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It was getting near the end of the journey, Anthony could tell. The sailors had been getting restless, for weeks now, and they were starting to get excited. Anthony knew the feeling. As much as he loved the sea, it was just as exciting if not more, to be back on solid ground.

Carrie had gone back to her peppy, overly cheery ways, as though whatever had happened that one morning when she woke him up crying never occurred. Anthony would have rather had the crying Carrie, though; it was more realistic and she had forced him for that one second to think of someone besides himself first.

Not that Anthony was selfish or anything. Just near blind, like the carriage horses, with their blinkers on. Which was why he reasoned; that he hadn't seen the mess on Fleet Street coming. He was too busy looking to the future to see the present.

His thought drifted to Johanna, yet again. But this it was to wonder what had happened to her. Anthony didn't like to think about it, because he was sure it wasn't good. He had asked the priest on board once what the punishment for most murders was. The priest had looked at him oddly, surprised he was asking him. Then he responded that if a person was caught and the person affected by the murder brought them to trial, that they would most probably be hung.

His only Hope… he laughed to himself at the irony….was that she had not been able to be testified against, or that no one came to put her on trial. After all Jonas Fogg was an old eccentric with no children. But the whole thing wasn't in her favor. And even if she got out of jail, where would she go?

Anthony stopped thinking about it before he started mental tormenting himself again. It wasn't his fault. It wasn't, wasn't it?

"An eye for an eye...makes…" Carrie was babbling, and he didn't hear the rest of what she said.

"What was that?"

"What my mom, used to say, when she was alive anyway."

"No, what did you say?" Anthony asked slightly frustrated.

"An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind." Carrie repeated emotionless and rote like.

Anthony froze. Without even realizing it another piece of the puzzle was slipping into place in his mind.

"Whatever do you suppose that means?" Carrie asked clearly unaware of the significance of her previous statement on Anthony's thoughts.

"Revenge…." He whispered to no one in particular, trailing off into nowhere.

Carrie looked at him funny. But Anthony didn't even seem to notice. He was far away. Revenge. That explained all the seemingly random killings. Mr. Todd wouldn't speak about his past at all to Anthony on the ship. Anthony had respected that. Maybe he should have pried.

He thought back to moment on the ship, with Mr. Todd. It was stormy and no one was on deck. He went to talk to the guy they had pulled out of the water a few days before. He had refused to speak much to anyone, and Anthony hoped he could remedy that.

He had ignored Anthony when he had asked questions about him or his past. Anthony frustrated with him and exclaimed exasperated, "I wish I knew what you had been through. Then I could understand you better, sir."

Mr. Todd had turned to him, and replied, surprising Anthony. "The only way to understand someone is to have been through something similar to what they have been through. And what I have been through I wouldn't wish on anyone." Here he had trailed off, and then grinned rather oddly. "At least not my friends…."

Anthony sighed deeply.

I thought you were my friend, Mr. Todd. I thought you were my friend.