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"Robotech: Gundam Chronicles"

Prologue: "Final Destination"

On some remote planet, deep in space

A battle being waged

Strong, powerful heavily armored soldiers and mounted up in their machines of war fought against a tide of armored opponents. Even as their line began to waver, they fought on, not giving a centimeter to their opponents, but they did give them volleys of particle cannon fire. Then the purple and red crab-like mecha fell upon them like a wave upon a seawall. The two sides began to grapple in hand to hand, still exchanging fire with one another. The battle was all, but lost when an energy barrage came from the heavens and began to hole the crab-like mecha.

"Thank the Masters! Reinforcements!"

"This is the Seventh Meltraedi Patrol Squadron, it looks like you men need some assistance," a female voice mocked openly over the communications network.

"This is Emperor Dolza, Commander-in-Chief of all Zentraedi Forces," a tall bald and oddly colored, like a cross between coal dust and dark purple paint, dark skin man answered, effectively shutting the woman up, "We would have gladly died here, but we need to protect Zor. We have lost track of him in this attack, we need assistance in finding him and relocating him and SDF-1 Macross to a new location, preferable if it were a hyperspace jump to Tirol."

"I understand, we will gladly assist you in this endeavor, but I have one question, where is the legendary Breetai?"

"Missing as well, as I had him take our best and most elite troops to find and protect Zor, while defending SDF-1."

At that moment, a tall and slender man with long purple hair in near-form fitting violet clothes with a dark blue cape held on by yellow clasps stood inside a command room of a hidden bunker, alone, or so he thought. Another man was there, he was hidden, an energy pistol in hand. He took a deep breath and then rushed around the corner only to find an infantry particle rifle pointed at him. Apparently, the man in purple had been waiting. He had picked the rifle up quietly as the man took his breath and turned silently in his black boots to confront the man in blue with a red cloak over his shoulders with gold chain holding it in place around his shoulders.

"Zor! Why did you betray the Masters!" the man shouted.

"They perverted my work, murdered my father, and then to add more insult to injury, murder my wife and child in front of me. That is why I intend to rob them of their power, but with naked force, impossible! I had to seed other planets, then I planed to reseed Opterra!" the man named Zor roared back at his one time friend.

"YOU'RE MAD ZOR!" the man in blue yelled, neither knowing that two separate groups had found the bunker and were inside duking it out, seeing who could get to Zor first.

"Yes, I know, I failed and now all the planets that we have seeded are now doomed to war for a long time, but I intend to make amends, even in death, I will see to the destruction of the Robotech, the liberation of not only those we oppress, but our own Zentraedi and Meltraedi warriors. This move will hopefully bring peace to another planet, a beautiful jewel of a planet," Zor lowered his rifle and turned to look at the main view screen, showing LIVE feed of a blue and white planet with smattering of brown and green here and there as well as huge habitable space colonies. "Help me Cai (Sai with a C and not an S), help me deliver vengeance for your sister and niece," Zor was practically begging in his own way.

"Very well brother, I have too long held disagreements with the Masters and even the newly formed Elders. They usurped the Republic and turned it into an Empire, against the better wishes of the people no less," Cai said as his light blue eyes, which matched his hair color, stared at the screen.

Just then an explosion occurred and a tall man, a real giant of men, was sliding on his back into the room grappling with a red crab-like machine of war. He threw a hard left hook and sent the machine flying, giving him enough time to grab his particle pistol from its hostel and put three holes into the machine. Then two purple crabs entered and fired high-energy beam cannons at him, one shot hitting him in the right side of his head.

The remaining shots had been wild and one had hit the ground where Zor stood. Cai ran to his friend and brother-in-law, "ZOR!"

"Take the Macross to the planet and hurry… they are… on… the…verge… of… a… war… of… empty… hate…" Zor went into a world of blackness, not dead, though not long for the world of the living.

"I will see to it personally, my friend and brother," Cai said as he noticed Zor's wrist comm. blinking, he took it and activated it.

"Master Zor its about time! The Invid are attacking, we must flee now! Troops loyal to the Masters and Elders are in orbit! Its now or never!"

"Zor is dead and this is Cai, I will be there soon, we must flee and head to a planet were there is no hope of the Masters or the Elders finding us or the Macross. For Zor's memory and the many others who have died in vain, because of the madness of a few," Cai began to walk out of the bunker and to the underground high-speed transport that will take him back to the SDF-1.

"Copy that Master Cai, we will be waiting, but we don't have much time," the person on the other end said.

"I know," was all Cai said as he activated the transport.

February 14th, 70 CE

4,320 kilometers from Junius Seven, PLANT

Roy Fokker took a long drag on his cigarette. He didn't like the fact that they were about to invade the PLANTS on such flimsy evidence as "they destroyed the United Nations and nearly wiped out Copernicus." It smelt of Blue Cosmos and he wasn't the only one to be pointing fingers at Blue Cosmos. Hell, it was next to impossible NOT to NOTICE that Blue Cosmos had been in the area for a long time and that the UN had been working against them. Now here he was not even five years later, preparing to attack and occupy one of the PLANT colonies.

"Sore losers," the pilot next to him said.

"I hear that Dave," Roy said, knowing that Dave was referring to their so-called leaders.

"I hear the Roosevelt has something unusual aboard her, some have said a nuke was put onboard," another pilot chimed in.

"Doubt the Roosevelt's Captain would allow it, he hates nukes with a vengeance and a damn good reason, his family had been Khasmerians, before India and Pakistan decided to up the ante with nukes," Roy said.

"Yeah, but Roy, don't forget we have blue-boys aboard our ship too," the pilot said.

"Don't worry Mickey, I highly doubt that… Scratch that, let's keep our eyes open and tell the others, in whisper off course," Dave said, meaning the other pilots that could be trusted and it was easy to tell who had caught the Cold or who was a real soldier.

Then it hit the fan, ZAFT had decided to strike first when the 7th Orbital Fleet had crossed into PLANT territory. The battle practically forced itself to the fringes of Junius Seven Space and then into when the Roosevelt's XO sent out a final message to the men and women of the 7th Fleet.

"Blue Cosmos has hijacked my ship, Nukes in play! Final transmission of Roosevelt XO… BANG! BANG!"

"ROY I SEE'EM!" Mickey cried over the radio seeing three TAS-01 Mobius Mobile Armors with a nuclear payload.

"Tally ho!" cried a British mobile armor pilot as he began to chase the three nuke-laden Mobius.


"This is the Kenosha! All ships and armor, bug out!"

"SKULL SQUADRON BUG OUT!" Skull-Lead yelled on the Tac-Net, Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Roy Fokker didn't need to be told twice.

That would not be the last transmission heard that fateful day. Full-scale nuclear war had been averted as the trio of nuke bearing mobile armor and the target, Junius Seven, disappeared with-in a blinding light. The three mobile armor and hundreds of other mobile armor and ZAFT's own mobile weapons, mobile suits, 50-foot (20 meters, roughly) tall bi-pedal humanoid machines of war. The Kenosha and the Roosevelt had also been lost that day, along with the entire 7th Orbit Fleet of the Oppose Militancy and Neutralize Invasion Enforcer (OMNI Enforcer), better known as the Earth Alliance, except one mobile armor and its pilot, which had been found by ZAFT.