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Pale streams of morning sunlight lit up the delicate new facade of the rebuilt Opera Populair, glittering gold filigree attracting the attention of a young Romanian girl. She pulled her ash grey shawl tighter about her shoulders and quickly ascended the sparkling marble stairs. Reaching up a thin pale hand, the girl knocked forcefully upon the double doors, it's echo resonating throughout. With a loud, audible creak, the doors swung open, revealing the managers Andre and Firmin.

"Well hello there little one," Andre said with a warm, kind smile. "What can we do for you?"

"I was wondering," the girl asked, voice slightly tinted with an accent, "if you would be willing to give me a job."

"What? As a chorus girl? Ballet dancer?"

"No, no!" she exclaimed. "I cannot sing to save my life, and my dancing is atrocious! Perhaps as a stagehand?"

"A stagehand?" laughed Firmin harshly. "That's not suitable for a wretch like you. Now off!" The manager shoed her away as she jumped back, a venomous look staining her emerald eyes. In a huff, she shot off into the alley alongside the opera house with tears streaming down her face. Suddenly, she ran head first into a stranger. They fell back, the girls eyes glued to the grimy alley pavement in embarrassment.

"I'm sorry monsieur," she mumbled.

"That's quite alright, but it's best to watch where you are going, young miss." The girl jerked her gaze upward, meeting the kind, dark eyes of the voice.

"You are a foreigner too?" she asked excitedly.

"Yes, yes I am," the man said, straightening his turban. "My name is Nadir, and I am from Persia. Who, if I may ask, are you?"

"I'm Alexial Valarious from Transylvania. My parents sent me here so I could live a better life than what we had." She sighed sadly. "But I cannot seem to find anyone willing to employ me." Nadir cast a thoughtful look toward the opera.

"Have you tried-"

"Yes, just did," Alexial replied hurriedly, cutting him off. "And they rejected me as well. I wouldn't want to impose on you, monsieur, so goodbye." As she turned to leave, Nadir grasped her arm.

"I am positive," he whispered, "that I can get you a job here." Alexial cast her eyes downward in fear as the Persian suddenly pulled out a knife. She dove away with a grunt, mistrust gleaming in her steely expression like daggers. Nadir glanced at the girl, confused, then laughed in good nature.

"Oh no dear girl! I mean you no harm! I simply meant for you to look like a boy, for they are more accepted in this society."

"If you're thinking of cutting my hair off, I won't allow it!" Alexial clutched a lock of long, midnight hair protectively as Nadir sheathed the knife with a sigh. He looked around quickly, squinting his eyes in the dim light.

"Aha!" he said triumphantly under his breath. The Persian bent down, picking up a dusty brown messenger boy's hat. "Hide your hair under this." After she had tucked her inky locks under, the Romanian looked exactly like a teenage boy of the age. "Perfect, and your clothes are a boy's also, which is good." The girl discarded the shawl and looked about herself nervously.

"I fell so different," she mused.

"And you look different too," Nadir replied, "but your cover is blown if you keep your voice high like a lady's."

"Oh." Alexial cleared her voice and made it deeper. "Better?"

"Much better." He guided her to the opera house steps. "Now go."

"Thank you so much monsieur Nadir," the girl whispered gratefully. "How can I every repay you?"

"By looking out for the Opera Ghost. Protect his whereabouts and make sure he does not kill." The Persian seemed so frightened of this Opera Ghost: both of him a what would happen if he was found.

"I will try." Nadir smiled and turned away, disappearing in the morning crowds. A paperboy was yelling out today's headlines, waving the article about in the air and in peoples faces, much to their annoyance. Alexial quickly adopted the boy's accent and manner, practicing with desperate precision in her mind. With hope and uncertainness shining in her heart, she raced up the steps again and pounded enthusiastically on the golden molding. Again, the managers greeted her.

"Mornin' guvner," she slurred perfectly. "Need a hand 'round here?"

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