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Riku:A Lesson In Love

I knew from that moment I shouldn't have said what I did. I bit my lip, wishing time travel was possible. I saw him fight with the tears I knew were threatening to ruin his composure. Why did I have to say that? I frantically reached out for him when he turned to leave. To my surprise, he stopped. He didn't look at me. Great, that was the last thing I needed. I saw a lone tear slide down his cheek and watched it silently as it hit the floor.

"Sora... I'm sorry."

"No. I understand."

Fuck, he was going to leave. Think Riku think!


I turned around and kissed him hard on the lips, feeling his hands come up to push me away. I forced them back to his sides and continued to kiss him, hard, then soft, then pulling away. I noticed his sapphire eyes just opening. I brushed the hair from his face and stroked his slightly tanned skin with my own, paler fingers. I slid a finger down the salty trail the tear had left and wiped it away. I hope he listened to me.

"I'm sorry Sora. That wasn't what I was supposed to say."

"No, you were just thinking it instead."


"Look Riku. I love you, and the only reason I pushed you away before was because I was scared okay? What we are doing isn't like anything I've ever done before. I'm playing with fire, and I'm afraid of getting burned. I had thought that this was a mistake, but you made everything feel alright, like it was supposed to happen."


"Let me finish! At first I thought I never wanted to be intimate with anyone, but you saw past that. Why Riku? Why do you like me?"

I frowned. How could Sora think so low of himself?

"Sora. You're perfect, and beautiful. You have a gaze that shatters my own into a million pieces. They light up when you are happy, and when you are sad, they cloud over. Your hair is silky and shiny and flows through my fingers. Your lips taste sweet, all the time, no matter when we kiss. You are cute in everyway, and you have the most adorable pout I have ever seen. When you touch me, I feel like my whole body goes into overdrive because I am that happy. Don't you see? I love you so much; I don't know what to do with myself!

Shut up, Riku, shut up. You sound like a mad biscuit. Oh great, now he's gone all quiet. That's a bad thing. Ummm.

Oooh er. That's better.

He pushed his lips to mine softly and reached shyly for my hands. I let him take it how he wanted, standing on his tip toes to reach my lips. I lost myself completely, enjoying the kiss that was purely Sora. When, and only when he pulled away did I kiss him, Riku style. Sliding my tongue into his warm softness, seeking to taste more of him than I'd ever wanted. I walked forward, pushing him up against the wall, hearing him hit it with a bump, but we didn't stop. I let my hands wander under his shirt and all the time my mind was screaming, 'Go Riku go! Oh how I hope this isn't a dream and Sora actually HAS a penis!'

With another little gasp of breath, we went back to exploring each other's mouths. It was only then that I realized that his hands were tugging at my shirt, undoing the buttons and pulling it off. What a kinky little minx! I let him slip my shirt off, but in return, I turned him around, not leaving Sora's mouth alone, and pushed him over onto the bed, his cinnamon covered head landing among my fluffy black pillows. He rolled over on top of me and ran his hands down my chest, tickling me and tracing the lines of my muscles with his koi little fingers.

"I've always wanted do this," he breathed, more to himself than to me. He rested his head on my chest and put his ear to my heart. I knew it was pounding, threatening to rip out of my chest and break free. I stroked his hair gently, loving the feeling of his chest moving against mine. I hugged his shoulders, content to lay there with him forever, but Sora had other plans. He turned his head to the side and placed his lips to my chest. I sat up for a minute and gazed at him thoughtfully. I slowly slid off his own shirt. It wasn't like a huge sweaty race to get each other's clothes off either. Everything was so gentle. I didn't want scare him off.

After most our clothes lay discarded upon the floor, I kissed him, fast, like a snake on its prey and pushed my body close to his. The only thing between us was the thin clothing covering our crotches. Yes, the boxers. Or, in Sora's case, lacy black and white French knickers. I ran my tongue over his lips and slipped it into his mouth before he could pull away. Never breaking the kiss, I pushed him backwards, so he was led fully on the bed. I left his mouth and made my way down his perfect chest, taking one of his delicate pink nubs into my mouth and teasing it. That made him moan. I kissed my way down his chest; sliding my tongue into his navel and feeling him grasp my hair for comfort. It actually occurred to me that Sora was being very generous today, but at the same time I was scared that if he asked me to stop now, I wouldn't be able to.

"What's wrong?"

I had pulled away, lost in my thoughts, alerting Sora to the fact that I was really thinking. He tilted his head to the right slightly, in his cute little confusion. I decided to tell him.

"Sora. I'm scared that if we carry on, and you ask me to stop, I won't be able to."

"I see."

He pulled me down onto him, so either leg was across his stomach and kissed me, I instantly responded, deepening the kiss and caressing his tongue with my own. He pulled back.

"Then don't stop."

What? Was that Sora's permission to do what I wanted? I could have always interpreted it wrong. If I thought something that was wrong now, I wouldn't be able to go back. Ever.

"What are you saying Sora?"

He breathed in fast and let out what he wanted to say in one long breath.

"I'm saying that I'm ready. If you are... or course..."

I didn't answer. My hands were already running over his skin and my mouth was already latched to his. I touched the inside of Sora's thigh and he moaned into my mouth. He moaned. That was so fucking cute. I felt his legs wrapping around my waist in an attempt to push closer to me. I took a chance.

And that's it. The knickers and boxers were off, flying through the air and sailing, landing gracefully on the windowsill. We never stopped for a breath, and my hand snaked to his crotch, where I felt Sora's erection, just as it was supposed to be. At least it wasn't a dream.

I touched it hesitantly, before hearing Sora cry out. I silenced him and put my face close to his, one hand sliding to his entrance. With our mouths still attached, I slid a finger into his warmth and waited. Yep, he cried. Cried out that is. He didn't actually cry.

"Ahhh... Riku..."


I couldn't think of anything else to say. I felt him shift uncomfortably and I pushed in another finger. He bit his lip this time, drawing blood. I added a third finger, feeling him flinch in pain.


I tasted salty blood in my mouth. His teeth were gritted together and his eyes were squeezed shut. I closed my own eyes, and splayed my fingers inside him.

"Gah! Ummm... Riku!"

More blood, and more cries. I withdrew my fingers and breathed onto his lips.

"Sora, it hurts more like this."

He made a funny noise and turned over. I swallowed hard. If Sora didn't like this, then he'd never do it again. And I'd end up withered, old, and dying for a release. I had one chance, and I was determined to make it work.

I grabbed hold of Sora's hips, feeling him shaking steadily under my touch. I asked him if he was really ready for this, and he said that he was scared. I tried my best to reassure him that no matter what, I loved him, and nothing was going to change that. He nodded furiously. I let out the breath that I hadn't realized I'd been holding and pushed into him, entering fast and hard.

He did cry then. Two tears, one from each eye, leaked out from his lashes and ran down his face. I wiped them away, kissing the back of his neck gently, giving him a moment to adjust.

"Nuh... Riku... it hurts..."

"Shhh... Sora... it will be okay, just go with it, okay?"

"Uh... okay..."

I saw him grab the pillow with both hands as I began to pump into him, feeling Sora's tight channel around my erection, encasing it in warmth. As my heart began to beat faster and faster, Sora's moans became more noticeable, his breathing heavy, and sweat poured from his forehead.

"Uh... Riku... ahhh... faster..."

I did as I was told, pushing faster, and hitting into him with more force, being sure to reach his spot every time. I felt my own pleasure growing, like a burning candle, shielded from the wind. We were made for this. This was supposed to be. Nothing could stop us from being together. I threw my head back, letting moans escape my own mouth, but I couldn't form anything beyond his name. Looking down, I saw Sora's head had been thrown back too. My eyes clouded over in a veil of lust.

"God... Sora..."

"Nugh... uh... ah..."

I closed my eyes, grinding into Sora like I was getting paid for it. I bit my bottom lip; Sora's hands clutched the pillow tightly. I thought I'd better take his mind of the pain, so I wrapped a hand around his arousal and started to pump it in time with my thrusts. He moaned louder, and I saw a whole new side to him. Instead of the stubborn little pouting kid I'd seen before, I was looking at a submissive beauty. I loved this side almost as much as the other side. Almost.

I could feel the first sparks of my climax running through my body. They started as a deep rooted pleasure in my crotch, but grew, spreading, its tendrils reaching out to the outmost parts of my person, such as my toes and fingertips that tingled with excitement. Shudders flew in crazy patterns up my spine and I knew they were doing the same to Sora. At least if I died now, (mid orgasm and all), I'd die a perfectly happy man.

Fuck, he was tight. I knew he was a virgin and all, but I never expected him to be like this. I was ten times, no, a HUNDRED times better than I had expected. I'd choose this over jacking off any day.

"Nugh... ah! Riku...ah... sama..."

Cute. He DID call me it after all. With that new drive in mind, I turned all my focus to the task at hand. He was close too. REAL close. I took my free hand off his hip and held his hand with mine. His small fingers coiled around my own, gripping them tightly, letting me know he was there. Not that I didn't know that of course, I was having sex with him after all...



I could feel it. The pleasure, flowing throughout my entire body and flaring up to its full extent.


"Uh... RIKU!"

I came, releasing all of my pent up frustration and problems in one go. Sora came too, that much I could tell by the warmth in my hand. We both collapsed, shaking onto the rough sheets and breathing hard. Sora turned over, gave me a sweet kiss on the lips before cuddling up to my chest, curling up there.

"Love you Riku."

"I love you too chibi."

We stayed like that for a while. To me, it should have been forever. I could have quite literally stayed like that for the rest of my life. With my arms tightly around the sleeping beauty next to me, I felt at home. I felt complete. Cheesey, but true. So true.

I wonder what my Mother would really think. From what I knew of her, she would have accepted me, no matter who I loved. She always encouraged me, and supported me in the love department. Now I wonder what she'd have said if she was still alive, and she knew I'd just fucked a guy. Would she be proud of me for loving who I wanted? Or would she feel sickened because I really WAS different to other people?

I brushed a lock of hair from Sora's face. My Mother would be pleased. Sure, truth to be told, I was fucking a guy. But this guy was cute and polite, and really needed looking after.

That was it. The main reason I loved Sora. When my Mother was alive, she used to look after me. Now I felt a deep surge of responsibility to look after someone to take her place. Sora was perfect for me in so many ways. I'd never be able to name them all. I watched intently as his breath rustled the bangs around his face. Each little gasp landed on my chest, making one little spot warmer than the rest. I noticed how his jet black lashes were still shimmering with tears, but I didn't dare wipe them away. Why would I want to wake him now, when he was like an angel in my arms?

Too late, Damn people knocking on my door. I never have visitors! Well... maybe if I ignore them they will go away.

Hommm... (That's me by the way, meditating to Buddha to make the people go away. Not that I'm a Buddhist, but since almost all religions are against homosexuality, I'll stick with the most forgiving.)

Buddha, you have failed me. Why? What have I done against you wishes? Okay... besides that... and that... and... Uh... forget it.

I padded out of bed carefully and stuck my boxers on. God... will you stop knocking already? If you wake my little gemstone up I will be your personal organ remover.

"Hey Kairi."

She smiled shyly at me. I didn't mind if it was Kairi. I invited her in, and made her a drink. We both had a coffee. Well? It had been a long day! We sat down, and she gave me the hamper that was full of Sora's clean underwear. I explained what was going on with Rinoa and then what went on before she came in. She raised an eyebrow.

"You and Sora had sex?"



"Yup yup."


"I know."

"I never thought I'd ever hear that."

"I was beginning to think the same thing." I smirked and showed her into my room; where she stifled a laugh at the discarded clothes, and she pulled back the sheet a little. Sora had both his fists clenched and the sheets pooled around his waist, just covering him.


Eh? "Well what?"

"Did you enjoy it?"

"That's a bit of an understatement Kairi..."

She giggled and patted me on the back. "I'm happy for you."

"Me too."

We were both having coffee and watching Television when Sora shuffled into the room in his boxers, rubbing his eyes and limping a little.

"Well, about time sleeping beauty. Do you want some coffee?"

He shook his head. "Riku..." he whined, "I didn't think it would hurt this much..."

I got up from where I sat, put my mug down onto the table and lifted him up, taking him to the chair and sitting him on my knee. Kairi frowned.

"You said Rinoa got expelled?"

"Suspended. But I don't think they'll be letting her back in at all. At least, that's what the principal says."

"This is bad."


"Rinoa's dad is a benefactor, and one of the main fund sources for the school. If Rinoa is expelled, then the contract is cut and we don't receive most of the money."

"The principal will come up with something. He always does."

"Guess you're right."

I let a smile grace my face. It was going to be a good day, well, the rest of today was going to be good anyway...

I stood up, ignored Sora's whining and sat him down next to Kairi. I plodded into the kitchen and started making some pasta for the three of us. We'd missed our tea down in the hall; because of certain 'reasons' that need not be explained. I called out into the living room if Kairi had seen Tidus yet. She said yeah. He had got back last night, going straight to her room. She really loved him. I thought it was totally adorable. And I approved. Tidus is seriously one of the nicest guys I have ever met, and he knows how to treat a lady. We have been friends a long time.

I left the water boiling and wandered back into the living room. I sunk back into the chair, sighing.

"Hey Riku? Can I use your computer? School's are on the blink again."

"That's 'cos the technician is a wanker who doesn't understand computers."

She laughed.

"Of course you can go on it."

Kairi smiled and left the room, I heard her playing with Shadow before she sat down to search the internet. I sat where she once was and pulled Sora up, so his head was resting on my chest. He was watching TV. Or, at least, he was looking at the TV. I don't think he was actually paying attention.


I looked down. His face wasn't smiling, unlike mine. "What?"

"Was I... any good?"

I laughed, a tinge of amusement in my voice "You were great Sora. P E R F E C T. In fact, you were so good, I'd even go as far to say one hundred billion out of ten."

He smiled then, snuggling back up. "Well, that's okay then."

He was confusing sometimes, which is weird, because I'm not easily bewildered. I flicked through the channels aimlessly, trying to find something halfway decent. There was absolutely NOTHING on. I gave up, throwing my hands into the air, and dropping the remote. I leant back on the sofa, closing my eyes.

"Riku? Do you have any paper for your printer?"

Shit. "Uh... I don't think so... I'll go and get you some. Wait here."

I got up, leaving Sora watching Kerrang. "Back in a minute," I said, leaving them to look after my room.

There was hardly anyone about. After tea, all the girls usually went to their rooms to do homework or hang out at the common room. Usually at this time, I hung out the library, reading or doing music worksheets for my Dad. The librarian sometimes gave me some paper, but I think the best bet was the printing room. That was down the next set of stairs.

I opened the printing room door and grabbed some paper from the side panel when I noticed Cloud, storming out of the office next to the print room and shouting at Leon, who made no attempt to bring him back.

"What's up Cloud?"

He glared daggers at me and strode off, ignoring me.

"Leon? What's going on?"

He didn't say anything, just hung at his head and bit his lip. He turned the other way. I needed to tell Sora when I got back.


"Sora, I think Leon and Cloud have fallen out."

"No. I already know about it. It's nothing serious."



He was wide awake now, all thanks to the three mugs of coffee he had downed. Though he was still limping, a smile was wide on his face. Kairi was typing rather furiously.

"Hey... keyboards aren't like pianos you know..."

She only laughed. She'd been laughing a lot more since she had met Tidus. Even I had noticed. I had also noticed that she looked a lot more attractive when she smiled. She even had dimples. Her eyes opened up, so the blue shone through. I could definitely see what Tidus saw in her. Not only that, but she reminded me of the girl I used to live next door to. Only nicer. She didn't laugh in my face and call me a freak.

Sora yawned. How could he still be tired after he'd slept for ages? Well, only he could pull that one off. I hugged him tightly.

"You'd better get dressed."

"Only if you do."

"Hey, I don't have to. You, on the other hand, can NOT walk back to your dorm in just boxers. Plus they are MY boxers. You have to go and put your knickers back on. You can't walk back in just those. Everyone will know you're a prince, not a princess."

Cue the pout. He mumbled fine, and he went in to go and put his skirt and shirt back on. I leant against the door frame.

"What time are you off Kairi?"

"I'll just be another five minutes. Tell Sora that if he wants to wait, I'll walk back with him."

Sora decided to wait in the end. Kairi printed off her design homework and she put a jacket on.

"I'll see you tomorrow Riku."


I leant in to Sora, kissing him softly on his lips before telling him I'd see him tomorrow too. And, if he wanted to, I'd give him another swimming lesson. He agreed, a wide smile on his face. He waved down the hallway and I waved back, shutting the door with a soft thud.


I was sitting in the courtyard now. I had to check on the old man. Yeah, the one my mum talked about before she died. The old man, was really a tree. A skeleton tree, which had not bloomed once since my Mother died. Now, all that was left was a bare white trunk, with wrangled branches, all white, and shimmering in the moonlight. My Mother had loved this tree. When she came here as a child, she used to sit by this very pool, and throw pennies into it, and make a wish. She'd wish that the school would stay open forever, so everyone would have a chance to see its beauty and respect its history.

I reflected on things that had happened in the past few hours. I wondered whether I would ever be as happy as I was earlier today. I wondered, would I ever be as happy as I was with Sora? Would I ever be as happy with someone else? I shook my head. No. I wouldn't. Sora and I were made for each other.

I trailed a lazy hand down my left arm, and fingered raised scars there. A long time ago, I have given up hope because I knew my mother was never coming home. I had given up hope because my father beat me into a pulp and blamed me for my own mother's death and wouldn't respect her last wishes.

I was a hell of a lot smarter now. I knew what I needed to do. I know that life is only what you make it. Life can be anything. I know that now. These scars are only here to remind me of who I was. I'm not that person anymore. I have moved on.

My mother would be happy for me. Why would she want to see her only son slashing himself to ribbons and being miserable, everyday?

Thinking of my mother reminds me of why I am in the courtyard in the first place, and I snap back to reality.

So, I crouched down by the old man and lifted the plaque that stood at its base. Sure enough, there was the safe. I turned the wheel, hearing the cogs turning inside and the click as I gave the combination.

0, 6, 1, 8, 2...

I flicked the catch as I always did, and lifted the lid.


Where was the money?

I raced up the stairs.

My Father. He had taken it. I knew it! I should have moved it earlier! I didn't even bother knocking, I just smashed open his door, looking with horror as he was counting the money, fingering my Mother's beautiful sapphire necklace.

"How dare you touch that," I spat at him. He had smiled, calm.

"Riku. I'm just taking what your Mother owed me."

I tried to keep calm as something else hit me.

"Where's the rest of it?"

My voice shook, even though I made it seem demanding. He took a glance to the window, where I saw my Uncle making his way across the yard. What the fuck? Why the fuck were they doing this to me? I went to get the money from my Father but he held onto it firmly. I picked up the necklace instead, and out of my character, burst into tears.

"Why Dad? Why can't you believe me about Mum? It wasn't my fault!"

I saw a tear run down his cheek. "Do you think I think that? I loved your Mother. I loved her with all of my heart and soul. When she fell pregnant with you, we rejoiced, but I never thought it would come to what it did. How was I supposed to know that it was going to happen? I was shocked, true, but it never stopped me loving you."

"If you loved my Mother, you would have respected her last wishes!"

"How do I know she even said that?"

"Are you calling me a liar?"

"Who knows."

I shook my head in rage, before storming out and heading towards the yard.


It was raining heavily, the November rain smashing against the concrete and bouncing off. I stood in the wet, waiting for my Uncle, who threw me to the floor.

"It's your fault! It's all your fault!"

I blinked. What was he talking about?


I realized he wasn't actually talking to me. Leon and Cloud were stood outside the school gates, walking towards us. I knew this was only going to get worse.


I took a chance. "Sephiroth, what's happened?"

"That's it! I've been dismissed by the heads of the board! And it's all your fault! Leon, and Cloud, I swear that no matter what happens, you'll pay for this!"

After that, everything happened it slow motion. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Sora, Kairi and Tidus running towards us. Sephiroth had stared, disbelieving, and gone back to ranting, his rage fuelling the red mist in front of his eyes. Sora had started to reason with him, but my Uncle didn't like to be talked back to. He backhanded Sora across the face, and he was flung onto the concrete as if he was made of paper. I had lost it after that. I couldn't focus on anything; I just remember hitting my Uncle with all my might. No one, NO ONE touches Sora like that! But, like Sora, I was thrown onto the ground as well.

I looked up, the rain beating my hair, making it wet and limp, and stared through dead eyes at Sephiroth, who had his gun pointed straight at Cloud's heart.

"You're mine, Strife."

It was barely a whisper.


Like a monkey warrior, Tidus was on Sephiroth's back, locking his arms around his neck, making the gun fly off course, and the trigger was pulled.


He fell to the ground, shaking. The bullet had streamed through the wind, riding the air currents, and finally, gashing into his hip, ripping the skin and pouring fresh blood over the once, grey stone floor. Leon rushed to his side, his face worried and yet, calm.

Sephiroth wasn't shaken. He heaved backwards, then, with uncanny strength, threw Tidus forwards, aiming at his torso with dead precision. He wasn't going to miss.

He fired.

I closed my eyes to the gunshot, but I couldn't keep them shut. When I opened them, a whole scene unfolded in front of my crying eyes.

Instead of Tidus lying there, dead, there stood Kairi.

Tall and proud, and without an inch of fear on her face. Her dripping red hair had come loose of the scrunchie's hold, and was moving gently in the wind. She moved her soft hand from her stomach, and looked down at the hole the bullet had made. I gasped.

Tidus was stricken. He stumbled to his feet and caught Kairi as she fell, slowly, all her strength fading. No one moved. A deathly silence clouded the air and all that could be heard was Tidus, sobbing gently. My heart was pounding.

He fell to his knees, holding her tightly to his chest, his tears sliding down his own face, and landing softly with a splash onto hers. The rain cascaded over her face, hiding her own tears. Her eyes opened, the bright blue shining through, fading.


"Hey Red... I'm here..."

She smiled. I felt my eyes cry harder.

"I love you."

"I love you too, but hold on Kairi, I'll get help."

"Just don't leave me... please?"

He nodded, his blonde, choppy hair caressing her face. The rainwater gushed into the bullet wound, pushing the blood out of it, so it pooled into her shirt, the red stain spreading, its tendrils reaching out, rooting themselves to the outermost regions of the white cotton. I went to go over, but Sora's hand on my wrist stopped me. He was right.

Tidus started sobbing, harder, pulling Kairi closer to him. She smiled and lifted a hand to his face, her slender fingers tracing his jaw line and bringing his face to hers, touching her lips to his in a kiss that was so soft, it was like from fallen angels. Her star spangled lashes drooped, and she looked into his eyes with veiled sadness. Her head fell back into his arms and her hand slipped into his, her grip loosening with every passing second. I felt sick. My throat had gone dry, and I felt my heart falling into the pit of my stomach. She wasn't going to make it.

I heard his voice, quietly singing, the wind carrying the words to the tips of my ears, barely getting there.

"You are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy, when skies are grey. You'll never know just how much I love you, so please don't take my sunshine away."

Tidus kissed her forehead lightly. Her lips parted. Her eyes dimmed. Her fingers slid away from his.

And her hand fell to the ground, falling, landing softly on the floor, splashing into the rainwater and staying there, unmoving.

Tidus cried out. I covered my face with my hands. I didn't know whether she was dead, or barely alive. I felt everything being ripped away, like it happened when my Mother died. There was a strange noise in the distance.

"Sephiroth, we are arresting you on the charge of assault. You do not have to say anything, but it will harm your defense if you remain silent. Anything you do say, can, and will be held against you in a court of law."

Paramedics, police. They crowded around like moths to a light, dragging my Uncle away and laying Kairi on stretcher. She was still alive. Tidus went with her. Leon went with Cloud. I felt like everything was my fault. It was MY family that had caused this pain, that had put everyone in danger. Yet, I was sick of apologizing for them. I was so sick of living with their mistakes. I never wanted to see any of them again.


I had been talking to James, the principal of our school. I had talked to him, cried on his shoulder and waited in his office for the last three hours. We knew nothing of Kairi, but Cloud was going to be alright. I thought that the police were going to have to take us in for questioning as witnesses, but a policeman had seen the entire thing. I wanted to be sick. My chest had tightened up, and my hands were clammy. Sora was sat by the side of me, his face in shadow. I wanted to take his hand and hold him tight, telling him everything would be alright, and he didn't have to be afraid. I wanted to, but I would only be telling him lies.

My Father was to be fired, because he was in affiliations with my Uncle. James narrowed his eyes at me, before taking his glasses off and rubbing the bridge of his nose.

"Riku. I understand that your Father has hit you on occasions."

I froze. Sora hung his head even lower. I had to make a choice. I could turn in my Father for who he was, and reap the rewards of being left alone, yet be sent into the foster care system. Or, I could stay with him and be beaten for the rest of my life, and lose Sora.

"I understand that you do not wish to go into the foster care system."

I looked up, wondering whether he was going to give me an alternative. He did.

"You could stay here if you wished, under my care. Riku, you have been in this school for a very long time, and your Mother gave more to this school than me. I want you to have the best in life, and have the chances that your Mother did. If you wish to stay here, I would allow it, and you could learn and teach here for a long time. I would be honored to have the only son of Iris Almassy living under my care."

I think I startled Sora when I threw my arms around the principal, but I didn't care. I was so happy. He'd be a better Father than Ansem ever was. Now, if Kairi made it out of the other side of this okay, everything would be perfect.

"Sora, do you wish to continue being a student here?"

"I don't know."

What! He was considering leaving me? After MY life was almost perfect! No. I wouldn't let him.

"No. She IS going to carry on learning here; I just think she's a little shaken by these events."

His white eyebrows furrowed. With a sigh, Sora reluctantly agreed with me. We were out of the office soon after. I punched the air as soon as I left the room.

"Sora! Don't you see? I'm free! No more Dad!"

He shrugged. I knew he was still upset. We didn't know anything about Kairi. We had grown so close, us three. We were like a trio. We WERE a trio.

After that, Sora suggested we ring the hospital, but we weren't given any information.

Luckily for us, Leon came back in his car and said he'd give us a lift to the hospital. We jumped in his car, me and Sora in the back. Leon drove like a maniac. Seriously, I'm not sure how many times I grabbed the seat like my life depended on it, I lost count. I took hold of Sora's hand. He was shaking. I felt a twang of pain near my heart and I leant close to him, wrapping an arm around his shoulders, trying to find something comforting to say.

"She'll be fine Sora. She can make it through this."

He sniffed, loudly. I hugged him close, helping him out of the car when we arrived at the hospital. The clean smell hit me, making me scrunch my nose up disgust. I saw Sora do the same, and I let out a nervous laugh. Leon left us at the desk and I pushed Sora slightly behind me.

"Excuse me miss, we're looking for a Kairi?"

"I'm sorry sir, but you'll have to wait in the lounge until the doctor will see you."

"No, you don't understand. Our friend Kairi has just had a serious accident."

"The department you're looking for is on the second floor sir."

This is why I fucking hated hospitals. Where was the point in sending us one floor up?

We made it there without getting lost, thanks to Sora pointing out the signs. The girl at this desk was much prettier than the one downstairs. She looked a little like Aerith, only she was a lot younger. She spoke with much more grace than the other woman.

"Hello? Can I help you?"

"We're looking for Kairi."

Her gaze left us, scanning the computer screen in front of her eyes. She smiled back up to us. "Just take a seat in the lounge please. I'll send someone to see you."

Tidus was there, his head in his hands, hunched over, his hair still dripping. I put a hand on his shoulder, taking it away as he woke from his daze. His eyes were blurred and swollen, and he looked like complete shit. I... uh... didn't tell him that though.

I wrapped an arm around his shoulders and Sora did the same. Tidus buried his head in my shoulder. I felt sick all over again. My best friend was always so strong. I had known him for a hell of a long time, and I'd freaked out more than him in that time. Now it had come to a time when he needed me, and I couldn't just leave him.


An extremely long eight hours passed. Every doctor that came out was for someone else. We were the last people in the lounge after a while. It seemed so empty and lifeless when there were no ill or ailing people crowding the seats. Sora was asleep, led down in my lap, his legs across Tidus's waist. There was a purple and black bruise just starting to creep out from under his hairline. A flare of rage burned up inside me again. How dare my Uncle touch Sora? How dare him! Tidus was dropping off into slumberland too. Once or twice his eyes would blink open slightly, but other than that, he was shutting down. I wasn't tired. I couldn't help but feel it was my fault.

There was a slight bleep in the background. I saw a man in a long white overcoat walking towards us, and I slid Sora off my lap, heading over to meet him.

"Hello. Nice to meet you, my name is Dr. Merlin."

"I'm Riku, sir. How is she?"

"She's... stable." He frowned, giving me a look of concern. "We managed to close off the wound to her stomach, but it seems that when she fell, her head must have been jolted. The trauma to her head, well, we won't know the extent of the damage until she wakes up."

I opened my mouth to say something, to say anything, but all I could muster was a noise that resembled a cat being strangled. He looked behind me.

"Is your friend okay? Please could I take a look at his head wound until you are permitted to see Kairi?"


I led him over to Sora and he observed the emerging bruise on his forehead, all the while tutting, as if to a naughty child.

"What's the matter?"

"This looks like it could be infected." He pulled some gauze from his overly large pocket, and ripped a little off, dousing it in an antibacterial gloop. He dressed it in a frothy white cotton before sealing it under an equally white bandage. He handed me a vial to top it up with. Sora never stirred.

The Doc was interesting enough. He talked about his lesbian daughter for a while, and kept thinking that I knew her, but I had no idea who she was. He showed me where the coffee machine was, and I gave him a potted explanation of what had gone on. He nodded, giving his 'ums' and 'ahs'. He said that Cloud wasn't in this department, because this one was for school base injuries. I coughed, hiding my amusement. School based injuries? My ass. Hmmm...

I felt a tugging on my sleeve. I gazed down into the same pits of blue I had done the other day. The night had passed, and now the sun was just rising, gracing the hospital's harsh red bricks with a warm glow. I sighed. "Sora?" I said, questioningly, noticing how he had been crying again.

"My forehead hurts."

I kissed it lightly. "It will get better soon."

Another doctor came in, leaning in, whispering to Dr. Merlin so we couldn't hear. I prepared for the worst. If this was anything like my recent luck, I'd be grieving from now.

"You may see Kairi now if you want."

I ran over and nudged Tidus. He shot up from his chair and headed up the corridor. It had took us nine hours, and six pots of coffee, but we were allowed to go and see her. We strolled into a blindingly white room, where we saw a patch of red lying over a cotton pillow.


She turned her head to one side, and I automatically knew something was wrong. She wasn't looking at us. She wasn't even looking at Tidus. In reality, what she was actually looking at, was nothing. Nothing at all. Around her eyes was a bandage of thick cotton gauze. And although she was smiling faintly, the picture doesn't didn't seem right.

I didn't know if anyone else was going to speak, judging by the shocked stares on their faces. I dove into conversation. "Kairi... what's the matter with your eyes?"

She hung her head a little and tilted it slightly. She reached out with a second's hesitation and I held onto her hand. "Riku..." she mumbled." I can't... I..."

"What is it?"

Tears streamed from beneath her rough bandage and I held her in a hug whilst she sobbed. "I... can't see..."

She... couldn't see? It took a while for it to sink in. I felt her shaking. She asked for Tidus in a scared tone, and we stood back, leaving them together. She seemed ashamed.


He didn't say anything. If I had been in his shoes, I would have at least tried to say something comforting, but he didn't say anything at all. I smacked in the arm, hard. I hope it hurt him too.

"Kairi," he said, slowly, as if she had brain damage rather than an eye injury, "You know I love you, no matter what happens."

She tilted her head and nodded in understanding. Yet, it felt like she was averting her gaze. Uh... well... avoiding him. "You mean that?" she whispered.

"Of course." He kissed her gently. "I thought I was going to lose you back there Red, I really did,"

Her laughter rang out among the bleeping machines and she ran a hand across his face, slowly, tracing the contours of his lips. They kissed, Tidus's arms wrapping around her shoulders. I pulled Sora out and we sat outside, in an awkward silence that seemed to loom over us.

"So… Sora. How have you enjoyed your first year?"

I got a smack across the head as a response, but he was smiling. I returned the smile, feeling a strange warmth cross my heart.

I was free.

No more beatings. No more guilt. No more worrying. No more ridicule. I was free. Free of being ignored and tired of having the wrong attention. Free from answering back to people older than me. Free to be with Sora, forever and ever.

"What is it Riku?"

I looked at him, my head slightly tilted. His eyes were worried. I pulled him over to me, and stroked his cheek in a loving manner.

"Nothing. Nothing is wrong. Nothing at all now. Don't you understand Sora?"


"I'm free. No more restrictions. Only I can say what I can and can't do."

"And ME!"

He giggled like a little girl and collapsed into my lap, where I found his hand in mine.

I was the luckiest guy alive. I'm in love. Someone loves me.

My best friend is okay, my family is gone.

I get to live life for me, and live to my hearts content.

No more hiding. Today, and from this day forward, I, the real Riku will come out of the dark.

And into the arms of an angel.

And as for another year of Feria High School?

I say…


FIN. The End.

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