Hi, there! This is my first HSM fic, although I do have quite a lot of ideas. I want to make this selection on one of the most sucessful in the ammount of fics. It is growing quickly, but if everyone helps, we can make iot grow quicker. And have a lot of good fics to read. Oh, and was it just me, or did Gabriella's mother look...pregnant, in the movie. And I just cannot believe that Zac Efron kissed, kissed, Sharpay's character in The Suite Life Of Zack and Cody! Oh, well. It is a stupid show, anyway. Ducks to avoid large objects being thrown at her from fans of the show.

This is just a story on my point of view of what could have happened. In this fic, Troy's dad is still not happy about Troy singing withGabriella. He tries to break them up, can Gabriella and Troy overcome this? Also, Kelsi and Jason grow closer, and Chad and Taylor's relationship grows.

P.S. I do not have a beta, all mistakes are mine.

Troy took a deep breath as he twisted the door knob. He knew his parents were going to be mad. He was late again. After practicing basketball with the team for a few hours, he had left for Gabriella's house. He braced himself for what he knew was coming.

"Troy! You are late, again!" Troy looked up into the face of his father. After winning the championships, Troy's dad had not said much about his singing. That had been two weeks ago, and the excitment had started to wear away. Troy's father was not supporting his singing, and worst of all, Gabriella. He still thought that she was destracting him from basketball. He didn't know how wrong he was. Troy was most entergetic when he was around Gabriella, doing the best with basketball he had ever done.

"Sorry, dad. I was-" He was cut off by his father screaming again.

"Was what? With that Gabriella girl again! Troy, we have another game coming up!"

"Is that all you ever think about? Basketball? I did too, at one time. But I have learned there is more life than basketball, dad. When I am singing, all of the pressure that I feel when I am in the gym practicing basketball with you and the guys goes away. I feel free, not crushed by you to win tha game." Troy paused,calming down a little, then he continued."What if I quit?"

"What?" Jack asked, stunned that his own son would give up basketball for singing.

"What if I quit? Dad, all I have known my whole life is basketball. As soon as I was old anough to walk, you had a ball in my hands. By the time I was five, I was making my first hoops. I don't want to do just that anymore, I want to do more with my life, not just practice ball. There is just too much pressure, I don't think I can do that anymore." He sighed and looked at the floor.

"Is this about Gabriella?" Jack looked frustrated, but contained his screaming long anough for Tryo to answer. Troy just sighed in annoyance and stared walking up the stairs.

Troy hurried out of his house quickly the next morning. It was a Sutarday, and him, Chad, Taylor, Kelsi, Jason and Gabriella had plans to go to the carnival. It was going to be great. The only down side was that Kelsi had to take her four-year-old brother, Zak. He was loud, annoying, and hyper. Always. They met at the school.

"Hey, dude. Thank you for gracing us with your presence. Thought you would never show." Chad clapped him on the back and laughed. Troy forced a smile.

"Sorry, had to sneak out." Chad's smile fell.

"Is your dad bothering you about the singing thing again?"

"Yea, a little." Gabriella walked over and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek before linking her arm with his. "Hey, Gabriella."

"Hello. Lets get going, shall we?" Troy nodded and they all started off. Zak was beng loud again.

"But, Kelsi, I don't wanna hold your hand, girls have cooties!" He shoved away from her and stuck out his bottom lip, Jason almost crashing into him from the sudden stop. He sighed and looked down at the little brown headed kid.

"Look here, sqirt." He did not say it meanly, sqirt was just his nickname for Zak. "If I hold her hand, will you?" Zak seemed to think this over for a minute. Everyone had stopped and was not looking at the three. Kelsi was smillng.Then Zakwalked over to Kelsi and looked up at Jason.

"Ok, I am waiting for you to hold up your end of the deal." Jason almost laughed at the totally serious look on Zak's face, but took Kelsi's hand, anyway. Troy leaned closer to Gabriella and wispered in her ear.

"Well, I wonderif these two are going to ger their heads on straight, or if I am going to have to shove them in a closet together." Gabriella smiled, trying to hold back a laugh. Zak seemed to accept this, although he stood as far away from Kelsi as possible. Kelsi had started wearing her hair down, and had gotten rid of the horrible hat she always wore. He glasses had been replaced with contact lenses, and her wardrode was looking more and more human every day. They walked, everyone chatting quietly to each other, the rest of the way to the carnival. When they arrived, everyone paid and started walking around the fairgrounds.

"Troy! Lets go onto the Teacup!" Gabriella shreiked, running, and pulling Troy along with her. Although it sounded like a relativlly calm ride, Troy was supprised when they reached it.

"Um...Gabriella? I have never had a strong stomach, I don't know if this is such a good idea..." Gabriella ignored him and paid for the two. They entered the ride and soon enough it was full. It started spigging in large, fast circles and the teacups they were sitting in spun up and down andside to side. Troy suddenly felt like he shouldn't have eaten such a large breakfast. When the ride was over, he stumbled out of the ride.

"Man, you don't look so good." Chad siad, holding back a smile. Gabriella just grinned and skipped out of the teacup.

"Lets get back on." She said.

"Never...again..." That was when he lost it. He ran over to the nearest trashcan and emptied the entire contents of his stomach into it. Gabriella's smile fell and she ran over in concern.

"Are you OK?" She bent down on the ground to where Troy had dropped.

"I'll live," Troy said. Gabriella stood and put out her hand. Troy took it and stood with her. Chad couldn't take it any more. He burst out laughing and soon everyone was joining in. That is, everyone besides Troy, who was still to busy trying not to throw up again. Gabriella even cracked a smile. After Troy was feeling better, they all walked over to a large roller coaster. Troy looked up at it wearily.

"Chad..." He moaned.

"Oh, come on, man! Just ths once." Little Zac was jumping up and down, he had forgotten his close proximity to his sister, and was now running around in circles, using her leg as support.

"Coaster! Coaster! Pwease, Twoy?" Troy smiled at the little kid. His sisters was the only name he could pronounce right. Chad was Cad, Jason was 'ason, Gabriella was Gabbi, and Taylor was Waylor. Troy and Gabriella didn't mind their nicknames much, but Taylor could care less for hers. Zac continued to look at up Troy, his lip sticking out. Troy was supprised that he could even stick his lip out that far.

"Are you even aloud on that thing? You are what...four?"

"Almost five!" Zac exclamed proudly, holding up four fingers. Then he frowned, counting them and sticking another one up. "Swee?" Troy sighed.

"Come on," Taylor spoke up. "It won't kill you. Besides, I think everything you have eaten in the past two days is residing in that trash can over there." Chad laughed and walked over, looping his arm around his best friend.

"Tell you what, if you throw up, I swear, I will go on that pink little ladybug ride oevr there."

"I hate you!" Chad said, asTroy and Taylorpushed him over to the small ride. There were several little girls lined up outside it, giggling anf pointing at him as they waited for the man to open the gate so they could get on the little ladybugs.

"Well, I won, fair and square," Troy laughed and Taylor joined in. Even Jason, Gabriella and Kelsi, who were standing as far away from the ride as possible, laughed along.

"I still hate you." Chad shreiked as his friend and girlfriend pushed him into the door of the ride. Troy and Taylor ran back to the group as Chad scooted as far away from the little girl he was sitting beside as possible. The ride started up, and there were several girlish shrieks as it went up to an average of ten miles an hour. The ladybug seats suddenly sprouted wings as it went in circles. Zak stuffed his fingers in him mouth and pointed to Chad, who had his arms crossed and was glaring at Troy each time he passed their way.

"I think it fits him well," Taylor said. Gabriella's grin grew as she started walking toward the snack shack. Troy followed, not wanting to be near Chad when he finished the ride. Sure, he was going to be teased at school when everyone found out about his stomach problem, but Chad was going to be picked on for the rest of his life. Kelsi and Taylor stayed where they were.

"So, do you think he is going to kill me for this?" Troy asked Gabriella.

"I don't know. Personally, I think it is not near enough to be considered payback. I mean, you were in the restroom for near twenty minutes. I guess you really meant it when you said that you don't have a strong stomach." Troy looked over at her and smirked.

"Don't rub it in. By the way, where is Zak?"

"I don't know. Last I saw him, he was helping you push Chad into the ladybug ride." They both turned around and looked at the ride. Scanning the ladybugs, Troy gasped.

"Zak is on the ride!"

"Oh. My. Gosh. I didn't think it was even humanly possible. Zak? Isn't he the one that is afraid of cooties?" Gabriella asked, a look of amusment on her face.

"Well, he got over that one quick."

"Yup." They turned back to the candy counter.

"What do you want?" The man asked. His name tag read 'Matt'. Troy noted the bordness in his voice.

"Um...Cotten candy." Gabriella said, pulling out her change purse.

"I'll have one, too. Gabriella, let me get it." He took out his wallet and paid the man before Gabriella could protest. He handed her the cotten candy and took his own. They started walking back to the pink ride, which Chad had just gotten off of. On his head was a pink hat in the shape of a ladybug.

"Nice hat!" Troy said, clapping had on the back. Chad grabbed his hat off and threw it ont he ground, jumping up and down on it. Taylor looked at him in amusement.

"Lets go home." Everyone agreed, not wanting to argue with Chad at the moment.

"Hey, Gabbi!" Ms. Montez opened the door to see her daugther and Troy. "What a nice surprise. Why are you home so early?" Gabriella grinned and Troy ducked his head to hide a laugh.

"Oh, long story." Ms. Montez opened the door enough to let them inside and led them over to the couch. They both took a seat and Ms. Montez sat opposite from them on the love seat, curious as to what had happened, if anything.

"Well, lets start from the beginning." Troy said, about to start the tale before Gabriella interupted.

"Troy doesn't have a strong stomach, and he failed to mention this before I pulled him onto the Teacup." Ms. Montez didn't question this, as she knew her daugther loved the teacup. Troy took his turn and interupted.

"I did to, you just didn't listen to me." Gabriella ignored him and continued.

"Well, after he ridded himself of his brerakfast," Ms. Montez cracked a smile at that. "Chad and Zak conspired to make him ride a roller coaster. The deal was that if Troy threw up again, Chad would ride the Ladybug. Anyway, it was hard to shove him on the bright pink ride, but we got him on it in the end. After it was done, Chad looked like he was going to strangle anyone who looked at him strangly. He suggested we all go home, and as you can guess, none of us wanted to argue with him."

"Well, interesting tale. Troy, don't you have practice soon?"

"Ah...well...me and my dad aren't on such good terms right now, so I am kinda avoiding him at the moment."

"Whats wrong?"

"Well, the musical practice got in the way of basketball, and he blew up in my face. I threatened to quit, and that was the end of that conversation." Troy clapped his hands together and looked at the floor, not wanting to meet either Gabriella or Ms. Montez.

"Quit?" Gabriella asked, totally suprised.

"Yea, I don't think I can do it much longer. There is just to much pressure." He laughed slightly. "Sometimes I think that someday it is going to be way to much pressure, and I am just going to lose it, taking it out on everyone close to me."

"Don't worry, Troy. We'll work something out." Gabriella assured him, taking his hand.

"Troy? Would you like to stay for a while? I am going to start lunch soon."

"Thank you, Ms. Montez. I would love to." He looked up and smiled a little.

"Well, it will take a while, so why don't you two find something to do?" Gabriella and Troy nodded. They stood and started walking upstairs. Ms. Montezfrowned and walked into the kitchen.

"Troy, if it is causing problems with your father, I think we should quit the musical." Gabriella said.

"What? No, if my dad can't handle it, thats his problem. I want to do this. When I am singing with you, all of the poressure just...goes away. It's nice to take a break from it all." Gabriella nodded and leaned over, resting her head on Troy's shoulder. He wrapped his arm around her back and let out a breath he didn't know he was holding, glad that Gabriella hadn't argued. This was not the end of it, and he knew it.

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