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Chapter Five:Defilement

"Uhh… sure." Neji muttered.

Still a bit dazed upon waking up, the young man watched as his cousin unfolded a white table cloth and spread it out evenly on the grass in preparation for their meal. She carefully withdrew a pair of delicate porcelain bowls, and scooped two heaps of steaming white rice into each one. The girl then placed a generous slice of choice cut salmon into one of the bowls, and offered it to Neji, who thanked her with a quick nod.

The cousins began eating their meal. Hinata bit daintily on a piece of fish, while Neji lifted the bowl to his mouth and shoved in a large clump of rice with his chopsticks.

Even though he wouldn't admit this to anyone, not even to himself, Neji was actually paying more attention to Hinata than the food. Heck, he wasn't even hungry! There was something about the heiress that simply enthralled him. Something that made him want to own everything she touched. Some would call it love. Still others, obsession. You decide.

Bewildered by his emotions, the Hyuuga prodigy paused from eating and sighed deeply. He leaned back and took a moment to view his surroundings. It was a beautiful morning. The sun was peeking out from the peaks of mist-covered mountains, bathing them in warm, cozy rays. Glistening droplets of dew moistened the landscape, covering the forest undergrowth. A strong breeze was blowing, carrying along with it the refreshing scent of blooming flowers and age-old trees. It ruffled the boy's untied hair, sending long brown locks all over his face. The rice beads stuck to the strands like flies on fly paper, prompting the Byakugan wielder to set his meal down and gingerly pick each one out. Believe me, when you have unusually long hair, this can get annoying.

The Hyuuga heiress broke into a hearty laugh.

"This is why I keep telling you to get it cut!"

Neji frowned at her from between slits in his rice-strewn hair.

"Never! Hinata-sama, I don't know what it's like for girls, but when a man grows his hair long, it becomes a part of him. Cutting it would be like gouging out one of my eyes."

The kunoichi gave him a weird look. "Really? That sounds silly. Here, let me help you with that…"

Hinata knelt beside him, and before he could protest, was delicately running her fingers through his smooth, straight locks. (Neji keeps it nice and manageable with a conditioner after shampooing… Lol.) The young man bent his head slightly in the opposite direction, concealing both a smile and a blush. He chose to keep silent, fearing that his voice might betray his composure. A few awkward seconds passed in this way.

"Father sent for you earlier today," Hinata said, breaking the silence.

A fleeting memory of last night's events flashed through Neji's head.

"Oh." He said casually. "Did you know what it was about?"

"No, I don't," She replied, "But it didn't seem like it was an urgent matter."

The young man sighed softly with relief. Surely if his uncle found out what he had been up to, Hyuuga hunter-nins would be after him by now, ready to bring his head back on a platter.

"I saw him looking for you around the house earlier this morning. I told him that I think I knew where you were, so he sent me instead. " Hinata added. "I know how you can forget to eat sometimes, so I made you breakfast. Please take care of yourself, okay?"

"Hai. Thank you, Hinata-sama."

Neji couldn't help but smile to himself. He was thinking what a great little wife she'd make. But the more he thought about it, the more it saddened him, because he knew deep down that it wasn't meant to be.

The girl had removed about six beads of rice when she thought of something to say.



She hesitated for a moment, as if unsure whether it would be okay to proceed.

"What is it?" Neji repeated.

"I was just wondering…" She began, quite reluctantly, "What do you think of Uchiha Sasuke?"

This question troubled the young man. First, because it was unusual for Hinata to ask about other guys, and second, because she hesitated to ask him. But being the cool cat that he is, Neji answered the question as indifferently as he could.

"I'm sorry, Hinata-sama, but I don't really know much about the guy. I do remember that he was part of Team Seven, and a lower classman at the Academy. He was never the friendly type. " Curiosity getting the better of him, he added, "Why do you ask?"

"Oh, nothing… in particular," She replied. "I bumped into him this morning at the marketplace. He seemed nice enough."

"I see." Disliking the topic and finding nothing more to say about it, he decided to start a new one.

"So where are you off to later?"

"The marketplace. I forgot to buy a couple of ingredients for lunch today. It won't take long." She replied, "And you?"

"I'm going back home. Uncle doesn't like to be kept waiting." He answered. "Thanks for making me breakfast... and for getting it out of my hair."

The girl smiled happily. "No problem. See you later, Neji-niisan!"


It was almost noon, and the once gentle sun was radiating harsher, more blistering rays. The pale-eyed kunoichi walked slowly down the mountain trail, silently grateful for the shade that the trees provided. Everything was quiet, save for the crunching of dead leaves beneath her feet. As she continued, the girl fell to thinking – about her cousin.

What was wrong with him nowadays? He was acting differently, but not in a good way. Whenever they were together, he hardly talked, and he always hid his eyes from her. It was becoming increasingly awkward for her to talk about personal things (such as boys), because she could always sense his discomfort, no matter how hard he tried to hide it. This saddened the young girl, because she loved him as a big brother – someone whom she could run to for advice and listen to her endless complaints about love and life. Someone whom she could tell anything and everything to, and –


Her stream of thoughts was cut abruptly by a fast-moving object that struck a tree in front of her.

A kunai.

Instinctively, the experienced kunoichi leapt back a few feet and assumed her usual fighting stance. Turning around, she spotted her assailant. Dressed in obsidian black, the raven-haired ninja stared arrogantly at her from atop a tree limb. Obviously, he had no intention of hiding himself.

"Oops." He said with a knowing smirk.

Hinata decided NOT to see that and turned her back on him indignantly, continuing on her way. She had not gone far when three more shuriken landed near her. All of them were poorly aimed; a clear sign of mockery. The heiress spun around furiously.

"What do you want, Uchiha!" She demanded.

"Uchiha…?" The smug young man tilted his head and pouted sarcastically. "Isn't that a bit… cold?"

Hinata watched, never letting her guard down, as the Sharingan wielder leaped from the tree and approached her slowly. For some reason, he appeared to be enjoying this. He stopped several feet in front of her.

"Call me Sasuke."

"What do you want." The heiress repeated sternly.

"I'm going to be very frank with you, Princess." He announced, "I want you to fight me."

Surprised as she was, she did not allow herself to show it.

"What for?"

"To see if you are worthy."

"Worthy of what?"

The annoying smirk once again stretched across Sasuke's face.

"Oh, you'll see."

This had BAD IDEA written all over it. Hinata steeled herself. Anything could be on this snake's mind.

"Listen, Uchiha," she retorted, "I don't know what kind of stupid game you want to play here, but I'm not going to be a part of it. I suggest you leave now, or the Hokage will hear about this."

Determinedly, she turned around to go.

"You're right. This is stupid."

Without warning, a spinning heel kick caught her on the left arm, knocking her off her feet.

"It doesn't matter whether you want to or not, Princess." He seethed, "You don't really have a choice."

The kunoichi recovered her stance, unfazed by the attack. Chakra surged through her temples as she activated the Byakugan.

"Fine. Have it your way."

"Hn." The Sharingan user seemed pleased. With intense crimson eyes, he unleashed a volley of rapid kicks and punches upon his opponent.

The Hyuuga heiress braced herself for the attack. With split-second velocity, she masterfully defended and countered each of her adversary's moves. The struggle continued without either side gaining an advantage. Finally, the Uchiha prodigy withdrew from the skirmish, seeing that it was futile.

Sasuke slapped himself inwardly for not anticipating it earlier. Trying to beat a Hyuuga at taijutsu would be like trying to out sumo wrestle Tsunade.

He proceeded to perform a set of hand seals. A heartbeat later, he was gone.

The atmosphere grew eerily tense with each passing second. Hinata scanned her surroundings warily. He could be anywhere.



Out of nowhere, an earsplitting noise erupted in the distance, shattering the tranquility of the mountain. As she waited, the sound grew in intensity – a high-pitched, shrieking sound that resembled the frantic cry of a thousand birds.

She turned – and realized that it was too late. A giant tree behind her disintegrated into a million tiny splinters as the deadly Chidori ate through its wooden body.


The fearsome ball of lightning flickered dangerously in the avenger's hand, all too eager to claim its next victim. In desperation, Hinata opened her mouth to scream.

In one fluid-like motion, Sasuke surged forward…

…and sealed their lips in a kiss.

The kunoichi was caught completely unaware by this sudden action, and partially lost her footing. She stumbled backwards, and the dark-haired avenger moved to take advantage of this. He pushed her roughly, pinning her against a tree. With both palms holding her head in place, Sasuke broke the liplock, and dropped lower to plant more kisses along her jaw line. Hinata's eyes widened as she realized what was being done to her. Reaction time was swift, almost wholly instinctive. Instantly, her brain issued a royal decree to punch the assailing bastard to kingdom come, but found out to her utter amazement that her limbs refused to obey. Meanwhile, Sasuke looked up from her neckline and smirked mischievously, appearing to know all about her startling discovery. He nibbled greedily on the beautiful, rosy skin of her neck, taking his sweet time. He breathed her name out, each syllable laced with pleasure.


A small moan escaped from the pale girl's lips. She knew she was being violated, but it sure as hell felt good. The raven-haired ninja neared her breast area now, and she felt something building up inside her core.



Never in her entire life did she feel so ecstatic and bewildered at the same time. She closed her white orbs, willing herself to calm down and find a way out of this. She seemed to be frozen immobile, leaving her at the mercy of this perverted genius. What should she do? How far would he go?

She reopened her eyes, only to discover something more shocking. Stunned, she watched in disbelief as her arms floated up from her sides, coming to a rest on Sasuke's shoulders. Her fingers met behind his head and lovingly tousled his jet black hair, totally unguided.

Realization hit the heiress like a solid brick wall. Not only was she completely helpless against him, her own body was betraying her as well! The Sharingan user winked up at her from between the valley of her breasts, knowing that she was totally under his control. His hands left their places beside her head, and slowly ventured underneath her clothing. She shuddered, and felt her stomach tense at the touch of his clammy skin. The girl inhaled sharply when his hands reached upward, covering more "ground". All too soon she felt her arms stirring again, and fought with all she had to stop them from doing so. She bit down hard on her lower lip, gritting her teeth as her mind dueled with her body. Glistening tear drops started clouding the poor girl's milky white orbs. But it was no use.

She watched helplessly as her arms slowly glided downward, two fingers seductively dancing over one breast. Both hands met at one point between her blouse, and with a quick flick of the wrist, undid the first button...

The look in Sasuke's eyes was primal – more ferocious than the Sharingan could ever appear. It was the look of a young, hot-blooded tiger, ready to pounce on a mate long lusted after. Loosing every last ounce of his self-control, the Uchiha prodigy violently ripped her dress apart, its broken buttons cluttering noisily on the floor.

It was then that Hinata's mouth finally allowed her to scream, and scream she did. So loudly, in fact, that it could have awoken the Third Hokage from the dead.

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