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A Walk in the Woods 5

"Finally! I was going to start combing the river bottoms for your mangled body soon." A door slammed, and evil daggers of light stabbed at Red X's eyelids. He groaned, sleep was so nice every once in a while.

"What do you want Demetry? I was working." He grumbled and sat up, wincing and cradling his ribs. He was in a pretty sorry state, but still felt worlds better than earlier that day.

"So now 'working' constitutes getting the snot beat out of you and bleeding all over the couch, again? Spill it, what happened?"

"You sound like a disgruntled housewife."

"What? Is it a crime to want to know if someone will be sending a hit man over here to pay a visit? You know, so we'll have the guest towels out." His voice was dry enough to chip paint. "What's the damage anyway? That is the worst bandage job I have ever seen by the way." He pointed to the rough bloodstained piece of fabric clumsily wrapped around the wound on X's leg.

"I wasn't exactly in a meticulous mood. X snapped, running his fingers through his hair. "I was late delivering that list of cargo numbers with the stolen artifacts. Willy and his boys shall we say, were not pleased." The thief shrugged and winced. "I gave as good as I got, problem was that my side was spread out over seven people, not quite as effective."

"Well, what hurts?" Demetry pulled out a sizable box of supplies and dragged over a chair. "I swear, I get more medical practice from you than work and school combined."

"Liar, you're premed and a freakin' EMT."

"My point exactly. What made you late man? The Titans or something."

X swallowed a chuckle "Sort of…" He then launched into an abbreviated, mostly accurate account of the night's activities while his friend helped him treat the various bruises and lacerations etc. His body was now rather colorful he noted. When he finished his roommate burst out laughing.

"You old softy." Demetry mocked, "Who'd have thought that under all the cursing and violence you actually have a conscience? and now you'll even have a dashing scar on your face to impress her with. Oh, and your going to have to go get your leg sewn back together soon if you don't want it to fester." The sizable job completed, he unceremoniously dumped everything back in the box and kicked it under the sink in the connected kitchen area of the small apartment.

"No. No way, hospitals and doctors ask questions. You know how, you do it." Red X grunted in pain trying to get his shirt back on without puncturing a lung.

"Do I know how to shove a needle into a bad cut? Yes, but I've never been formally trained. No, you are going to the hospital."

"Come on! You gave yourself like 30 stitches backpacking last year, and it healed fine." Wheedling was low, and he knew it, but at the moment X really didn't care.

"I had no choice then. I was friggin' 300 miles from anything, alone. And do you have any idea how much that hurt? I passed out half way through and had to finish an hour later when I came to. It's a miracle my arm didn't get infected, fill up with puss and fall off."

"But it didn't, and what, do you think I can't take a little pain? Just do it! I can't go to the hospital." Now things were getting desperate, not only did doctors ask questions, but he knew for a fact a certain group that was very concerned with his identity was going to be there. Definitely not worth the risk. Demetry just continued to shuffle through coat pockets and the layer of detritus on all the flat surfaces of the place.

"You should probably get the broken ribs checked out too."

"Fine, I'll do it myself." He started to stand to find a needle, but was pushed back down both by gravity and an irate Russian jingling the located keys in front of him.

"You're going." He said with finality. X started to protest again, trying really hard not to sound like a five-year-old, but was cut off. "I may not be all crazy ninja like you, but I think I can take on a cripple." He flexed a fairly sizable bicep to emphasis his point. The thief glared.

"Not that I'm not like, really happy that Raven might be getting better and all, but I am bored out of my mind!" Beast Boy was restlessly wandering around the pristine room being told not to touch anything. Robin was absently playing cards with a fascinated Starfire, and Cyborg was leaning against a wall flipping a rubber reflex testing hammer from one hand to the other. The excitement of the news of their comrade's change in condition had degenerated rapidly when the group soon realized that there really wasn't all that much to do in a hospital room other than watch Raven gently undulate in the air above her bed.

"Gin! Oh Robin I Have triumphed again!" Starfire burst out happily. Robin gave her unenthusiastic congratulations. 'I should have brought a book.' He thought.

"I think I'm gonna go check this place out, a few of those hawt candy striper girls were checkin' me out on the way in." The little imp wagged his eyebrows suggestively and sauntered out of the room.

"16 with the mentality of 12-year-old." Robin shook his head. "Hey Cy, could you-"

"I'm on it." He tossed the small medical hammer back on the countertop and was off to reign in the beast.

"Robin! I have dealt the card afresh, do you wish to begin?"


The very blonde sound of giggling girls lead the tall teen to his query. Several young female uniformed volunteers stood in a clump around something green and flickering. Beast Boy was at it again showing off various cute and fuzzy forms to 'impress the ladies' as he put it.

"There has got to be some health code against wombats in a hospital." He reached in and grabbed a green fluffy ear. It rapidly changed into a much smaller pointier version.

"Dude!" Beast Boy squeaked. The girls giggled all the more, a few sending appreciative glances in Cyborg's direction. They quickly sobered under a stern look from their supervisor and regretfully dispersed to tend to their tasks. Cyborg steered Beast Boy back down the hallway.

"Man, do I mess with you when you're hangin' with chicks?"

"I never take you with me so you can't."

"They were totally digging the marsupials too."

"You know, they're laughing at you when you do that, not with you."

"What are you talking about? Of course they're laughing at me, that's my secret, I'm the number one funny man in the city. They ladies love a cute and cuddly comedian. How else do you get a date?"

"Did you ever think just talking to a girl genius?"

Beast Boy stopped for a second and looked puzzled. "Why?"

"You are hopeless, scrawny, green and hopeless."

"And bored! Now what are we supposed to do?"

"I dunno, there's usually a lounge or something in these places."

The two wandered around for a while talking and joking as they tried to find something, anything to do. They were passing a bunch of general examination rooms when they heard a loud angry voice coming from one of them.

"Look, doctor I told you, I don't need an x-ray to tell me there are three cracked ribs on my right side!" The voice was rising in volume like the speaker was trying hard not to get too angry but failing. The two titans stopped and shared identical mischievous looks of 'what else do we have to do?' and immediately scampered into the empty room next door. Cyborg turned his audio sensors way up and Beast Boy pressed a huge bat ear against the adjoining wall.