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That afternoon, the detectives of the SVU sat anxiously awaiting Cadence and Tonya's arrival. Luckily, Jo had not been charged with murder for having shot Michael. In fact, due to the circumstances, she hadn't been charged with anything. Cragen had made sure of that.

"Why is it taking so long?"

"Relax, Liv. They'll be here soon." She had given her chair to Debra, and was sitting on Elliot's lap. He had his arms wrapped around her waist.

"How come you never hold me like that?" Munch asked Fin, giving him a pouty face as he did. Fin rolled his eyes. "I was kidding." He said, when he noticed Elliot's look.

"How far upstate are they again?" Debra asked.

"Near Binghamton." Olivia responded. After that they returned to being silent. Olivia began to worry. What if Michael had forced them to call, and give them false hope? What if something happened to them on the way? The what ifs swirled around her mind, making her more anxious by the minute.

"They're fine, Liv." Elliot's voice brought her out of her negative thoughts.

"How is it that you can read my mind so well?"

"Cuz I've known you for so long." He kissed the back of her neck. "They'll be here soon. They're a good four to five hours out of the city, and thats when traffic's good."

"You're right." She tried to focus her thoughts on something positive.

An hour later, they still weren't there. Olivia had gotten up and was now pacing around nervously. Elliot had begun to fill out paperwork to keep him busy.

"Think we should order a pizza or something?" Fin said, breaking the slience. "I'm starving."

"Not hungry." Olivia said.

"Well I am. I'm going to go get some. Anyone else want?" Nobody did. "Suit yourselves." He got his wallet and left. Debra sighed. It was beginning to get dark out. Elliot grabbed Olivia's wrist when she passed.

"Sit, you're making me nervous." She went over to Fin's desk, and sat in his now empty chair.

"Hey, look who I found." They all turned their heads towards the sound of Fin's voice. Just like the last time, the two girls ran excitedly towards their aunt. Olivia smiled. Now she could safely say that it was all over.

"Told you they were fine." Elliot was standing next to her, a huge grin on his face. She stood and embraced him. Completely ignoring the fact that they were in public, and surrounded by people, Elliot cupped her face in his hands and kissed her. It was only when they heard giggles that they broke apart. Olivia looked down and smiled at the two girls.

"Hey girls."

"Hi Olivia." Cadence said. Tonya was still giggling uncontrollably.

"You okay?" Both of them nodded. "Glad to hear it."

"I'm still hungry you know." Fin said. They all laughed.

"How about we all go out to dinner? That is if it's okay with your aunt." Elliot suggested.

"That sounds good." Cadence went over to ask Debra's permission. Tonya wrapped her arms around Olivia's waist.

"Thank you Olivia." She said.

"You're welcome, sweetie." She embraced the little girl tightly.

"She said yes."

"Well, then let's go." She took Tonya's hand. Standing near the door was a woman none of them had ever seen before. However, they all knew who she was. "You're welcome to come with us too, Jo."

"I'd like that." She joined them as they all headed outside, and for the first time in years, Cadence and Tonya were truly safe.