Title: Naptime

Pairing: Roy Mustang & Edward Elric

Spoilers: None

Hm. Yeah. Onward.

It made Roy happy to see Ed like this. For once instead of turning in his report along with an oral, very descriptive rant, he sat down silently on the couch and seemed to be waiting for the Colonel to speak first, just that once.

Roy knew why. He knew the mission he sent Ed on was incredibly frustrating and tedious at that. It would fatigue anyone to file thousands of reports then write a report about filing reports. He didn't expect though, that when he put the report down – it was hardly legible in Fullmetal's slanty cramped handwriting – to find the image of Ed asleep.

At sometime during the ten minute window in which Roy had been struggling to decipher a sentence that looked strangely like 'crunchy man bits', Edward had lied down, with his stomach exposed. One arm had fallen limply off of the couch and the other pushed against the back cushion in what looked like an uncomfortable position.

"Fullmetal," Roy spoke in his usual calm voice slapping the papers down on the desk surface. The blonde did not stir even the slightest bit. He cleared his throat twice. No reaction.

Roy stood up and rounded the desk before leaning over and planting a kiss on top of the blondes head. He noticed before pulling away that his hair smelt like something sort of flowery. Something like a girl.

Roy had no idea what he was doing or why he was standing over a sleeping Edward. He just knew he liked watching Edward nap, and Roy only just stopped himself from kissing the boys lips. Only inches from Ed's face Roy examined every part of the child's face. He could remember a time when the curves of this boy were so smooth and young. Now that he was nearly an adult his face, handsome, held a sharp look.

Damn, Roy thought touchingthe cloth over Ed'schest softly, he even looks defiant in his sleep.

This was true, Edward looked just as determined as he always did except his mouth which was gaped open.

Roy's lips met his and it was different. It wasn't the same as kissing a woman but it was still nice considering Ed didn't kiss back. However after a few seconds Edward did begin to move and Roy stumbled behind his desk.

After a moment Ed was still and snoring lightly.

He crumbled a sheet of paper and threw it. It hit the blonde square in the forehead and one black rimmed gold eye flashed from behind an eyelid.

"What?" Edward said, his voice still coated in sleep."

"Nice of you to come back to Earth." Roy attempted to keep his cold composure. "As for your report…" Roy picked it up and read, or tried, a few words before putting it down and sliding it across the desk. "Rewrite it."

Edwards jaw dropped. "Why the hell should I?"

"Because I can not read your chicken scratch - if it could be called that."

Once Edward was gone after the argument Roy touched his lips with an ungloved hand and yawned.

"Tired." He mumbled and placed his head down on the desk.