mom's a smart lady. Get some sleep. Okay, bye."

Chad shut the cellphone and put it on vibrate in his pocket. Troy said he might call because he was bored out of his mind. He then turned around and walked out on his way to Darbus' class, leaving the rest of the team to wonder what happened.


Mack opened her eyes and immediately shut them again because there was a lot of bright light. "Am I dead? Did I die," she asked aloud to no one particular.

"No and it's a shame too."

Mack opened her eyes and struggled to make out the blurry face that was talking to her belonged to. She rubbed her 'Bolton Blue' eyes and looked up at Troy. He was grinning from ear to ear. "Your room was going to become my closet."

"How long did I sleep for?"

Troy jerked his head back and forth, trying to decide before finally saying, "a day and a half. It's Tuesday."


"I'm going to meet the guys, you wanna come?"

Mack's eyes were distant and her face held a blank look. Troy figured it was from all the sleep and walked out of the room. Mack's eyes followed him all the way to the door and didn't stop until she heard the faint click. Suddenly, she bolted up the stairs to Troy's room. She jumped on his bed and grabbed his cellphone. She was amazed he left it home, he never left without it. She shrugged before looking through his contacts trying to find one. Her eyes landed on the name and she clicked send.

It rang twice before. "hi Troy!"

"No, Gabriella. It's Mack," she said into the receiver. "What are you doing right now."

"Homework, at my house with Taylor and Sharpay-"

"I need to talk to you! It's extremely import-" She gasped when she heard footsteps coming up the stairs followed by Troy's voice, "Mack, have you seen my cellphone!"

Her eyes widened. "I'll be over in a few," she said quickly into the phone before clamping it shut. Troy's door opened and Mack jumped into the nearby closet. She watched Troy go over to his bed and look for his phone. "Where is it? I could have sworn I left it on the bed," he said under his breath. Then, Mack felt something in her clutched fist. She opened her hand very slowly and made a small noise. The cellphone was in her palm. She opened the closet door just enough to get her hand through and tossed it out, hoping Troy hadn't seen her hand.

Troy turned around and picked up the cellphone. "What?" He turned and went out the door into the hall. There was a few seconds of a pause before Mack could hear Troy's feet going down the stairs and the door shutting. She sighed with relief before grabbing her sweatshirt and heading out toward Gabriella's house.

I know, kinda slow start. It gets better! Next Chapter: What does Mack have to ask Gabriella about and the team dinner.