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The feeling of re-molecularization was disconcerting to say the least.

Jack was afraid to open his eyes. He had never been a hopeful person, but right now with his eyes tightly shut and his wife curled into him, he was hopeful that when he opened his eyes he'd see Thor. The other options went through his head, Ba'al and the Replicators all had the Asgard beaming technology now too...but right now, he wanted Thor.

Jack finally pried his eyes open, and before he had the chance to look around, Sam went still in his arms.

"Stay with me baby, sweetie, please stay with me...Sam..." Small endearments kept slipping from his lips as he shook his limp wife in effort to wake her up.

Just as the full implications hit him, a sharp white light went off in his face. He was momentarily blinded, and in this state fell off the hospital bed that had obviously been beamed up with them. When he crawled to his knees he found the bed was empty. Panic overtook him until he looked up.

Sam was across the ship, in an Asgard medical pod with Heimdall overlooking her. Thor, was approaching him, a small wailing bundle in his arms.

"Your daughter, O'Neill." The small alien stated as he passed the small bundle to the crying man.

Staring in awe at the small child wrapped in a pink blanket, and in advertently reminding himself to ask Thor where he got the small pink blanket, his mind turned to his wife. Upsetting the child in his arms, he sprinted where she lay, looking at her still face and grabbing her limp hand, he willed her to wake up.

"Thor, what's wrong with her? Is she going to be ok?"

"She will be fine, O'Neill. The internal bleeding that was upsetting the child was minor, and repaired easily. I believe your doctor's would have learned this as soon as they began their procedure. Both would have been fine without our intervention."

Taking deep breaths and trying to calm his rapidly beating heart, he felt pressure on the hand he held in a death grip.

"My fingers need circulation, Jack, if I'm going to hold our daughter."

The Asgard medical moved to accommodate her wish, and she soon found herself holding her daughter with her husband just next to her, his hands protectively around them both.

"I believe the child is hungry, Colonel Carter, but 'breast feeding' is beyond our knowledge to teach. We must send you back to the hospital."

A small giggle passed through Sam's lips and after a quite playful, "No giggling, Carter" Jack asked the small alien to return them to the SGC infirmary, with Daniel and Teal'c, of course.

Another blinding white light found them all in the SGC, Daniel and Teal'c with expectant looks on their faces.

Both approached the couple with smiles. "They all thought we were nuts when we went to the gift shop after you disappeared. The hospital staff was freaking out, Jack. It was quite funny. But, we didn't want to show up empty handed." Daniel stated.

With that comment Daniel and Teal'c both handed beautifully cut large white lilies to the beaming mother.

"Mine, Colonel Carter, are for the child. She is beautiful."

"Yes, she is very beautiful." Daniel added.

Grabbing the flowers from them and sniffing them lightly, she laid them across her lap and grabbed Jack's hand tightly. Looking at the flowers and thinking back so long ago to the moment when she was standing at the altar staring at Pete clutchingugly flowers in her hand, she thanked whatever God that was real for this moment, with her child, her husband and her best friends.In that moment, she knewwhat it meant to betruly blessed.

Taking another look at the small child in her arms and fingering the fresh flowers she replied:

"Thanks guys. Lilies are my favorite."

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