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Ice Queen

Chapter 10: Almost (Part 2)

"Now, you will kiss her with passion and I want to see the emotions running through your bodies." Ms. Darbus said. The two nodded, and turned to face each other once more. Sharpay closed her eyes and Troy leaned in. Their lips were about to touch when…Kelsi Nielsen barged through the auditorium doors and scurried her way to Ms. Darbus. She was clutching on what seemed to be a folder full of papers.

"I was able to get access to the AV center." Kelsi explained as she took what appeared to be ballets from the play. "I was able to make enough copies for everyone."

"Splendid." Ms Darbus clapped. "Mr. Bolton and Miss Evans were at the part where Roman and Julia were about to share their first kiss.

"Oh, well can that wait?" Kelsi asked. "I think I should first past the song sheets to everyone.

"Miss Nielsen. You do not say when it should be the right time to stop." Ms. Darbus told her.


"I agree with her!" Sharpay yelled, stunning everyone, including Ms. Darbus and Troy. "I mean, we should all start rehearsing the songs first. After all, the last production, we waited for the last minute with the songs."

"Good thinking Miss Evans." Ms. Darbus said. "Okay, we will take a ten-minute break." Kelsi opened her folder and began to hand out the song sheets. Meanwhile, Troy made his way toward Sharpay.

"Sharpay? You okay?" Troy asked.

"Of course. Why wouldn't I be?" Sharpay gulped her bottle of water.

"It's just that you seemed kind of nervous with the whole kiss." Troy replied.

"Me, nervous about a silly kiss. Troy, I am an actress." Sharpay stated. "I am not scared of kissing you."

"Okay, just wondering." Troy mumbled. Ms. Darbus reappeared.

"Okay people, let's get this show on the road. Everyone to their places!" Ms. Darbus announced.

Two hours passed, and rehearsals were done. Troy and Sharpay were able to get through the rehearsals without kissing. Ms. Darbus decided that they would not practice the kiss yet. So as Sharpay gathered all of her belonging into her pink book bag, Troy approached her.

"So, are you ready?" Troy asked.

"Yeah, give me a minute." Sharpay answered. Sharpay finished packing her things and the two left the auditorium, Sharpay walking in front of im.

The two made their way towards Troy's vehicle. Sharpay sat in the front seat, as Troy began to drive away. Meanwhile, Sharpay was fiddling with the radio.

"You know Bolton, you have terrible taste in music." Sharpay teased. "Oh my God! My favorite song." Sharpay increased the volume.

And here were are, the song of the wonderful and talented Ashley Tisdale off her debut album. And this is "We'll be Together." Sharpay clapped as she began to sing the song.

I'm not alone
Even when we're apart I feel you
In the air (yeah)
I'm not afraid
I know what you're thinking
I can hear you everywhere…

As Sharpay sang the song, Troy couldn't help but be mesmerized by her voice. Usually, Sharpay's voice sounded rehearsed, but lately, there has been something different about it. She sounded so innocent, her voice raw and real.

"Troy! Watch the road!" she exclaimed, sending Troy back to reality, and focusing on the road.

"God, Bolton. You could have killed us!" Sharpay shouted.

"Sorry." Troy mumbled. As they stopped at a red light, Sharpay's cell phone began to ring.

"Hey Ryan."

"Hey Shar. Where are you?"

"I am going to Troy's house. I am practicing my lines with him." Sharpay informed him.

"Oh, okay. 'Reading lines,' yeah right." Troy could here Ryan laughing, while Sharpay blushed.

"Stop it Ryan. Listen, I'll call you back later."

"Sorry sis. See ya later."

"Bye." Sharpay hung up the phone, and turned her attention to Troy.

"Sorry, Troy, just don't listen to him." Sharpay muttered. Troy simple nodded, and focused his mind on driving. Meanwhile, Sharpay turned off the radio, but Troy did not mind.

"Anyway, I think my mom is home." Troy said, trying to start up a conversation.

"Okay." Sharpay replied in an almost inaudible tone.

"It's Tuesday, so my mom usually makes alfredo pasta with shrimp . You're going to love it." Troy told her, giving her one of his infamous smiles.

"I'm sure I will." Sharpay said, giving him one of her rare smiles. "Now, keep your eyes on the road." And just as fast as the smile came, it vanished, as Sharpay stared out the window.

After 20 minutes, of a silent drive home, Troy parked his car in the driveway. Sharpay opened the car door, and gazed at the house. It was a two-story, Tudor house, with charming little features. Although the house paled in comparison to Sharpay's lavished mansion, the house was inviting. "I know you are used to a more 'refined' setting, but this is my maison." Troy said.

"It's fine. Really." Sharpay answered, as the two entered the house. Immediately, as she entered the living, she caught a whiff of the food, which was very enticing.

"Mom! I'm home!" Troy shouted.

"Okay, dear!" a voice called back. "Dinner is just about ready?"

"Okay, mom. I brought someone to join us." Troy yelled back.

"Gabriella, it's good to see you again!" the mom, shouted from the kitchen, not realizing who it was.

"Actually, no, mom. It's not Gabi." Troy corrected her, giving Sharpay an "I'm sorry" look. Sharpay simply nodded. A woman appeared from the kitchen, and made her way towards them. She was in her late 30's, perhaps early 40's, but looked very good for a woman of her age. She had long flowing brunette hair, emerald eyes, and a bright, wonderful smile. One could guess that she truly was Troy's mother. Mrs. Bolton wore a simple red blouse, and a pair of jeans. She had a pink apron wrapped around her waist. She gave a hug to her son a motherly hug, and shook Sharpay's hand.

"And who is this?" she asked Troy, but did not take her glance from Sharpay.

"This is Sharpay. She is here to practice our lines." Troy told his mother.

"Oh, well it's a pleasure meeting you." She said to Sharpay, while giving her a warm genuine smile. She made her way back to the kitchen. Just then, the front door swung upon, revealing a tall fit man in his early 40's, wearing a red polo shirt, and a pair of jeans. It was Mr. Bolton.

"Hey Troy. How was rehearsals?" he asked his son. Mr. Bolton finally had been able to approve of the musical fiasco, and seemed to enjoy watching his son perform onstage.

"It was great dad. Anyway, Sharpay is here to rehearse more." Troy answered.

"Hello Miss Evans. Making sure my son has his head in the game?" Mr. Bolton asked her.

"Of course, Mr. Bolton." Sharpay replied.

"Good." Mr. Bolton made his way towards his wife and greeted her. Meanwhile, Sharpay and Troy just stood in the living room.

"I'm sorry if that was a little awkward for you." Troy apologized.

"Troy, it wasn't. I'm okay." Sharpay started to walk around the room, and took a look at the mahogany mantle. On it, pictures of Troy Bolton's family were spread out, covering every inch of it. One caught Sharpay's hazel eyes. She picked it up, and brushed her slim fingers along the silver frame. It was a picture of a much younger Troy Olton in his basketball jersey. Sharpay assumed that this was taken in the 5th or 6th grade. Sharpay just let out a muffled chuckle.

"What's so funny?" Troy asked, as he followed Sharpay. Sharpay showed him the picture, and Troy just shook his head.

"Aw, aren't you precious." Sharpay teased.

"Very funny." Troy smiled, receiving a smile from Sharpay.

"Kids, dinner is ready!" Mrs. Bolton called out. Troy walked towards the dining room, Sharpay following right behind him.

The dining room was furnished in a large dark mahogany dining table, with six matching chairs. Red tablemats, white plates, and glasses were set for each person. Sharpay sat opposite Troy, while Mr. Bolton was seated at the end of the table. Mrs. Bolton appeared from the kitchen, carrying two plates of food. She set them in the middle of the table. One plate contained alfredo pasta with shrimp, while the other had vegetables.

"Okay, guys dig in." Mrs. Bolton announced.

Dinner went by smoothly. Mrs. Bolton was able to have a nice conversation with Sharpay, and Troy was impressed. The two talked about the play, music, artists, and anything that the two could think of, while Troy had a conversation with his dad about basketball. After everyone was finished with their dinner, Mrs. Bolton scurried to the kitchen, and brought back a French silk pie, and placed it on the center of the dining table. She equally cut the pieces and handed it to each individual. Desert went by in silence.

After 10 minutes, Troy and Sharpay helped clear the table, while Mr. Bolton was in the shower, and Mrs. Bolton was in the kitchen, washing dishes. "So, you and my mom got along very well." Troy commented.

"Yeah, she's really sweet." Sharpay replied.

"Yep, she is." The two finished helping Mrs. Bolton, and the two headed upstairs and to Troy's room. The moment Sharpay entered the room, she immediately scanned the room to find anything interesting about Troy Bolton.

From the exterior, it seemed to be a normal teenage boy's room. The walls were a dark blue, there were pictures of half-naked celebrities on his walls, there was oak furniture pieces scattered across the room, and a Queen-sized bed positioned in the end of the room. "So, this is Troy Bolton's room?" she remarked.

"Um yeah. I hope you do not find what's on the wall to be… offensive?" Troy asked, rubbing his head.

"I get it. You are a regular teenager with hormones. I have a brother too." Sharpay said, patting him on the shoulder. She made her way to Troy's bed.

"Looks clean." She mumbled. She turned her head to Troy. "When was the last time you washed your sheets?"

"Um… last week. Why?"

"Okay, and when was the last time you… did the dirty deed?" She asked, trying to find the appropriate words.

"Um… I don't feel comfortable telling you about… that kind of stuff!" Troy exclaimed.

"Oh please Bolton. I know boys "pleasure themselves" at least two to three times a week." Sharpay explained.

"Sharpay! Please stop talking about that!" Troy shouted, blushing a dark crimson red. Sharpay just giggled.

"You know, Bolton. You are pretty cute when you get like that." Sharpay whispered, catching Troy's attention.

"Re….a…lly?" Troy asked, blushing a darker shade of red. Realizing what she had said, she mentally slapped herself.

"Sorry, Troy. That was me trying to be funny." Sharpay replied.


"We should get started on practicing." Sharpay declared.

"Good idea." The two grabbed their scripts and began to rehearse.

"So, what's brings you here?" Sharpay asked trying not to sound interested.

"Well, I was… actually going to meet someone here." Troy admitted.

"Oh, I am terribly sorry if I have kept this person waiting." Sharpay blushed a light pink. "I think I should get going."

"No!" Troy exclaimed. "I mean… I am happy being here… with you." Sharpay blushed a darker shade of pink. Sharpay began to gracefully walk across the room. Troy began to follow her.

"It's beautiful night." Sharpay commented.

"Yeah it is." Troy whispered. He gently placed his hands on Sharpay's chin, and gazed into her hazel eyes. He felt so much passion, and felt the dire need to slam his lips onto hers.

"Um… I think this is where Roman and Julia share their first kiss." Sharpay whispered, trying to keep her composure. Truth was, she was feeling something different… a feeling that she could not describe, the same feeling she felt earlier in the day. She was afraid of this new feeling… but was too overwhelmed by it.

"Right." Troy muttered. The two closed theirs eyes and Troy leaned in, the two merely a few centimeters apart. Just as Troy's lips brushed against Sharpay… someone appeared at the door.



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