Title: Stumbling Forward
Author: Jinni
Rated: FR15
Disclaimer: All things BtVS belong to Joss Whedon, et al. All things Supernatural belong to the WB, et al.
Prompt: Stumble – at tth100
Claim: Connor
Wordcount: 400

x x x

"These things usually have a basis in historical fact."

Connor nodded, trying to look interested. He didn't really care where this murdering thing was coming from, just that it was out there and coming. If they didn't think that hacking at it would kill it, then so be it. But he still wanted to give it a try. Not these guys, though – Sam and Dean. They just wanted to…investigate.

The handle of his axe was warm from where he had held onto it for the last hour, hoping to get a chance to use it. So far, no luck. And he was getting a little irritated with that fact.

Why did he have to run into these two goofs anyway? Sam was like a nicer version of Wesley…and Dean –

Okay, Dean wasn't that bad. He had a chip on his shoulder that Connor could admire, to be honest.

If only he didn't want to just sit around and think about killing the bad guys.

He'd stumbled into them – literally – his first night in town. They'd just gotten through having a brawl with whatever this thing was and were lying on the ground, in the dark. Needless to say, tripping over Dean was definitely a unique way to meet a new person. Over a beer, he'd heard about the case they were working on – the reason they were all bruised and beaten when he found them, though he'd had to practically force the information out of them. Seriously, these two took secrecy to all new levels.

"I'm gonna go look for it," he announced when the click-clack of Sam typing away at the laptop finally got to be too much for his agitated nerves.

"Connor – you don't know what it is yet, or how to kill it."

Connor frowned at Sam. "No, but pounding on it with my axe might do the trick, right?"

"Right," Dean offered slowly, skeptically.

"Okay, then. You two…sit here and do whatever it is you're doing – you seem to be pretty good at it. I'm going out there."

"But –"

"Look," Connor growled. "I'm the son of two vampires – that means I'm a little harder to kill than you guys are. So. Sit. Stay. Good boys."

He let the door slam behind him, rolling his eyes as he heard Sam mutter.

"Son of two vampires? I bed Dad doesn't have something like that in his journal."

x x x End Ficlet x x x