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All was quiet on that first day of October. Then Jessica Parington, a seventh year Hufflepuff, ran through the corridors of Hogwarts screaming that Professor Snape had raped her the night before. Within seconds the entire school was awake and trying to get to the dungeons to see what was happening for themselves. However, nobody succeeded because Dumbledore was wiser than all of them put together and had placed a charm onto the dungeons that only teachers could break.

"Did you rape her Severous?" Professor McGonagal asked. "No, Minevera I told you that. She is an adult by wizard and muggle standards," Snape scowled. "I realize this Severous, but she is saying that you forced yourself on her and forced her to have sex with you," McGonagal replied to Snape. "For the tenth time Minevera she forced herself on me!" Snape screamed. "Severous, calm down! We're only trying to find the truth," Dumbledore raised his voice. "Fuck you Albus! Use Versatirum on me then!" Snape screamed. "Then you can have the whole true story. And while you're at it you can use some on Jessica too. Then you can hear the truth from both of us and compare your stories," Snape added. "Fine," Dumbledore said.

An hour later snape fournd his supply of versatirum. Jessica was called to the dungeons and told to sit in the hallway with Professor McGonagal. Snape drank the versatirum first. "Serverus I am going to record this to have records later. You probably don't want me to but I have to," Dumbledore informed Severus. "You're right sir, I don't want you to record it, but I know that it would be best to have a record of it so for it," Snape said. Dumbledore took out his wand held it in the air and said "Recordaro," A small microphone popped up from Severus's desk and a red light began to blink on it. "Now Professor Snape since you are now under the influence of the versatirum potion that will not allow you to lie to me, tell me in your own words what happened with Jessica Parington." Dumbledore asked.