Ice Queen

By: Ashley's Fool

Summary: AU. Sharpay Evans is known as the Ice Queen at East High. But what happens if the Ice Queen is hiding something from everyone, including Ryan. Now, someone will do whatever it takes to find out the truth and reveal the true Sharpay. TxS.

Genre: Romance/Drama

Rating: T for language and some sexual content.

Disclaimer: I do not anything that has to do with High School Musical.

A/N: Hell everyone. I got this idea while reading a High School Musical fanfic. I feel there are too many Troy/Gabriella fanfics. So I decided to write this. Hope you like. Enjoy.

Chapter 1: The Ice Queen Returns

Ring. Ring. Troy Bolton woke up and read his alarm clock. It read 7:00 a.m. He groaned, as it was the first day of his junior year. He dreaded this day. The only exciting thing was the fact that he would be able to see his girlfriend, Gabriella. They decided to be girlfriend and boyfriend a week before school started. He decided to get up and take a shower. While in the shower, he started thinking if this would be a new year. Was Chad still gonna be a baseball fanatic? Was Taylor going to be co-captain of the Scholastic Bowl? Was Zeke going to share his recipes with them? Was Gabriella still gonna be the same girl he first met? Was Ryan still going to have his "bold" personality? And was Sharpay still going to be… Sharpay. After this thought, he got out of the shower, and began to do his same, monotonous routines: get dressed, eat breakfast, say good-bye to his parents, catch the bus, and head to school, ready to start his first day of school.

"Troy! Troy! Troy!" The crowd cheered as he walked inside the school.

"Now come on guys. This is too much." he said, trying to sound modest.

"No it's not! You led our team to the championship last year! And you'll do it again!" His best friend, Chad exclaimed. "Come on! Who's our captain!"

"Troy!" the crowd shouted.


"Troy!" Just then, Gabriella walked inside. She made her way toward Troy, and gave him a quick peck. Everyone cheered at the sight of this. The couple turned a crimson red. No one knew that from a far, a blonde teen was watching the whole thing through her designer sunglasses.

Ring. Ring.

"Huh." Sharpay moaned as she woke up. It was 5:30 a.m. She hated waking up this early, but today is the first day of her junior year. She knew that today was an important day. Last year things went horrible. After Troy and Gabriella won the lead roles in the Winter musical, they won the lead roles in the Spring play, while she and her brother were stuck being their understudies. Hell would freeze over before Sharpay would let the power couple win another lead role. She rose from her large queen bed and took a shower.

After her shower, she returned to her room, and made her way to her closet. She was just frustrated; she was having trouble picking out an outfit that said, "I'm better than you in everyway." After minutes of searching for the perfect outfit, she finally found it. She took it out from her closet, and put it on, making sure that everything was "Sharpay worthy, right down to the trivial details.

She walked to her brothers room, her heels making sounds as she walked. "Ryan? You up?"

"Of course. I'm cleansing my face. I found a blackhead." Sharpay winced.

"That's disgusting."

"I know. So what are you going to wear."

"Here." He She opened the door, revealing her brother in a lime green robe, covered in a greenish goo in his face. He looked at the outfit. "It's perfect. You are so going to stand out." Ryan said.

"I know. Now don't wear something tacky. You know if you look bad, then I look bad. Got it?" she told him.

"I know." he said. Sharpay helped her brother pick out an outfit, and after an hour, they were out the door, ready for the new school year.

"Can you believe her?" Sharpay responded in disgust. "Look at her skirt. It's too short. What is she trying to look like. A slut."

"Her shoes are nice." Ryan commented. Sharpay just rolled her eyes.

"I mean look at the two freaks. They are sticking their tongues in each other's mouths. It's grotesque."

"You're jealous of her." he mumbled.

"You mean of Gabriella.?" Hell no."

"You're mad she has something you don't have."

"And what is that?"

"Troy Bolton." Sharpay was silent. She then said, "You think I am jealous of her. I am Sharpay Evans. I am jealous of no one. Now let's go. We have to make our appearance."

Troy, Gabriella, and the gang walked in the hallways, as if they were the group to be seen in.

"I can't believe this is our junior year." Gabriella said, as Troy held her in his arms.

"I know. It's going to be the best year. Wait, has anyone seen Shar…" He didn't get to finish his sentence because there she was, Sharpay Evans, making her big entrance. She was wearing a tight, denim mini-skirt, a pink blouse, a denim blazer, pink boots, and a pink Coach bag. Her brother was matching her, wearing denim pants, and a pink dress shirt. He was wearing one of his famous hats, this one, denim. The two definitely stood out from the crowd. His mind went blank. She walked passed him and all he saw was her booty, which she had been working on for the whole summer. All he could think of was

"She has gotten cuter."

As Sharpay was making her big entrance, she could here all the comments people made. She smiled to herself at all the things many had to say

"Is that Sharpay."

"Damn. She got hot!"

"Did you see that. That's a nice ass."

"She is such a slut."

"Her brother is so hot. If only he wasn't gay."

"He's not gay. He's just a metro."

"Wow. A lot has changed."

"She is such a fake." harpy didn't seem to mind the people who were talking bad about her. She didn't care. That was until she heard. "Here comes the Ice Queen, coming back from her hibernation." She turned around.

"Who said that!" she screamed. Everyone went silent. "Who said that!"

"Sharpay. I think we should…"

"No, Ryan ! I want to know who called me that!" she then saw a shy looking sophomore. She looked at her. "Was it you."

"Me…me…?" the girl asked.



"Liar." She grabbed the girls books and threw them on the floor. "Call me that again, and I make sure it's the last thing you say. And that goes for everyone." She walked away, tears beginning to form. She heard someone say. "The Ice Queen returns." The tears came pouring down as she walked to the bathroom.

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