Here is I'll tell you on Valentines Day!

This is, like I told you, a true-life story. But I 'm changing a few characters so here are their new people!

Chris: Danny (My BF) Cara: Sam (That's me!)

Sam: Tucker (Sam is a nice guy I know…he takes place in the story)

Casie: Valerie (My BFF)

Okay well here we go!


"Okay, know its my turn." Said Danny. I raised a Quaker, Tucker got his milk, and Danny his hamburger. The point of the game was that if its true, you eat something. But usually they were stupid questions that Danny and Tucker made up. Like, if you saw me put on pink or crap like that. Oh well…

"If you like- like someone in our English class." Said Danny. Holy crap. Tucker took a sip, Danny took a bite, and I crunched my Quaker. They both looked at me. Lexi, one of my friends, pointed at me and smiled.

"You like someone in our English class!" she said. I blushed like mad.

"Shut up!" I said. She stopped but still grinned.

"Hey Tucker, can you give me a few clues?" I asked. He smiled.

"Well someone is curious." He said.

"Just tell me!" he said. At that moment Valerie came and sat down to me.

"Okay. She has black hair and green-ish eyes," he said.

"And…" I said.

"And she has black hair…and usually doesn't talk to me." He said.

"Okay, that's it?" he said.

"Yup." He said

"And you Danny?" I asked him.

"I'm not telling you anything." He said.

"Please?" I asked. But he would not budge.

Later that day:

"Sam?" asked Tucker.

"Yeah?" I asked.

"Can I ask you something?" he asked.

"Didn't really give me a choice there did you buddy?" I said.

"Okay, but you have to promise not to tell anyone!" said Tucker.

"Duh, I'm you friend." I said

"Okay, tell Valerie that I like her." He said. I nodded. I skipped over where Valerie's locker and she smiled.

"What's up?" she said.

"Tucker told me to tell you that he likes you." Said Sam.

"Great…" she said.


"I don't need another Mickey." She said. She slammed the locker door and left. Sam frowned. But not only because she rejected Tucker, but because she still wanted to know who Danny liked.

Not my best, but later chapters will be good! Either way keep up the piece and you rock out loud Kelly! Keep up the love,