A/N: This was my submission to the Live Journal rkchallenge. It won Mod's Choice and was beta by Nekotsuki! Thanks Nekotsuki!

He shed a tear and made a vow to the one he loved. When the war was over, he would never again take a life. He knew this vow would be a hard one to keep, but if it was for her he was sure he could do it.

He had to leave her then, he had to move on. He thought he was alone, but he was never really alone. She would watch over him, she would be there by his side. In a cold and quiet graveyard he sat. 'How can I keep such a vow? This war feels like it will never end,' he wondered to himself. It was just too hard. There was just too much violence in the world. She reached out and held him, and suddenly the man didn't feel so alone.

'For her, I can do it for her.'

The years moved on and the war did end. The boy grew to be a man, a very good man. He traveled all over Japan atoning for his sins. There were so many, so many that needed help. So many he tried to save, so many he did save. Even though he saved many he could not save everyone and this took a toll on the man.

On cold nights he would wonder if he could go on, if he had the strength to atone; that was when she knew he needed her the most. She'd reach out and hold him close. When she reached out to him, he knew he could be strong. 'For her, I can do it for her.'

He moved forward and she watched over him, never far away. The man went to Tokyo and met another. She took the man in, and slowly the two became close. The woman smiled upon the man. She was happy for him, but why couldn't he let her go? He was too overcome by grief to let go and be happy. Didn't he know? She'd always be there, he needn't hang on so tightly.

Then one day the man fell, and fell hard. His friends couldn't help him stand up again, he was tired. The second he had loved was gone. She watched over the man as he sorted out the thoughts in his troubled mind. When he looked up for her she was there, always watching. She smiled at him and spoke to him.

"The person who wants your smile most is still awaiting you."

The man smiled back, he knew what he had to do. He got up again, and went to the one waiting for his smile; he had his answer. The man fell in love again, he allowed his heart to love, knowing that his first love was always watching and smiling down at him.