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There will be more this is just a start. This story is in three parts, each with many chapters.

It all happed so fast that Anthony wasn't sure he knew anything for certain. As far as he could remember he was getting the coach and wasn't even 2 blocks away from Sweeney Todd's place, before passing the old beggar woman, who had stopped mumbling something about a city on fire, and asked had he seen the beadle and beware, beware or something. He continued onward slower as he tried to make sense of the beggar woman. Like that could happen, he thought.

Next thing he remembered was Johanna, screaming, running behind him, not making any sense, and he allowed her to pull him back to Mr. Todd's place. She pulled him downstairs to Mrs. Lovett's place, instead of upstairs, which was what he had expected.

And there he saw all the blood, he still couldn't even think about it, without the scene dancing in front of his eyes. And Mrs. Lovett's apprentice boy, Toby, he thought his name was, babbling on about grinding and holding up a bloody razor. Then before he could sort anything out in his mind, he and Johanna were taken by the police that had followed them there.

They were thrown in jail and Anthony was separated from Johanna. He begged and pleaded to see Johanna or write her a message, but everyone ignored him. Anthony couldn't figure out how long he had been there before they pulled off to court for being identified as the person who had let out all the people in Fogg's Asylum. He wasn't allowed to speak, as witness after witness charged him with disruption of the peace. And he was whisked away back to jail. And at the end of September, after a whole half a month in jail, he was shackled off the Botany Bay for life.

He was on the ship for a long time, in which he was chained and behind bars in the helm of a massive transport ship. And this was where he was when woke up from a month of fever. And this was all he could remember from the whole ordeal. Anthony felt that he had died and was watching his life go on about as he watching from the bottom of pit. And the fever that was going around on the ship had only made his brain more befuddled and confused. But Anthony was determined to figure out how to get out of this, or at least figure what had happened.

It was here on the ship that he met Carrie. She was in the cell next to him. Her hair was auburn and wavy, and she was short and slender, and had deep brown eyes. She looked to be about 15 or so, pretty young to be being shipped to Botany Bay. Even so she seemed to be still optimistic, and was the only one who would talk to him. Anthony wasn't sure if that was a good thing, since she talked nearly all the time. But as much as she talked she wouldn't give much about her past.

But she had plenty of things to say about London in general. She talked of shops, churches, men, woman, and things she had visited or met. But that was all. She would ask him questions, but Anthony was so confused about what had actually occurred, that he was able to express anything. He was kind to her when she rambled on. He figured that was her cover. If she never stopped talking, no one could ask her anything. He had a shipmate like that once, who covered up his pain by being the life of every party, quite a conversationalist, he was. Once Anthony told him he had was in all of the way he was always confident, he laughed and said it had only been an act, his whole life was. Anthony had told him that he wouldn't have guessed that.

Which was true, Anthony knew he was easy to fool. It had happened before. He couldn't read anyone, Anthony was horrid at that.

Carrie had shut up for once because she had fallen asleep. He tried to go over it all in his head again, but the more he thought about the whole ordeal, the foggier it got. How long had they all been dead there on Mrs. Lovett's floor? Why were they all dead on Mrs. Lovett's floor? Why had the boy gone mad? He had seemed sane all the other time he had seen him, thought that hadn't been often. Had he killed all of them? And why? And why didn't Johanna seem surprised? She had merely looked frightened. In fact when she ran into him, she had frightened him, and he wasn't sure why. Perhaps it was the fear, sadness, shock, or just the non-interpretable look in her eyes. Like a light had been turned off.

Like Carrie. Like almost all the people on this ship. Anthony wondered if he looked the same.