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neon kun








Restless, timeless, darkness, loveless.

Oh, how pitiful her fate is!

In a grassy clearing, two figures stood in the middle. The night was deep in its passive exuberance and the only source of light was the moon. Just as trees surrounded them, beings encircled the two figures – beings of each kind. The wind gusted by slightly, breezy yet eerie. It sent chills rather than comfort as the sheer silence rebuked. The picturesque was beautiful, was breathless and it breathed little to last.

"For truce," a woman said as she was brought forward slightly; she kept a determined yet hateful look in her expression; her face that of a porcelain doll. She had long, red hair and stunning forest-green eyes. The indomitable look she gave amused two raven-haired beings. The woman was unaware. "I shall be the sacrifice; to be the bridge between the unending gap between humans and vampires. For truce… for eternity," she said. As she spoke, confidence was evident in her soothing voice. She continued: "No harm shall befall my people, to our race – no matter where in area, no matter what in status, no matter how much in need you exult – this contract will ensure our safety as no blood to be drained and in this contract, I sign… my life."

The vampire, blue hair and piercing yellow eyes with slits of black like that of a feline, stood still in front of the woman sacrifice. She stood straight and her demeanor never shattered. He gave a sly smile and spoke – with a cold, detestable and solitary voice— and she faltered not even the slightest.

"I shall be the representative of the vampire natives in this land, to bear the contract to its final seal. Given that you shall bring us a human offering every three years, we would do no harm to you – at that, we shall not drink blood indecisively, as stated beforehand. In this contract, I sign eternity." His eyes, unblinking, stared at her long and profusely. She was undeterred; the red-haired stared back with hatred in her eyes.

After a long and nervous pause, glancing at her side with such affection, it pained her more than what was to come, and said:"We accept." Instantaneously, the blue-haired vampire appeared in front of her, grasped her shoulder with one hand and the other tilted her head, exposing her neck. Without any further interruptions, he pushed his long fangs into her neck. The red-haired woman's eyes widened at the sudden action. Surely, it was to come, but this was too soon in contrast to her speculations. She bit her red lips, trying to suppress a shrill scream and only gasped silently. Fortunately, she succeeded in her plan.

The humans could only quiver at the sight; it was horrid a vista. The vampires seem to marvel, however, as if it was a masterpiece, an artwork worth classic. As much as her kindred wanted to help, their fear stopped them, as well as it would tarnish her sacrifice for the sake of their race. Should they intrude in the ritual, a massive bloodshed would occur and none of their kin would be able to fight back. After all, they have thoroughly discussed about the matter and she, on her own bid, volunteered. The humans didn't dare to give any shout nor noise; they could not, in their horrified states. Except one.

"Mama!" a girl so petite entered the horrendous scene. The vampire quickly retracted his fangs from the pale woman's slender neck. The woman glanced at the lass with a look so warm and motherly and shed suppressed tears.

"Be proud, my living legacy… my Sakura," and with that, she breathed her last. The girl with subtle carnation-colored hair and those stunning emerald-green eyes resembled the woman in face and heart. She sobbed slightly, enough to be heard and enough hushed but spoke a word none.

Onyx eyes traced the sobbing girl with amusement. She cried but was quickly taken back by the villagers as a small boy comforted her. Seeing this, he gritted his teeth and snarled, his fangs bared. "Mine…"

The night was silent, the owls hooted, people scurried – none would sleep tonight; the vampires dispersed in a blink. The pact ensured their safety for three more years but no one felt secured. Especially the girl who was robbed of a mother, crying in the arms of a boy, and had a part of her die.

Oh, how pitiful her fate is.

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