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Summary: Double Murder and Tyson's the main suspect. But things aren't what they seem and will his friends be able to help him? R&R Will he prove worthy of what he has; friends, reputations and as Dragoon's keeper? Or will he lose everything in the process? For there are worse fates than death…

Warnings: Mature ideas, multiple ever changing viewpoints, possible swearing and pairings (unsure yet but I better mention it just in case...) and character deaths (not all are literal…?). Still haven't seen beyblade episode in awhile not even first season (pout) so characters may be OOC but I'm doing my best.

Disclaimer: Do not own Beyblade but my life would be dull without it.

A/N: Warnings/ summaries will be vague because I don't want to ruin the story or any surprises. Therefore I apologise in advance for anything that is usually mentioned before hand that you may come across and don't like.

A/N2: Surnames and names used in this are due to my preference, however if anyone knows Tyson's Grandfather and Father's Japanese name I'll consider changing what I have. He is an Andrew simply because I think it fits. I know from experience that if a person has a typically Russian or French or whatever names it does not necessarily mean they are of that nationality therefore I've kept people like Kenny, Tyson, Tala etc as I know them to be even if the rest of the populations don't always match up (You will see what I mean as this fic progresses)

Bay City, Japan was experiencing another cool, calm night in early autumn. The air was fresh, the sky in its twilight stages as people from all around began to slip into the time of day known as the evening. Less than a handful of greyish clouds covered the darkening world above while a few twinkles of far off light started to shine through the heavens.

Further out of the main city area lay an old Dojo near the sea, often filled with shouts of laughter and joy. Tonight, which seemed no different to any other night, it was strangely quiet and dark effectively blurring with the bigger picture. The few passers-by's never noticed any oddity though as the outside was just as peaceful and still as the rest of the streets.

But inside...

Inside the beautiful wooden dojo was a scene, which contrasted everything that place and its occupants ever stood for. Although the building didn't seem to mind the new decor (which stood out yet blended in as it soaked into the woodwork) splattered on its walls and floor the inhabitants were not all that keen.

Not that they really gave a damn at this point.

No. He didn't give a shit about the walls of his ancestral home. All he cared about was the body lying...no. sprawled out in front of him raggedly panting as though the room was running out of air. He vaguely registered the other body behind him and knew his deeds of today would soon catch up with him. Knew that when that happened, when the dam broke, he'd be completely alone with the questions, the anger and self-loathing, the guilt shame and encroaching darkness that seemed ready to devour him even now.

Would he cope? Could he survive this? He honestly did not know. For his life...his world, like a mirror that falls, had shattered.

He knew it was only the beginning.

The beginning of the end.


Somewhere in Asia

"Kevin what are you doing?"

"I'm watching"

"Watching?" Looking over the smaller boy's shoulder he saw a piece of modern technology that was usually not found, if even allowed, within the ancient amish-type village. "Kevin, that's a laptop."

"Well duhhh Ray of course it is! And don't start lecturin' me on the whole 'Is-It-even-allowed-crap?' okay...I've already gotten an earful from Mariah, I don't need one from you too!"

"Besides you know they've been talking about modernising the vill' a bit, I'm just helping to speed up the process."

"I think they meant an easier mail service or possibly a phone. But only one and only to authorised locations."

"Only got one computer and email makes for real easy mail. And the satellite link means we can keep up-to-date with world news..." Kevin replied in a hopeful voice.

"Kevin! What's this I'm hearing from Mariah? Where in the world did you get a laptop?"

Suddenly realising that those machines were incredibly expensive Ray was also curious where his friend could've gotten the money and said so. Although he had a sneaky suspicion he wasn't going to like the answer.

"Uh hey Lee...um...I...well I won it in a raffle at a festival that me and Gary went to when you and Ray were off at the Tournament! And the results only came back like last week telling me that I had won a prize!"

Both of the older boys knew Kevin wasn't being entirely honest for he said his part in such a rush, his eyes dodging theirs that it was obviously a lie. Knowing the kind of trouble Kevin had gotten himself into before Lee sternly demanded "Did you steal it? I do not want you tarnishing The White Tigers reputation! If you did you'd better go give it back!"

"Wha? No! I didn't nick it Lee!" Lee's ?Bronze? eyes were still glaring into his own emerald green ones wanting to believe but not quite. "I swear! I didn't. I-I won it."

"You're lying Kevin. But I'll let it go for now, since it isn't stolen."

Turning to leave, Lee halted mid-step after hearing a strange note in Ray's voice as he slid to the ground.

"Turn that up Kevin..."

"What's up?" walking back Lee also crouched down to see the screen as an international broadcast channel (1) relayed a news update. "That place looks familiar..."

"In the background. That's where Tyson lives innit?" said Kevin swivelling his head round to the right and Ray.


"What do ya..."

"Just shush would you. Listen"

(News reporter)

"This is San Leto reporting from East Japan where last night a terrible tragedy occurred in the building right behind me. Old Kendo master and respected Dojo owner Kinomiya Andrew - also the grandfather of one Tyson Kinomiya the Beyblade Association's own World Champion Beyblader who is currently missing - along with one other, who by the authorities is believed to be a friend or pupil were brutally murdered in the main lounge of the house. Kinomiya was found by a passer-by who was alerted to the problem by a strangled shout and believes he saw the killer scramble over a side wall just as he reached the entrance. Yuri Zanker (an accountant) says he took one look at the lounge and immediately disgusted called for the police.

The grandson Tyson's whereabouts are unknown but it is assured by police sources that the teenager was present at the time of the murder. With rumors of their insistent involvement to control the situation well in hand perhaps the BBA are beginning to doubt their Champion's innocence in this bloodbath as others on scene already have..."

"WHAT! That's insane!"

Completely shocked and unbelieving by the continuing news statement Ray's angry outburst broke the stunned silence, stemming the way for more comments by his childhood friends. Kevin suddenly grasped what the reporter was saying and said in return:

"Does that mean they actually suspect Tyson of murder? Why would he kill his grandfather, never mind that other guy, right?"

"I mean this is Tyson! He wouldn't kill a fly intentionally! Right Lee?" swivelling his head once again.

Shrugging "Well to be honest I don't know the guy all that well. I never seen him take a swing at anybody but I suppose if forced..."

Lee never got to finish his sentence as Ray realising what his friend and team-mate was saying about his other F. & T., rushed up quicker than the eye could follow but as graceful as an angry cat, grabbed Lee's shirt and slammed him against the wall; fangs barred, eyes reduced to slits in his fury.

"Don't even think it!"

"Ray I was just..." struggling against Ray's tightening grip.

"You know Ty well enough to know he wouldn't do that! Not in cold blood! And not to his grandpa! Why would he!" his voice now echoing off the walls with its volume.

"…I'm sorry Ray your right I shouldn't have said anything."

"Yeah chill man! It's just a bit shocking is all."

Calming the raven-haired White Tiger released his companion and slumping dropped to the warm wooden floor. "Sorry."

'Get a hold of yourself! It won't do anyone any good if you start losing control!...Nor will I be able to do anything here. Apart from the obvious, something doesn't feel right…but if that reporter has it right and Tyson was there when his grandpa was murdered…"

Only a moment of silence had passed with the raven-haired teen before he suddenly swept back onto his feet making the other two occupants jump slightly from the double 180° attitude swing. Ray had gone from pure anger to a deep-seated sorrow as he slid to the ground; his eyes looking completely lost in another world to standing again with a look of determination and barely contained emotions. The most prominent of those feelings were clear to his companions as they watched him being torn between feeling sympathy - for his Japanese friend and the terrible method of demise to Tyson's grandpa - and letting the anger at the report, deed and 'actual' person responsible boil to his surface once more.

Both of the lads' suspicions were confirmed with Ray's next words –

"Lee, missing or not, Tyson's going to need some support. I don't know what happened but I do know he is going to need help and I intend to be there in that event!"

He was leaving for Japan.



"...innocence in this bloodbath as others on scene already have. Deemed unavailable to all who've tried; the young beyblade star appears to have taken nothing with him asserting the idea of a hasty retreat..."

"OMG! This...this..." the blonde green and yellow tracksuit teen couldn't form a single coherent thought. They couldn't be talking about his best friend, could they? Wait. He'd heard the names loud and clear, was stilling seeing the location on the T.V. screen; they'd even shown a recent photo of Tyson. There was no doubt about it. So why did it feel as though he was having some sort of day...mare? (2)

Panicking he needed something real to tell him that this was real. "Mum! MUM!"

Judy Tate rushed from the kitchen at her son's desperate scream. The second she saw the news channel - after hearing the news from the radio earlier - suddenly understood the reason for Max's distress.

"Max. I'm sorry honey I should've said something sooner."

"...So it's true. Mum I'm really worried about Ty what if he's not ok. Scratch that of course he's not ok! How can they know for sure that he was there? What if he saw them and couldn't cope with... it? What if..." Max was unable to stop as his worry and fear for his friend rose up anew, he was extremely pale and practically hyperventilating.

"Maxie you have to calm down. It'll be alright. Nobodies going to just abandon Tyson they just have to find him..."

"But what if they can't! What if he's hurt or or...Look at me! I'm not even related; I wasn't there and look how I'm reacting. Its gotta be so much worse for him!"

"Come on Maxie deep breaths now. Relax I've got you."

Slowly he calmed under his mother's warm embrace but still held a slight tremor as his mind geared back up into working order. He knew what he had to do and hoped she would understand. Unknown to the blonde his mother was one step ahead.

"Mum. I have to find him. I'm going to Japan."

"I know. I figured so, so I booked the earliest flight out for you."

"You did!"

"In fact you need to get ready, take off is 8:45pm today you've got about 3 hours before we need to head off"

Throwing himself into a full-fledged hug "You're the best. Thank you"

"Just be careful okay." Judy replied smiling fondly.



"…Although this reporter managed to get a shot of the room it has been deemed too gruesome for public viewing, but let me tell you I have never seen such a messed up sight of violence in my entire career. Stay tuned this is San Leto, who will continue to update this startling double homicide as it unravels."

"Thank you San, alternatively check out all our news updates and comments online. We'll be back with..."

Click!> Wherein a small outside silence follows as the television shuts itself off. A silence broken only slightly by the breathing of three boys; one with slightly widened eyes sitting on the only chair before the T.V. table, right arm lightly resting on the chair's side and his exceedingly pale face with bright lilac hair barely resting (more like touching) his hand. The other two stood behind him; rigid and straight backed. The one to his left had red spiked hair wearing a white and red jumper and black trousers, his unusual blue eyes were normal in size though his mouth lay open in the tiniest of gapes as he continued to stare at the now blank screen. Whereas to his right stood a boy with two-toned slate/dark blue hair, which also defied gravity in parts, wearing blue combat trousers, a black and red sleeveless shirt and a white scarf with a very dark jacket on. His countenance showed anger with a hint of what could possibly be classed as worry, although his eyes were narrowed, they shone with disbelief as did his companions'.

Stunned, they each continued to stare.

One would think these boys had not comprehended the report but that one would be wrong. They knew exactly what these people were suggesting and simply could not believe anybody taking such a cock-and-bull story seriously.

Sure the lad was missing under strange circumstances and if the BBA was involved then his disappearance was more assured (for they - meaning Mr. Dickenson - would know of Tyson's likely whereabouts better than some stranger who couldn't simply find him in the house or get him on his mobile or through nearby friends), but that didn't make him liable for double homicide simply on that account. Surely any jackass would know that? Unless that reporter wasn't giving them the full low-down on the situation as it stood, intentionally or not. Which meant...what?


Umm 1st one is a bit of babble...might be best to just ignore (shrugs)

(1) I'm figuring since BBA is worldwide that something involving their champ on this scale would reach further than 'just' Japan. As for the station itself I don't know particularly of any that would do this – I mean even with the Western version of Beyblade you always had the flaw of was English their first language or can every single person here speak all or most of the different languages they came across? Seems a little weird that they are all linguistics don't ya think? So as always I ignore that little flaw (some programs are 'far' worse!) and I'm asking you to just go with it.

(2) Daymare. As in Daydream only it's a nightmare only not at night. Get it?

Also final note: This is going to be a long running one so I have to ask any that read this to be incredibly patient (considering how long this first chapter took). But I was thinking about other characters reactions and possible involvements (some are already figured) but if there is anyone in particular you'd like I'll see what I can do

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