Title: The Meaning of Blood
Series: Memoirs of a Slytherin Princess
Author: Jinni
Rated: FR15
Disclaimer: All things HP belong to JK Rowling, et al.
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Claim: Pansy Parkinson
Warning: Sort of a dark series.

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x x x

In the event that I somehow do not make it through the mess my life has become, this book shall be my memoirs – my so-called legacy to Slytherin girls that come after me.

Read it at your own risk. No, seriously, right now, as you are reading this, if you did not bother with the proper wards and counter-curses, you are being slowly hexed quite thoroughly. You'll be lucky to have a scrap of hair left on your nosy little head before you put the book down.

However, supposing you have a right to be touching what is rightfully mine and mine alone, read on.

I dare you.

My name is Pansy Parkinson and I am the current reigning Princess of the Slytherin dungeons.

Oddly, I was the reigning Princess from the moment I set foot in this miserable excuse of a school. That has little to do with me, I'm afraid; or who my parents are.

No, that status was conferred upon me because of who I was betrothed to.

Draco Malfoy.

No one messes with a Malfoy. By association, no one messes with a Parkinson. Our two families are intertwined by bonds that are as unbreakable as they come. Magic. Blood.

At the heart of it is myself and Draco. Quite the pair we make, or so I've been told. Sometimes its said with envy. Sometimes with adoration.

Other times with loathing and derision.

I can't say that I care one way or the other.

All that matters is that you know now who I am and why you should heed what I have to say, all you sniveling first years that come after me in that distant future. Assuming that this crumbling school of Muggle-lovers remains standing, that is.

And now, for my first bit of imparted knowledge.

The responsibility of being a pureblood.

Slytherins are blessed with being mostly composed of purebloods. By blessing, I mean that we do not have to sully ourselves by sleeping and associating with those disgusting mudbloods or Muggle-lovers outside of our daily classes and meals.

We have a responsibility, however. I tell you this now as my mother told me when I was old enough to truly comprehend.

Maintain the blood. Maintain the purity.

That is our responsibility – the maintenance of our bloodlines. Mixing with Muggles or mudbloods weakens us and makes us less than what we were.

Do we want to one day look back and find that we are no better than those useless Muggles ourselves? That we have diluted our blood rights down so far that we've lost the magic we were born with.


Let the Muggles live as Muggles will. I could care less what they do with their miserable little lives. They hardly matter in the grand scheme of things.

But we, the purebloods, must maintain our legacy for generations to come.

Heavy responsibility to place upon a child, but I managed and so will you.

I remember the day my mother imparted this bit of wisdom to me. It was the same day she showed me the lower dungeons in our manor.

The day she showed me the Mark on her arm and explained what it meant.

"Do your duty to your family, Pansy."

Of course I would do my duty to my family. To my House and to the Malfoys. To the other families of pureblood believers that deserve better than a future tainted with disillusionment.

As will you.

x x x End x x x