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Chapter One: Enter Hyuuga Hinata

The noisy hiss of a jet of water resounded from a corner of the small room. The fluorescent lights were dim, and a fresh flowery scent filled the air. Clouds of steam rise up, and soon they start to fog up the mirrors above the sink. Looking at the hazy silhouette of a figure behind some translucent curtains, we can say that there was only one person in the room right now… And she appeared to be bathing.

The pale-skinned girl had slipped off her robe and stepped into the shower. She closed her light purple orbs as the hot water soaked through her hair and body. It felt good. Today had been a rough day of training, and all she wanted to do right now was stand under this warm, flowing rain.

Playfully, the Hyuuga heiress molded a little ball of chakra on her palm and observed how the water reacted with it. She remembered something from today's events, in which she had finally mastered a high-class technique being taught to her by her cousin Neji. It was a stronger version of the Kaiten, which, with exact timing and chakra control, allowed the user to effectively stun the enemy, leaving him vulnerable to the infamous Hyuuga "Divine Punishment."

She reached for some soap, and started scrubbing herself. Bending down, she encountered an open wound just below her knee. She gently cleaned around the injury, but winced when some of the bubbly foam managed to come in contact with it. Instantly, her thoughts returned to the battle she fought earlier this afternoon.

(FLASHBACK) > > > > >

The sky was cloudless that day. A gentle breeze was blowing across the land, while the scorching rays of the sun baked the earth dry. Flowers and plants swung to and fro, perpetually dancing to the silent music of the wind.

In one corner of a Genin training ground stood three of Konoha's ninjas. They were sparring with each other, and appeared to be getting ready to fight. Eyes glinting with determination, Hinata assumed the traditional Jyuuken (Gentle Fist) fighting stance. She faced her feral teammate and opponent, Inuzuka Kiba, on the opposite end of the field. The young genius, Hyuuga Neji, was also there, presiding over the match. Both Hyuugas took a deep breath. This was the final test.

Akamaru, Kiba's oh-so-faithful sidekick, snarled with his back arced and his snowy fur standing on end, yelping as fiercely as he could. The beastlike shinobi laughed loudly, in an attempt to intimidate Hinata. He knew her well and had learned from years of training together that mere words could win him the advantage in this match. Besides, if he did win, both he and Akamaru would have a couple of all-you-can-eat meals with their names on it. And what was there to lose?

"Heh, I won't go easy on you, Hinata-chan, just because you're a girl. I hope you won't be wasting my time, so-"

"I'm not asking you to go easy on me, Kiba-kun, nor do I want you to. My cousin is treating you in exchange for sparring with me, and what I want is a clean, fair match." Hinata firmly stated, cutting him off abruptly. "Don't make the mistake of holding anything back, or I just might show you that your bark is actually worse than your bite."

Both males were stunned. Neji smiled inwardly, admiring how his younger cousin had matured over the years. She had bloomed into a lovely sixteen-year-old lady, and most of the boys in town had already begun to take notice of her. She had grown her hair a bit longer, and he must say that it suited her well. Her front and rear curves were more evident now, having achieved the hourglass contour that most women yearned for. Hinata had matured a lot, both physically AND emotionally. She had finally learned to come out of hiding from her shell. What was once a shy, delicate little wallflower had transformed into a dazzling, exotic blossom.

Neji recalled how it all began. Right after Naruto decimated him in the Chuunin finals and after finally learning the grim truth about his father's fate, the Hyuuga prodigy resolved to mend the broken ties between the main and branch families of the clan. He began by presenting himself to the main family head, Hyuuga Hiyashi. He volunteered to personally train Hinata, saying that it was his responsibility to do so. Her father agreed, and so their relationship began.

At first, Neji treated her harshly, and left hardly any room for mistakes during her training. He was disgusted by her meager performance, amazed at how incompetent a main family member could be. He adopted the strict master-student relationship, which placed them on totally different levels. He berated her for every single mistake that she made, regardless of how insignificant it may have been. He made her carry all of his belongings like a mule, even if the load was absurdly heavy, and was simply too much for one kunoichi (female ninja) to bear. Deep in his heart, he scorned her and never missed the chance to publicly humiliate her for her shortcomings. "The clan cannot afford to have a weak link in the main family," He would say.

However, one thing that Neji noted about his cousin was that despite all of these, she never complained. Although he had treated her unfairly and even inhumanely at times, she bore the suffering silently, and obediently did as she was told. Though not always successful, she struggled to get back up each time she fell, and her cousin respected her for this. In her eyes he saw the fire and determination to succeed, to defy the hand of fate. Eyes that showed she believed in herself completely, without the slightest trace of overconfidence. The same eyes that Naruto had shown him in their fight many months before.

As time passed, she began to improve drastically. Neji himself was very impressed. She had already exceeded his wildest expectations, being able to master high-class techniques in a span of only a few days, the longest length of time being two weeks. Thus, the hidden potential of the Hyuuga heiress was unearthed.

Hinata had gone a long way. And Neji was proud of her.

Now it was time for the final test of her skill. He was teaching her a technique that he himself had had difficulty mastering. He looked at the two ninjas out on the field. Neji had handpicked Kiba to be Hinata's opponent mainly for two reasons. One, both the Hyuuga and Inuzuka clans specialized in close-range combat, making the match fair for both players. And two, both of them have been teammates for years, which meant that each knew the other's jutsus very well. It would be a good test of both skill and strategy to outwit someone who belongs to the same team, and who knows your techniques like his own.

Neji smirked. This fight was going to be interesting.


Hinata activated her Byakugan, while Kiba proceeded to perform a set of hand seals. The air was tense as both ninjas prepared for the eventual clash. In a moment, Akamaru's form disappeared behind a puff of smoke, and in his place stood a perfect replica of his master.

Hinata knew this jutsu well. It was the Jujin Bunshin, or Beast Human clone. This makes it impossible to tell the two apart until the jutsu is broken, usually by damaging one of the participants, which then reverts to their original form. True enough, her Byakugan revealed nothing more than two Kibas poised to strike.

Suddenly, both master and beast took off, eager to get the upper hand. The Shikyaku no Jutsu (Four Legs Technique) gave Kiba and Akamaru added dexterity (not to mention longer claws and fangs), circling around Hinata at full speed. They lunged at her a few times, but thanks to her 360-degree field of vision, she was able to evade them with ease. She struck back, throwing her chakra-packed palm forward. Kiba got hit, and he temporarily withdraws. Cautiously, the pair jumped back a few feet, well aware of the effects of the Sixty-four point Divination technique.

No major damage had been done so far, and Kiba paused to think. He knew that he couldn't afford to get too close and get his tenketsu (chakra holes) sealed off. Meanwhile, Hinata remained motionless, while Akamaru stood at the opposite end of the field behind her, awaiting his master's orders.

"Let's go!" cried both Kibas, and they combined in mid-air to form a vicious cyclone of fangs and claws. It ripped apart everything in its path, sending leaves, earth and wood splinters flying in all directions. They spun at a ferocious velocity, heading straight for Hinata.

The attack took her by surprise. This was the deadly Gatsuga, or Double Piercing Fang, where the user and his partner combine to deliver many powerful beastlike attacks when contact is made with the target. She planted her feet firmly on the ground and tried to execute a Kaiten, (Eight Trigram Palms Heavenly Spin) but failed to do so in time. She managed to leap away, but not without sustaining some damage from the assault. She fell to the ground, her knee bleeding.

Kiba beamed. "Ha, I knew it! This battle will be a piece of cake." He glanced at Neji, with whom he had made an agreement. He could already taste the scrumptous meal that patiently waited for him. "Akamaru, let's go!"

Together, they launched another Gatsuga, preparing to finish things off. They aimed for the Hyuuga heiress, who appeared to be nursing her wound.


Neji was about to stop the match, when suddenly at the last moment, Hinata moved to evade the attack by deliberately lying flat on the ground. The human form of Akamaru flew above her, totally unguarded. She thrust her fingers upward at an astounding velocity, hitting the dog's chakra holes. Blue sparks erupted everywhere as her fingers found its marks.

Akamaru yelped in pain as he fell out of mid-air, tumbling across the ground several feet away. The effect of the jutsu wore off, leaving the dog in his original form, unconscious.

"Akamaru!" Kiba yelled, kneeling beside his lifelong partner. He knew that without him, all his attacks would at least be fifty percent less effective. There was no other way. Reaching into his pocket, he drew a small round pill. He had hoped that he wouldn't have had to use this, but the sudden turn of events left him no choice. He fed it to his partner.

Meanwhile, Hinata stood up, bracing herself. She knew what that pill could do. It was a soldier pill, and Kiba used it often to get out of tight spots. It was mainly used for combat, in order to sustain chakra levels and maintain endurance. She watched, as Akamaru stood up recharged, revitalized, and oh-so very red.

Kiba also swallowed a pill in order to be able to keep up with his partner. Together, they unleashed another assault that was more ferocious than the first two combined. The powerful Gatsuga sucked in air like a vortex and tore trees from its roots, breaking them into a mess of flying splinters. The attack was even formidable enough to crush solid rock.

Hinata braced herself for the coming onslaught. At least she was ready, and knew what was coming this time. A good opportunity to put Neji's technique to the test. As the menacing whirlwind approached, she rotated rapidly, releasing chakra simultaneously from all parts of her body. She could not afford to mess this one up. Instantly, she felt the force of the impact, and pushed up an extra rush of chakra, thereby adding a finishing touch to the attack.

Kiba and Akamaru slammed into the solid wall of chakra, which turned the force of their own attack against them. An added surge of chakra swept through both their bodies, stunning them completely. The pair tumbled out of mid-air, landing with a dull thud several feet away. Akamaru collapsed unconscious once again, while Kiba struggled to get back up, knowing that it was over if he didn't.

Hinata wasted no time. She charged straight at him at full speed, fingers ready to strike. Kiba watched helplessly as she approached, and in those few moments before unconsciousness, he recalled seeing his life flashing before his very eyes.

"Commencing one! Two! Four! Eight! Sixteen! Thirty-two! Sixty-four!" She cried, driving her fingers into her opponent's torso. Blue sparks danced like fireworks as she pushed her fingers in. It was truly a sight to see as the feral shinobi inched back with each thrust, his eyes going blank, as he watched in stupefaction at what was being done to him.

Neji smiled in full satisfaction. The Hakkeshou Kaiten, a form of absolute defense, was a success. It is a very advanced Taijutsu passed down in the Hyuuga main house. It uses a solid amount of chakra expelled from the whole body - as opposed to imprecise bursts from only specific parts of the body, which is the most even your typical Jounin can manage - to stop any attack in its tracks, then push it back with equal force, making it a very efficient defense and also making it possible to use it as an offense.

Hinata was about to go for the 128 points but Neji stopped her, catching her by the waist. He pointed out that there was no need for this, as Kiba had already been knocked out cold. She leaned back, panting heavily. Kiba wouldn't be able to use his chakra for weeks. The Hyuugas would shoulder his medical bill, though, so there was really no need to worry.

Neji could hardly contain his joy. He smiled, hugging his cousin while ruffling her dark blue hair. He swung Kiba's limp form over his shoulders, while Hinata gently carried Akamaru in her arms.

"Let's go home," He said.

(END OF FLASHBACK) > > > > >

Hinata started rinsing the suds off of her hair and body. One thing that she did not tell her cousin was that there was another person who was watching the battle. She noticed him hiding behind a tree after she had delivered the final blow to Kiba. He congratulated her with a nod, his raven black hair blowing in the wind. Naturally, the Hyuuga heiress returned this gesture with a smile, and a slight blush. She was still enjoying this fond moment when she heard someone enter the room.

"Hey!" She shrieked, surprised. The young girl crouched low, afraid that the intruder might catch her naked.

"Its okay," a familiar voice said, calming her. "It's me, Neji."

At the sound of this, she felt better and straightened up. "Oh, its you, Neji-kun…" She said, "Next time, please knock, okay?"

The Hyuuga prodigy looked at himself in the mirror, and started brushing his teeth. Over the few months, the two had grown so attached to each other that they already became comfortable sharing bathroom space. He looked at the reflection of Hinata's curvaceous figure in the mirror and smirked.

"Sure," He said.

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