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Family Time

Ranma's dreams had been terrifying of late. Not in the manner of the nekoken, but something that was wrecking his fragile psyche, never the less. Tonight was no different.

"What am I doing in front of a door that is in the middle of nowhere?" The door shimmered and Ranma saw his girl side reflected, standing beside him. Turning to his right he saw her. The door or gate had disappeared. He wanted to ask what was going on but what came from his mouth was not what he intended, nor were his actions. "Well, Terranea my dear, our honeymoon awaits." He took her into his arms and they shared a passionate kiss that stimulated him in many pleasant ways, to his horror. A hand waved, a gate formed, and the two walked toward a bedroom on the other side. "I've been waiting for this all of my long life, Tempus, my soul mate."

The Gate disappeared, seemingly absorbed by his body as they approached the bed. By this time Ranma was a gibbering wreck in the corner of his mind that he now occupied. The two removed their clothes and did what newlyweds did.

After the first time, Ranma was still gibbering, but with a smile. The rest of the night he was beginning to merge, to participate with a dream so sharp and piquant that it felt more like a memory.

Ranma, lying on his futon began to smile, broadly, in his sleep as he began to shift to girl form, then back, several times.

"What now? Again?" Ranma looked to her left and saw her male self looking back with a smoky gaze. "Well, Terranea my dear, our honeymoon awaits." In her mind, the gibbering stated anew. The kiss, brief dialog and events passed the same as before. But this time, toward the end of the night, they felt the soul bond flare and two lovers finally became one. They became Ranma.

Setsuna was FURIOUS! A time quake had jolted her awake. She transformed and went immediately to the Gate of Time to find that her machinations had come to naught. Crystal Tokyo was now in none of the timelines and the culprit was obscured from her view. She was able to get a location and opened a portal to the location and leapt through, whispering "Dead Scream".

Ranma jolted awake, rapidly scanning his surroundings. The snoring panda began to calm him down when his danger sense spiked off the chart. A portal opened and a fuku clad woman with green hair and red eyes jumped through firing off what seemed to be a purple ki blast. The blast struck but did not explode with the temporal energies that Pluto was expecting. Pluto's staff ripped itself from her hand and flew into Ranma's chest, turning into energy that crackled over the boy's body. Ranma absorbed every bit of the blast, not noticing his change of attire, or the fact that he had grown a couple of inches.

Looking at her, he spoke from his memories, "Set-chan, is there a problem?"

The frightened woman spoke in a small voice.

"Poppa? Is that you?"