Title: I Saw You

Author: Yuggster

Rating: K

Genre: Angst

Disclaimer: Lord of the Rings is the intellectual property of J.R.R. Tolkien.

Summary: Someone watches on while Faramir is sent out on the suicide charge to Osigiliath. Based in Movieverse. Poetry.

Warning: Tissue warning, I suppose. I mean, I almost cried when I was writing this and I don't cry easily.

I saw you.

You were standing tall, though your heart was breaking.
The bitterness in your eyes split my heart in two.

Was it me?

Am I the reason you flinch now?

How could I have missed this?
One day you were laughing, carefree as the sun
The next, silent tears tracked down your solemn face.

Is it my fault?

Did I bring you to this?

Now you ride for death, and I would call you back
But cannot.
Sadly, it is no longer my place.

I pray you can forgive me someday.

And when you return, I hope you can understand
Why I did what I did.

I did it for you.

Someday you will wonder where I was
This day when it seemed your world was ending.

I was right here.

I saw you.

I saw you, and wept for your despair.

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